A day in the Garden with LM Jewellery

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of LM Jewellery.

I have been excited for months for Spring to come, so that I could pull these beautiful garden beads out from LM Jewellery! With spring now here we have been working hard in the garden with flowers, herbs and vegetables and I find the LM Beads perfect to wear during the spring and summer months to come. So, while being inspired by nature I’ve taken photos of these beautiful beads and a few of my garden to share with you here on Beadsaholic.

My collection of LM Jewellery arrived amidst the cold winter, while the garden was bare; however, I’ve enjoyed wearing them as life began to peak above the surface. In this garden collection there are seven beautiful designs inspired by nature in abundance. You will find an adorable fairy who is watching over her garden. In her garden are asparagus, cabbage, a beautiful fern frond, and pumpkin leaves on a vine that will surely bare fruit before we know it. Keeping this fairy company in her garden are her friends the ant and worm. I am sure this perfect garden of beads will be happy on my wrist and yours, if you are inclined to collect these wonderful beads.

If you would like to see these beads from every angle live, I have previously shared a video look at the gorgeous beads and you can find it here.

LM Jewellery Garden Fairy is rated as one of my favorite beads, especially now that Spring is here. This fairy is adorable! She is in a seated position and looks as though she is dreaming of beautiful flowers yet to bloom. Her knees are bent and her elbows resting on her knees. She has the cutest cone style head with feathery leaf like hair, beautiful blue topaz eyes, and lace wings that gently folds down both sides. Down the middle of her back you will find three dew drop blue topaz to match her eyes. This bead is offered in several gemstones and measures approximately 23.54 mm high x 6.68 mm wide x 14.94 mm deep. To see price and convert to your currency visit the website below.

You can find Garden Fairy on the LM Jewellery Website < here.

This has been my garden bracelet this past week and I just loved taking photos of it in my garden. Seen below with some of my green tomatoes and in the next photo, the Garden Fairy helped me pick some lavender, as well.

LM Jewelry Fern is a stunning fern sword frond that curls up and wraps around. The detailing is exquisite. Like all LM Jewelry beads they fit all major carriers. This bead measures approximately 11.99 mm high x 11.06. To see price and convert to your currency visit the website below.

You can find the Fern bead on the LM Jewellery website < here.

LM Jewellery Ant with Turquoise is such a cool and unique design. This cute ant is holding on to a movable twig with all his legs. He has a four segment body, his head has turquoise eyes and there are six legs holding onto the twig. This bead measures approximately 18.16 high x 7.62 mm wide. To see price and convert to your currency visit the website below.

The Ant can be found on the LM Jewellery website < here.

LM Jewellery Worm has such a sweet face! This worm is coiled like a snake and you can see the details of the segments. Along the body you will find pearl stones, which I believe are mother of pearl. A sign of a healthy garden are worms! This cute worn measures approximately 11 mm high x 11 mm high. To see price and convert to your currency visit the website below.

You can also find the worm on LM Jewellery Website < here.

LM Jewellery Cabbage Head is such a fantastic addition to a garden bracelet. It is the exact replica of a cabbage head in an orb shape with cabbage petals. I love the way this bead lays against the wrist and how beautiful it looks. This cabbage measures approximately 15.78 mm high x 13.65 mm wide. To see price and convert to your currency visit the website below.

You can find the Cabbage on the LM Jewellery Website < here.

LM Jewellery Asparagus is the perfect veggie!! This bead is actually the first bead I noticed by this brand as I thought it was such a cool bead. Maybe not for some, but for me I love asparagus and well any bead that resembles nature. As you can see these asparagus spears have been picked and bundled together with a band. This bead measures approximately 8.50 mm high x 19.90 wide. To see price and convert to your currency visit the website below.

You can find his bead on the LM Jewellery website < here.

LM Jewelry Pumpkin Leaves are perfect to add to a garden bracelet, whether you are going with a spring, summer or fall theme. I think you will also find they work perfectly in any floral composition, as well. Wrapping around and connecting are three pumpkin plant leaves and if you look closely you will also see the vines. This bead measures approximately 8.28 mm high x 7.36 mm wide. To see price and convert to your currency visit the website below.

Want to add Pumpkin Leaves to your collection? You can find them on the LM Jewellery website < here.

I wanted to use all the LM Jewellery garden collection together and was inspired by the blue topaz in the Garden Fairy and decided to go with some cool tone blues. Starting at the Niwabeads Blue Topaz Sunflower Lock going right there is Trollbeads Faceted Chalcedony, LM Jewellery Pumpkin Leaves, Trollbeads Blooming Sakura, LM Jewellery Asparagus, Trollbeads Siberian Frost, LM Jewellery Ant, Trollbeads Attention, LM Jewellery Cabbage Head, PHYA Blue Lace Agate, LM Jewellery Garden Fairy, PHYA Blue Lace Agate, LM Jewellery Worm, Trollbeads feather unique, LM Jewellery Fern, Trollbeads Siberian Frost, LM Jewellery Asparagus, Trollbeads Blooming Sakura, LM Jewellery Pumpkin Leaves, Trollbeads Faceted Chalcedony, and Niwabeads Blue Topaz Sunflower Dangle.

A few up close angles of this early spring bracelet.

Wrist shots!

This has been my garden stack the last couple of weeks. These beads have been an inspiration while out in my garden working hard to get crops planted. I of course had to add some Trollbeads Letter Stoppers/Spacers to spell MY GARDEN.

This simple stack was one of the first I made with the new beads and I just love mixing the fairy with other blue topaz in my collection.

A wrist shot of my full bracelet from above. How cute is this Garden Fairy?!

We have planted tomatoes, squash, zucchini, peppers and more since taking these photos, but I thought I’d share some photos from my yard. This first photo is my raised bed herb garden. I cannot wait for these to grow into their full bushes. I have curry, lemon balm, sage, purple sage, stevia, fern dill, dill, and more sage. In the second bed is pineapple sage, Thai basil, purple basil, camomile, oregano, lemon thyme, and thyme.

My gardenia are in full bloom and smell so good.

These Archangels remind me of Alice in Wonderland!

This beautiful bloom is The Hawaiian Sundown Hibiscus.

I madly, deeply love portulaca! I have three different plants that look totally different, but this is my favorite. So many beautiful blooms.

Peach Drift Rose! Such a beauty.

This rose I have had for several years. I received it as a Mother’s Day gift. The flowers start out this beautiful fuchsia and gently turns into the beautiful lavender color.

Another beautiful portulaca, also known as moss rose or Mexican rose. Mine has beautiful yellow, pink and red blooms.

The following three roses are Knockout Rio Samba and just added these this year.. the bud is a beautiful yellow, as it opens it changes to the third photo, as it opens completely it turns to the first two beautiful photos and was such an amazing discovery when I got my first blooms. My husband had actually picked this flower for the yellow and reddish color, not knowing it would turn into a beautiful tropical paradise.

This is a strawberry flower peeking out beneath the leaves. We will have fruit soon!

On the porch by my patio, I have these beautiful and oh so unique carnivore pitcher plants and Venus flytrap and of course my succulent garden. Meditating in the middle is Mr. Gnome. Here in the south the only way to be zen-like in nature is to surround yourself with insect eating plants!

I hope you have enjoyed the small tour of some blooms in my garden and of course the review of these amazing beads from LM Jewellery!

LM Jewellery creates beautiful nature inspired Jewelry and if you would like to browse their complete line visit their website below. This brand is located in Moscow, Russia and ship world-wide. Be sure to check them out on social media, too.

LM Jewellery website – ships from Russia

LM Jewellery on Facebook

LM Jewellery on Instagram

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this brand? Also, what is your favorite plant? Favorite veggie? Leave me a comment below ❤



5 responses to “A day in the Garden with LM Jewellery

    • Ah there it is! Thank you so much for sharing the worm link. I couldn’t find it on the English portion of the site for some reason. I’ve updated with the link. I appreciate your help. I love the garden beads, too. You can always pick your favorite first and order one or two at a time.

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    • These beads are beautiful. I love the fairy and the veggies are awesome! You’re garden is beautiful. This is such a nice time of year.

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  1. These photos are gorgeous Paula, they really show off the details. I’m a fan of the cabbage bead in particular. They are all so beautiful 🥰
    Your roses are lovely too – and I say that as someone who does not normally pay attention to roses.

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