OHM Beads Stay Grounded Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of OHM Stay Grounded.

We are only hours away from the release of OHM Beads Stay Grounded, an OHMistry project design by Elina. I feel strongly with only one hundred and eleven beads this will be a sell out! I must say Stay Grounded is my absolute favorite OHM Bead! The sentiment and design truly speak to me. This bead is set to release this morning June 10, 2021 at 10 am Seattle time.

The lotus is not only one of the worlds most beautiful aqua flowers, but it is a powerful symbol and the most sacred flower in the world. The roots of this plant are rooted deep within the mud, each night it submerges with in the murky water, only to remerge with a beautiful bloom the next morning. With this remarkable plant comes the symbolism of rebirth and spiritual enlightenment. Life, death and reemergence. This flower truly resurrects itself even more beautiful than the day before.

The lotus teaches us that no matter how murky the water is around us, when we feel like we are drowning in our lives, to “Stay Grounded”, stand tall and continue to bloom our best life everyday.

OHM Stay Grounded is a stunning focal lotus made of sterling silver. Each petal is perfectly design and gracefully curls toward the top, in center of the flower is a cute indented heart, when you flip the bead over you will find a heart with the words “Stay Grounded”. On one petal is the artist symbol and on the other side is the 925 and the number of the bead. These are limited, so your bead will be one of one hundred and eleven beads. One of the things I love most about this bead is how well it sits on a bangle or bracelet. Wearing it I found that it didn’t flip, which is a huge plus! Being a heavy focal this bead measures approximately 19.90 mm high x 20.39 mm wide, so as you can see this is a nice size focal! OHM Stay Grounded retails for $150.

For me these colors are very tranquil. So, I wanted to embrace the tranquility of the Stay Grounded lotus with OHM Dream Scape, Purple Haze, Lilac Rain and the oh so popular Fairy Wren. Silvers I have chosen for this bracelet are the OHM LOVE, Lotus, Year of the Monkey, Stay Grounded, Year of the Dog, Mandela, Heart of Woods and OHM Butterfly is hanging out on this super cool bar.

The Stay Grounded works so well in a full bracelet or on a bangle. These days working I wear more bangle designs, rather than full bracelets as they are more comfortable. I do wear full bracelets on days out when I just want to wear a bit more. So, I thought I’d share a couple of bangle designs. In this first I went for one of my favorite colors PINK! With OHM Cosmo, Lake Hillier, Hazy Stripes, and Pinkberry. I went with the Mandela and Lotus to complement the Stay Grounded on the OHM dirty twisted bangle.

Soft yellows to bring forth remembrance. I really love the sentiment of this design with OHM OhMyGod, Stay Grounded and the beautiful glass Resist, Humor, Pacific Life and Billabong on the OHM dirty twisted bangle.

Wrist Shots!

As you can see this is a fantastic bead, the best of OHM! It’s a must have for sure. I know some are concerned about the price, but the price reflects the size and weight.

Stay Grounded releases in just a few hours on the OHM Beads Website. It is set to go live at 10 am pacific time. Please note, the link won’t be live until release time.

OHM Beads – ships world-wide from the USA.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this bead? Is Stay Grounded on your wish list? Leave me a comment below ❤



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