OHM Beads Beauty Collection

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of OHM Beads Beauty Collection.

Recently OHM Beads released a Beauty Collection perfect for any glam girl or guy! In this collection there is a Beauty Ball and Beauty Blower, these are must have items we use daily. A Beauty Spot dangle, is it lipstick or something a bit more naughty? Then there is Red and White, Two Peas in a Pod, Body and Soul and the beautiful Seahorse-y, perfect for best friends or soulmates. With this collection you can truly get your glam on!

OHM Beauty Ball is an open-work design with everything from your makeup bag! You will find eyeshadow, eyelashes, a brush, mirror, curling iron, makeup brushes, nail polish, eyebrow brush, lipstick, and so much more. This bead is perfect for anyone who love makeup and beauty products. This orb shape sterling silver bead measures approximately 14.06 mm high x 13.61 mm wide. Beauty Ball retails for $55.

OHM Beauty Blower is a cute mini replica of a hair blow dryer in sterling silver. This would be great for a hair dresser or any glam girl! It actually looks a lot like the hair dryer I use myself. This bead measures approximately 13.83 mm high x 13.75. Beauty Blower retails for $45.

OHM Beauty Spot is OHM Beads way of encouraging us to embrace self-care. While speaking to both Kit and Mike about this bead in a video conference, we concluded that for some it will be a bullet like lipstick many love, like the Mac brand and for others it may be way more intimate, like a personal vibrator. I have always said that OHM thinks outside the box and they truly did with this design. I do know a few collectors who will be happy to add this to their bracelet and I’m sure quite a few of you will or have been shocked by the design and would probably never wear such a bead. But, life is short, it’s funny, a bit crude, but will make a fun bracelet! A fifty shades of grey theme comes to mind. This dangle is sterling silver and measures approximately 26.92 mm long x 4 mm wide. Beauty Spot retails for $45.

OHM Beauty Spot lipstick or??

OHM Red or White is needed after the last bead! Do you prefer a nice glass of white or red wine? This bead is a cute OHM Bottle with what looks to be a champagne flute glass and a traditional red or possibly white wine glass. They are connected to form this adorable bead. This bead measures approximately 14.14 mm high x 4.07 mm wide, which makes this bead a great spacer. Red or White retails for $35.

OHM Two Peas in a Pod is the perfect dangle for siblings, best friends or soulmates! You will find that the peas in this pod move around. One pea is frowning and the other is smiling. I love the leaf design of the bail. This dangle measures approximately 30.40 mm long x 6.83 mm wide. Two Peas in a Pod retails for $75.

OHM Body and Soul is such a beautiful open-work design with two pink flamingos entwined within each other. Their love is clear, but if not you will find a tiny heart above their heads. The detailing is nice and you will find hearts around the edges. I think I may use this in some tropical designs this summer. I love flamingos. This bead measures approximately 11.36 mm high x 11.34 mm wide. Body and Soul retails for $40.

OHM Seahorse-y is the highlight of this collection for me! I really love the Seahorses, their lives are the most interesting of all the sea creatures. These two are back to back, with their heads tilted down and their tails wrap on each end to create a loop perfect to hook to your OHM Bracelets. This clasp measures approximately 26.11 mm long x 11.09 wide. Seahorse-y retails for $55.

Now for a little inspiration!

In this composition I went for self-care. The Seahorses, peas in the pod and body and soul represent love interest and best friends. selflove, yoga, a bit of wine and let’s glam it up for a night out! I went with shades of pink ohm glass because they make me feel girly wearing them.

Friends, soulmates and some wine!

Let’s get beautified!

Oh, Christain Grey! I think this bracelet was made for the red room! Any 50 Shades of Grey fans? Movies or books? This bracelet is a bit naughty and of course isn’t for everyone, but may be some inspiration for those who have the Kama Sutra bead.

Overall, this can be a super fun collection for some. I think the flamingos and seahorses will be perfect for summer themes and well, I have seen many ask for peas in a pod beads over the years, so I’m sure it will be a hit! OHM Beads will fit into any collection and fit all major brand carriers.

See anything you must have? You can find the whole collection at the featured links below.

Featured Ohm Beads Retailers

(Alphabetical order – click on retailers name)

OHM Beads – ships from the USA, Thailand, Taiwan and Australia
Perlen – Ships Globally from Denmark
Pianeta Beads – Ships Globally from Italy
Sperky S Pribehem -Ships Globally from Czech Republic
Star Bijou – Ships Globally from Germany
Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on the new release? Do you share OHM sense of humor and like their unusual designs? Leave me a comment below ❤



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