THe Palace of Amber Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of The Palace of Amber.

The Palace of Amber have been steadfast becoming one of my favorite brands and I’m sure you will see why in this review. Some of the items are samples, but I’m also reviewing some of my recent purchases from Swiss Flower and Gift!

When looking at these beads love fills the air! How can you not feel love with such romantic beads?

The Palace of Amber Love Knot is an endless knot, just as the love we all long for is endless. This bead is a sterling silver heart with a basket weave knot design. Perfect to remind you that love is endless and unconditional. Both sides are exactly the same and this bead measures approximately 12.33 mm high x 13.22 mm wide. Love Knot retails for $48.

TPOA Love Knot is available at The Palace of Amber and at Swiss Flower and Gift.

The Palace of Amber Stormy Love is a gorgeous Pietersite Stone bead with beautiful sterling silver core and end-caps. The core caps have cute little skeleton keys, hearts, flowers and leaves. Pietersite is a similar stone to Tigers Eye; however, the chatoyancy in this stone is rather chaotic like a storm, you can really see this when light catches within this stone. You can see this in the photo below or take a look in the preview video I posted recently. The lighter blue you see on the navy background are actually from the chatoyancy effect. This stone ranges in a mixture of shades of blue, reds to rusty reds and golden browns. Some beads will actually have all these colors together. This stone carries a lot of energy within and is a stone of protection, it brings about positive change in life, centers and is grounding. If this isn’t good enough reason to add this stone to our bracelet, then the fact it is beautiful is! I find that it mixes well with sapphires and I also love it with Rose Quartz. The stone I have measures approximately 12.18 mm high x 12.80 mm wide, please note, that these can vary in size and color. You will find Live Photo’s on the website and can choose the bead you want. Stormy Love retails for $68.

TPOA Stormy Love is an exclusive to The Palace of Amber website.

The Palace of Amber Sweet Valentino is simply stunning! It is available in Rose Quartz and Aventurine. I chose to get a pair of the Rose Quartz as it is the stone of love, plus I love pink! I am totally crazy about the stones with these cute core or end caps. The sterling silver core caps on this beads have beautiful Roses, rose buds, leaves and bows. Again stone may vary in color and size; however, my stones measure approximately 13 mm high x 13 mm wide. I think at some point, I will need the aventurine, as well. This is a limited edition bead and only eighty-eight beads were made. Sweet Valentino retails for $68.

TPOA Sweet Valentino is available at The Palace of Amber and at Swiss Flower and Gift.

The Palace of Amber Peas in a Pod is a beautifully made sterling silver pod with two genuine pea pearls nestled with in the pod. It can be worn as a pendant or on a bracelet as a dangle. Peas in a pod symbolize the special bond and connection between two. Perfect for best friends or to symbolize the love you share with your soulmate. The charm measures approximately 22.60 mm long x 9.30 mm wide. Peas in a Pod retail for $65.

TPOA Peas in a Pod is an exclusive at Swiss Flower and Gifts.

I love pink and Navy together, so for this bracelet I went with TPOA Rose Quartz Sweet Valentino, Trollbeads Rose Quartz, Trollbeads Sapphire, and TPOA Pietersite Stormy Love mixed with beautiful TPOA silvers Two peas in a Pod, Cow, Moonlight Delight, Mandela, Love Knot and I’ve finished off this bracelet with Niwabeads Love Me Sapphire Lock.

Though Valentine’s Day has passed, I couldn’t help but create a scene inspired by the day of love. In this bangle composition I went with TPOA Love Knot flanked by Sweet Valentino and Elegant Harmony Stoppers which have beautiful Opal stones.

In this composition I wanted the TPOA Peas in the Pod to be the focal and play off the pearls. I added white and pink Niwabeads Pearls to complement the pearls in the pod. Then to match the pink pearls I added in the TPOA Rose Quartz Sweet Valentino. Then I added in TPOA Love Knot, Cow, Moonlight Dangle and finished it off with Niwabeads Love Me Rhodolite lock.

Just another angle photo of the bracelet above.

Here you can see how beautiful the TPOA Stormy Love is with Trollbeads Sapphires, Niwabeads Love Me Sapphire and to add a little texture I used the Niwabeads Love Me cores, and key, then finished this bangle off with a Phya stopper and the TPOA Messenger Stoppers (an exclusive at Swiss Flower and Gift). I am totally in love with this look.

So, I had to try this same bangle, but added the Niwabeads Gold Anniversary keys I received for Christmas and ding ding ding, we have a winner! I love the warmth the gold adds in.

This is a photo from Valentine’s Day, which just happens to be my anniversary. This year we have been married 20 years, so I picked up a few of these beautiful charms as my anniversary present. I have been mad in love with opals for years. They were also my Mom’s favorite stone and her birthstone. I lost her also 20 years ago to Cancer. So, this bracelet is bittersweet as it marks a milestone in the greatest love of my life and the demise of my Mother and the memories she left behind. In this composition I went with TPOA Rose Quartz Sweet Valentino, PHYA Rose Quartz, Niwabeads Pearls, TPOA Peas in a Pod, then I went with all silvers with gorgeous opals! TPOA Elegant Harmony, Niwabeads Opal Peonies, TPOA Freedom, TPOA Mandela with the opal insert and finished off with the TPOA Opal The Messenger Lock (an exclusive at Swiss Flower and Gift).

Then last, but not least this cute bangle featuring the TPOA Peas in a Pod, Cow, Rose Quartz Sweet Valentino, Love Knot and is finished off with PHYA Stopper and TPOA The Messenger Stopper on a PHYA Bangle.

TPOA Cow is a gift with Purchase when you spend $200 + in TPOA. Swiss Flower and Gift had about four of these left. If you happen to order at Swiss Flower, be sure to add to the comment section at checkout that you would love the cow you saw on Beadsaholic!

Overall, TPOA has some truly fabulous beads and jewelry. I am totally in love with the brand and look forward to reviewing and sharing more from this brand.

If you would like to browse their entire available line, you may do so at the following links.

The Palace of Amber – ships from Taiwan
Swiss Flower & Gift – ships from the USA

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all. What are your thoughts on these beads and do you have a favorite bead from this brand? Leave me a comment below.



3 responses to “THe Palace of Amber Review

  1. Hi Paula
    You just wowed my socks off…..again!
    I can’t get enough of TPOA, in fact I can’t keep up, it’s all so gorgeous and I want everything, greedy me 😃❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary to you both 💒 Hope you found a way to celebrate your special day! Enjoyed reading about the pretty pink bracelet that you featured above. Love that the opals represent your dear Mum too, a lovely touch on your bracelet. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So many beautiful beads and the photographs really show how lovely they are. I’ve been admiring the rose quartz Amber Sweet Valentino, didn’t realise it was a limited edition, so will have to make up my mind 😀
    Thanks Paula xx

    Liked by 1 person

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