PHYA Jewelry Daisy & Her Friend Cap Spacer Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of PHYA Daisy & Her Friend Cap Spacer.

June 20th saw the debut of a new limited-edition release from PHYA Jewelry. This release consist of a pair of cap core spacers in sterling silver with solid 14k gold ladybugs. This release is limited to only one hundred and eleven (111) sets. Preorders are going on now and will ship on Monday, July 5, 2021.

Below is all PHYA Jewelry. I love this composition!

PHYA Daisy & Her Friend Cap Spacers are two beautifully detailed spacer bead caps that fit nicely around a standard size glass or stone bead ranging from twelve to fifteen millimeters. On each side you will see beautiful daisies, leaves, and ladybugs. Each cap has a dangling Daisy, dangling leaf and a 14k gold ladybug. This set retails for ฿3350 / $115.52 / €95.33.

I’m including a few photos of this set, from the top and at two angles.

In this first composition I wanted to show the PHYA Spacers with standard size Trollbeads Uniques, just to give you all an idea of the size of these caps.

In this composition I went with Trollbeads Sapphires flanked by the Daisy & Her Friend Cap spacers and to PHYA Stones.

In this composition I used the smaller Cherry Blossom Uniques from Trollbeads, these are around twelve millimeter and you can see the caps look lovely with them.

Now for a more standard size with Trollbeads OAF and Aventurine gemstones. I love the Ginkgo spacers with it.

The Trollbeads Butterfly is having fun flying around all the daisies. Mixed here with PHYA Daisy & Her Friend Cap Spacer, Dragonfly spacer and Red Agate Stones.

Overall, I love PHYA! I have yet to see a bead I don’t like from this brand. I think if you browse their website you will find lots to love, too.

If you would like to preorder this set, you may do so through their website, or send them an email through their website or reach out on social media.

PHYA Jewelry Website – ships from Thailand

PHYA on Instagram

PHYA on Facebook

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on these spacers? So, leave me a comment below ❤



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