Niwabeads Spring Event

Today Beadsaholic brings the details for the Niwabeads Spring Event.

Niwabeads Spring Event is fast approaching on May 30, 2021. In this release you will find so many beautiful beads that are perfect for Spring and Summer. Of course, flowers are the first sign of Spring and the beauty they add to the world and for this reason it is a favorite season for many of us. Tulips are an early Spring Bloomer for most of the world and let’s us know that Spring has finally arrived.

Tulips are a spring blooming perennial with more than 75 species in just about every color. My favorites being the Artist and Parrot Mix. Tulips symbolize unconditional and deep love.

You will also find In this release Balance, Baby Phoenix, Baby Dragon and the latest addition to the Love Me Collection, Pure.

All are made in limited quantities and some will sell out fast, so be sure to contact your seller to reserve. Please note, promotional prices are only available on release day May 30, 2021, after pricing will return to retail. All sellers have quota and are ready to take your orders and if you would like to join the Facebook Live Spring Event hosted by Niwabeads Daraphan Gerasch in the official Facebook group “Niwa @ Mama Mala Official”, it will be Sunday at 10 am (German time).

Niwabeads Tulip Set is the showstopper of this event. In this set you will find a beautiful focal bead, two spacers, a dangle and a lock. The lock is beautifully detailed with tulips on both sides, this lock fits all branded bracelets with similar lock systems. The two spacers match as they have tulips wrapping around the bead. The focal is one large tulip head and the dangle is a small tulip head dangling from a bail. All five pieces come in this set and the promotional price is €249 / $318 and after May 30th, the retail price will be €359 / $458.

Niwabeads Baby Tulips are also available to add to Tulip sets and you can purchase either one or two Baby Tulips. If you would like to add a baby tulip to your set they are available one set with one baby tulips promotional price is €309 / $395 and if you would like to add two baby tulips to your set you can get the set with two baby tulips for €369 / $471, (€60 each) after May 30th Baby Tulips will return to €79 / $101 each.

In this photo you can see the size difference of the focal and baby tulips.

Niwabeads Balance is one of my favorite designs from Niwabeads. We have seen this design in the past that is sold out, but I am so happy to see it reappear in beautiful new gemstones. This design features two beautiful koi’s one on each side creating the appearance of Yin and Yang; symbolizing balance. On each side you will find a beautiful gemstone in your choice of London Blue Topaz, Peridot, Iolite and Orange Citrine. All are high quality faceted gems.

Again the Balance will be available at a promotional price on May 30th and after will return to retail.

  • Orange Citrine – Promo €159 / $204 and Retail €169 / $217
  • Royal Blue Iolite – Promo €169 / $217 and Retail €179 / $229
  • Peridot – Promo €159 / $204 and Retail €169 / $217
  • London Blue Topaz – Promo €169 / $217 and Retail €179 / $229

Niwabeads Baby Phoenix is an adorable baby bird. The tail wraps up and around the side and each has three stones in your choice of Trasvorite, Tanzanite, Ruby or Blue Sapphire. On May 30th the promotional price of €99 / $128 and after retail price will be €109 / $140.

Niwabeads Baby Dragon is so cute!! This cute dragon has black spinel eyes and is holding your choice of gemstones Rhodolite, Tanzenite, Garnet or Amethyst. On May 30th the Rhodolite, Amethyst and Garnet will be available at the promotional price of €99 / $128 and after retail price will be €109 / $140 and the Tanzenite will be available for promotional price of €99 / $128 and after will retail for €109 / $140.

Niwabeads Pure is the latest addition to the Love Me Collection. You will find that the design follows suite with chains and stitching holding this heart together and of course has beautiful gemstones to match! Along with the stitched and chained cracks, you will find small hearts scattered around this bead. Pure is available in London Blue Topaz, Rhodolite, Amethyst, Citrine and Garnet. Each focal heart weighs a whopping 20 grams! All will be available on Event day May 30th for the promotional price of €129 / $166 and after will retail for €169 / $217.

Here you can see the front and back. I love the details of this bead!

Niwabeads Pure will also be available in Two tone Yellow and Rose Gold. All below are Rose gold in Amethyst, London Topaz, Citrine and Garnet. Each will be available in your choice of amazing quality gemstones in Amethyst, London Blue Topaz, Citrine, Rhodolite or Garnet and will be available for the promotional price of €199 / $255 and after will retail for €229 / $293.

I love that the hearts are two tone on this bead.

Now for some inspirational bangles.

In this first bangle. I’ve used the FREE with €600 / $765 purchase Peonies with the Pure Garnet, Baby Tulips and to highlight the Rose Gold on the Pure Charm, I’ve used Phya Sakura Spacers, all are on the Bella Fascini bangle.

I couldn’t help, but to wear my Rhodolite Pure with my Rhodolite Cabs on a Trollbeads Bangle with PHYA Stoppers.

Of course, of the four Balance, London Blue Topaz is my favorite! The color is just so tranquil in this design. In this composition are the Baby Tulips, London Topaz Peonies, London Topaz Balance, Trollbeads Taiwan Diamonds, Unique and Amazonite 0n a Trollbeads bangle with Phya Stoppers.

This is my absolute favorite compositions and I have created each the same. The photo above at the start of this article is all London Blue Topaz and below you will find Peridot and Green Sapphire peonies, Baby Tulips and Peridot Balance on a Trollbeads Bangle with Phya Stoppers.

In this composition you will find Citrine and Orange Sapphire Peonies and the Citrine Balance.

With my Iolite Balance I’ve framed it with the Baby Tulips and Peonies in Tanzanite and Iolite.

I’ve mixed the new baby dragon with smaller size Phya stones, and Niwabeads Baby Tulips. Can you tell how versatile the tulips are?

Of course, the Baby Dragon Rhodolite and Baby Phoenix Ruby are having fun in this field of Rose Quartz Sunflowers, flanked by Phya Rose Quartz Stones and Niwabeads Baby Tulips.

The Tulips set is elegant and classy! Perfect when dressing up or with casual wear. Below I have the Focal Tulip on. Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace, and I have the Tulip lock as the focal of the TPOA Bangle with both the Tulip Spacers and Baby Tulips flanking both sides. Dangling on the side is the Tulip Dangle.

The Focal Tulip works on a bangle, bracelet or necklace. below are the free promotional Peonies, Niwabeads Focal Tulip, Tulip Spacers and the Trollbeads Pink Prisms on the Phya Bangle.

This is one of my favorite composition with Niwabeads Focal Tulip, Tulip Spacers, Opal Peonies and finished off on a Trollbeads Bangle with TPOA Elegant Harmony Opal Stoppers.

Wrist Shots

I love wearing the set together.

I love how big the Pure Heart is!!

My stack today and I’m in love!

You have seen the FREE mixed peonies in some of the compositions above, purchase €600 / $765 in Event beads and receive one peonies free. Or if you prefer and if you spend €400 / $510 and receive the beautiful mixed Gemstone Azalea. Please note, that this is only while supplies last and only on May 30th, 2021. Event items only.

Over all, there is just so much to love in the Spring Event! Be sure to stay tuned for the live view of these beads on the Beadsaholic YouTube Channel, later today!

Please note, promotional pricing is only May 30, 2021.

Niwabeads Germany will be selling during their Live Event Sunday May 30th at 10 am (German time) on the official Facebook group. Or you can purchase through the sellers below.

Niwabeads USA – ships from the US. You can reach out on Facebook, Instagram or by email to or feel free to reach out to me by email or social media and I can help you.

Dien at Niwabeads Vietnam – Singapore on Facebook or Instagram. Ships from Singapore.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on these designs? Do you have any Niwabeads? Or have any questions leave me a comment below ❤



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