Niwabeads Butterfly Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Niwabeads Fairy Butterfly and Butterfly Dreaming Dangle.

Today I am excited to present a review of Niwabeads Fairy Butterfly and Butterfly Dreaming Dangle here on Beadsaholic! I’m sure if you follow Niwabeads on social media, then you know many of their items sell out during preorder, before I am able to review them here. Thankfully, I am able to share this release and I think you will find they are perfect for Spring!

Butterflies are one of the most beloved insects since they have beautiful deep meanings in almost every culture. Many cultures associate butterflies with our souls. They symbolize resurrection, transformation, endurance, change, hope and life. For some a butterfly symbolizes the soul of a lost loved one, seeing a butterfly lets you know that a loved one past is near. But, for some of us butterflies symbolize our personal and even spiritual transformation and growth, the journey we have endured, the many changes and challenges along the way as we transform and evolve from our chrysalis. What do Butterflies symbolize in your life?

I love the mix of yellow, pink and hints of purple.

Niwabeads Fairy Butterfly is a gorgeous bead set in sterling silver. This focal butterfly has hand-carved detailing on the front and back. Deep with in the front center of the bead between the wings you will find the body of the butterfly surrounded by flowers, leaves and vines. There are four prong set rhodolite stones and four yellow sapphires, all equaling to about three carats in gemstones. All stones are beautiful with high quality color and no visual inclusions. On the back you will find the wings are covered in flowers, leaves, vines and different sized butterflies (you can see all these details in video I’ve included in this article). This bead has a universal core that will fit all major brands, including bangles and bracelets and measures approximately 16.46 mm high x 22.84 mm wide. Fairy Butterfly retails for €119 / $151 (USD and Asian sellers currencies may fluctuate with conversion).

Niwabeads Butterfly Dreaming is such a beautiful dangling butterfly design! You will find on the front of this butterfly are two beautiful pear shape purple rhodolite and four round yellow sapphire gemstones, all totaling around three carats. On the back are flowers, vines and leaves (see video for a closer look). This butterfly is dangling from a floral bail with small butterfly detailing. This charm is sterling silver with a universal core bail and measures approximately 17.84 mm high x 14.28 mm wide. It is perfect on a bracelet, bangle or worn on a necklace. Butterfly Dreaming retails for €79 / $101 ((USD and Asian sellers currencies may fluctuate with conversion).

Now for a video view of all the details on these two beads.

In this first composition I wanted to play with the gemstone colors and went with Elfbeads Blush and Sunny glass beads. I wanted to continue with the spring butterfly and floral theme and went with Niwabeads Wings Reborn, Ruby faceted Peonies, Moress Butterfly Spacer, Niwabeads faceted Rhodolite Peonies, focal Niwabeads Fairy Butterfly, Niwabeads Cabochon Rhodolite Peonies, Moress Butterfly Spacer, Niwabeads Cabochon Ruby Peonies, Niwabeads Wings Reborn, Niwabeads Butterfly Dreaming and finished off with Niwabeads Rhodolite Dogwood Lock.

I adore these colors together!

As you can see the Niwabeads Fairy Butterfly looks fabulous on this Phya Bangle. Once again playing on the color in the butterfly I went with Sunny Elfbeads glass and Niwabeads Rhodolite Peonies, on each side of the butterfly are the Niwabeads Infinity Rope and then finished off with Phya and TPOA stoppers.

I think you will find that you can create so many different tropical feeling compositions with both beads. In this composition I went with the Butterfly Dreaming as the focal, framed by Niwabeads Lucky Me Spacer set, Phya Amazonite stones, Niwabeads Rhodolite Peonies, The Palace of Amber New Cut Mint Chalcedony on a Phya Bangle with Phya Moon Stoppers.

Overall, both beads are stunning and will fit into any collection. This is a great way to incorporate high quality gemstones into your bead and Jewelry collection.

If you would like to order either of these Butterfly designs, you may do so at the following links.

Niwabeads USA – can be ordered through Facebook, Instagram and by email to or if you like you can send me a message through Beadsaholic for help or on either of my social media accounts at Facebook or Instagram.

Niwabeads Germany – can be ordered through their website, Facebook, Instagram and by emailing

You can also order through one of the Niwabeads Asian Sellers On Facebook Dien – Singapore, Maggie – Taiwan, Emma – Thailand and Lindy in China.

Though they don’t currently have the two items in this review in stock, you can find select stock items at Story in the Bead – Czech Republic

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this release from Niwabeads? Do you like gemstones in your silver beads? Do you have a favorite Niwabeads? Leave me a comment below ❤



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