The Palace of Amber Lucky Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of The Palace of Amber.

World-wide we have been dealing with a pandemic for the last year and I’m sure by this point we could all use a bit of luck and hope. For me, I like to add lucky stones and lucky charms to my bracelets. Wearing beads that symbolize luck are a reminder when I look at my wrist to think positive and to never give up hope.

Of course, these beads are great for St. Patrick’s Day; however they are perfect year-round. I have been wearing them nonstop since they arrived. I need grounding and a bit of good luck right now, as life can be chaotic at times.

The Palace of Amber Buena Suerte is a beautiful sterling silver barrel of clovers, as you turn the barrel you will also find a rose gold four-leaf clover, a cute rose gold ladybug and a beautiful rose gold butterfly. This barrel fits all standard bracelets and works great on a bangle! This barrel measures approximately 11.52 mm high x 15.77 mm wide. Buena Suerte retails for $118.

The Palace of Amber Four Leaf Lucky Stopper is a sterling silver stopper with four-leaf clovers and ladybugs all the way around and one horseshoe for a little extra good luck. This stopper is the size of a bead measuring approximately 15.09 mm high x 8.37 mm wide, which makes this not just a nice stopper, but a great bead to wear in your favorite compositions. The stopper has a silicone oring and fits snug. Four Leaf Lucky retails for $45.

The Palace of Amber Lucky Clover Clip is such a stunning sterling silver clip with four- four leaf clovers, each have a beautiful emerald stone in the center of the clover. The Emerald stones are of high quality with clear deep green color. This clip opens and has rubber lining on the inside to lock in place and keep from moving around. It fits all major brands like Trollbeads and Pandora, but I personally wear it on a bangle or the TPOA bracelet. This charm measures approximately 11.76 mm high x 6.77 mm wide. Lucky Clover Clip retails for $68.

The Palace of Amber Four Leaf Lucky Charm is a stunning green chalcedony stone with clover and floral sterling silver end caps. I am totally in love with this style bead and have been building a collection in hopes of wearing them all together, but I think you will find in this article that they work nicely in any composition. This bead measures approximately 12.16 mm high x 12.70 mm wide. Four Lead Lucky Charm retails for $68.

I created these two bracelets for St Patrick’s Day and wore it for a few days before changing and creating a new design. I really love how they turned out.

Here is a video close look at the beads on both bracelets above.

Of course, I wanted to show the bangle above close up. I went with Trollbeads Glass Uniques, Aurora Heart of Clovers, Trollbeads German Clover, Niwabeads Green Agate Sunflower, focal is Elfbeads Lucky all are on a PHYA bangle with both PHYA and TPOA stoppers.

The TPOA Messenger Stopper and Elfbeads Lucky are available at Swiss Flower and Gifts.

Here is my lucky St Patrick’s Bracelet! Starting at the lock right: Dream Glass Art Lucky Ma Lei Bears, Redbalifrog Jade, Niwabeads Green Agate Peonies, Trollbeads Moonstone, Niwabeads Clover lock, TPOA Four Leaf Lucky Charm, Four Leaf Lucky Stopper, Redbalifrog Jade, TPOA Buena Suerte, Redbalifrog Lucky Jade, TPOA Lucky Clover Clip, TPOA Moonlight Sonata Sakura Movement, Aurora Celtic Clover, Trollbeads Aventurine, Niwabeads Green Agate Peonies, Redbalifrog Jade and Trollbeads Ladybug on a TPOA Meteor Bracelet and finished off with the TPOA Messenger Lock.

As you can see here the Buena Suerte works great on a Bangle with PHYA Sakura Rose Gold Spacers, Redbalifrog Jade, TPOA Four Leaf Lucky Stopper and Lucky Clip.

This is what I’m wearing today and I adore green and pink together. This is the perfect spring bracelet! Here you will find the TPOA Lucky Clover Clip, TPOA Rose of Pearl, Niwabeads Berry Tourmaline Peonies, Redbalifrog Jade, TPOA Four Leaf Lucky Stopper, TPOA Sweet Valentino Rose Quartz, Trollbeads Aventurine, PHYA Spacers, TPOA Buena Suerte, PHYA Rose Quartz, TPOA Messenger Stopper with Opal all on the TPOA Meteor Bracelet and finished off with the TPOA Rose Lock.

Wrist Shots!

Overall, I am madly in love with The Palace of Amber jewelry. All the beads are beautifully, detailed and unique. They work well with all brands and will fit into any collection.

There are just so many beads to love from this brand and if you would like to browse their complete line, you may do so at the following links.

The Palace of Amber -ships from Taiwan
Swiss Flower & Gift – ships from the USA

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and I would love to hear your thoughts on these lucky charms? What is your favorite TPOA bead? Leave me a comment below ❤



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  1. Great review, I really love all the pieces one by one and the result of all together is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    Kind regards,


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