Ogerbeads Winter’s Wishes Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Ogerbeads Winter’s Wishes Collection.

As most of you know I took several weeks off during the holiday and I’ve been working to get caught up since my return and I’m almost caught up! Ogerbeads released their Winter’s Wish in December as a winter and Christmas collection, but honestly I think many of you will find the new glass beads perfect for Spring! I am totally in love with Ogerbeads glass! I am also loving the new Fortune bead as it will go perfect in my upcoming St Patrick’s day bracelets!

The purples and pinks are of course, my favorite! I’ve mixed them here with some older Ogerbeads silvers.

Ogerbeads Fortune is such a fun design that will go perfectly on an upcoming St Patrick’s bracelet! This design is a upside down horseshoe with “Good” on one side and “Luck” on the other side, dangling from the bottom is a four leaf clover. This sterling silver bead has a universal core and measures approximately 20 mm high x 10 mm wide. Fortune retails for €42.

Ogerbeads Togetherness is an orb shape sterling silver design of words “Joy, Peace, Christmas and Believe”. This design is a perfect addition to a Christmas bracelet. This bead measures approximately 13 mm high x 13.8 mm wide. Togetherness retails for €37.

Ogerbeads Luxury is a pretty blue base glass bead with raised glitter flowers and a blue bud center that matches the cores. This bead runs an average size of 18 mm high x 8 mm wide. Luxury retails for €27.

Ogerbeads Snowdust Flowers matches Luxury and Pureness rather well. The base is full of glitter with such a beautiful pastel blue raised flowers and glitter center buds. This bead is an average size of 18 mm high x 8 mm wide. Snowdust Flowers retails for €27.

Ogerbeads Pureness is a beautiful bead with swirls of glitter and blue base with flat layered blue dots on top with a glitter center. This bead is an average size of 15 mm high x 7 mm wide. Pureness retails for €27.

Ogerbeads Galactic is a blue sparkly glitter based glass bead with silver bubbles throughout. Perfect for a space theme! This bead runs an average size of 14 mm high x 7 mm wide. Galactic retails for €27.

Ogerbeads Violet Sparklz has beautiful shades of blue, violet, lilac and has silver bubbles throughout. This bead run an average size of 14 mm high x 7 mm wide. Violet Sparklz retails for €27.

Ogerbeads Beyond the Stars is a stunning bead! I love all the Aqua and blue glitter throughout this bead encased in clear glass, you will also find silver bubbles all the way around. This lovely bead is an average size of 14 mm high x 7 mm wide. Beyond the Stars retails for €27.

Ogerbeads Blueberry Dream is a sparkly navy blue base, encased in clear glass with two tone blue flowers at the top and raised buds. This bead is an average size of 14 mm high x 7 mm wide. Blueberry Dream retails for €27.

Ogerbeads Midnight Dream has the same deep blue glitter core as above, but this bead has blue, purple flowers and raised buds. The average size is around 14 mm high x 7 mm wide. Midnight Dream retails for €27.

Ogerbeads Regatta Moonlight is a fun glow in the dark bead! You will find beautiful shades of blue, aqua and green. There are also tiny flecks throughout that when charged with light glow. This bead runs an average size of around 14 mm high x 7 mm wide. Regatta Moonlight retails for €27.

Ogerbeads Lipstick is a beautiful mix of pinks and reds with flecks throughout that glow in the dark. This bead is currently sold-out, but stay tuned for restocks. This bead is an average size of 14 mm high x 7 mm wide. Lipstick retails for €27.

Ogerbeads Fairytale Pixiedust is another stunning favorite from this release. The colors of pastel blue, pink, teal, green, lilac and glitter sprinkled throughout and encased in clear glass. This bead is an average size of 14 mm high x 7 mm wide. Fairytale Pixiedust retails for €27.

Ogerbeads Dawn Pixiedust is a stunning glass bead with beautiful shades of purple, lilac, pink and glitter sprinkled throughout. The standard size of this bead is 14 mm high x 7 mm wide. Dawn Pixiedust retails for €27.

Ogerbeads Dark Purple Feather is another favorite from this release and it goes nicely with Dawn Pixiedust. I love the purple and lilac base with tan leaves and glitter vein on top. This bead runs an average size of 14 mm high x 7 mm wide. Dark Purple Feather retails for €27.

I thought I’d share the video preview I shared a couple of weeks back, just in case you wanted to take a closer look at these beads.

Wearing all the new beads together randomly is always fun. There will he many more compositions to come as these colors will work nicely for spring and the Fortune bead will surely be in my St Patrick’s designs.

Here you can see that many of the new glass beads fit in well with the space themed beads from Ogerbeads.

Overall, there is so much to love in this release! I apologize for it taking so long to get this review up and I hope that it helps you all in your bead shopping.

This Ogerbeads Collection can be found at the following featured links.

Ogerbeads Featured Authorized Retailers

Pianeta Beads – ships from Italy

Sperky s Pribehm – ships from Czech Republic

Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic

Ogerbeads – ships from the Netherlands

As always, I enjoy hearing from you and would love to hear your thoughts on this release? Did you pick up any of these beads over the holidays? Leave me a comment below ❤



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