Trollbeads Sunshine Vibes Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Trollbeads latest collection Sunshine Vibes.

Today sees the release of the latest collection from Trollbeads, Sunshine Vibes! In this new collection you will find a beautiful new glass kit, a pendant, a silver bead and a new lock. This is one beautiful release that brings forth nostalgia of days spent sea side.

I long for days spent with my toes in the sand, building sandcastles with my children, while listening to the waves crash upon the shore. This is true peace and serenity. This collection reminds me to take a deep breath and relax. Take time for family and when ever possible spend time breathing in the salt air while soaking in the sun. It is good for us to take time, a mini vacation to the places we love and that make life golden. The beach is that place for me and this collection brings a bit of serendipity every time I wear them and look at my wrist.

In this release are six beautiful ocean-themed glass beads, perfect to create a beautiful sea bracelet. They will match perfectly with many of the sea-themed beads that have been released over the years and I for one am looking forward to playing with these beads all summer long.

Trollbeads Oozing Octopus Is one cute Octopus! You will find that this bead has a sand color base with orange octopus around this bead encased in clear glass. This is a standard size glass bead with a classic sterling silver core. You will find that these only fit the smaller bracelets and bangles like all Trollbeads carriers, Pandora open cuff and Redbalifrog carriers. Oozing Octopus retails for $50.

Trollbeads Jolly Jellyfish is such a stunning bead! I was super excited to see this bead as part of this collection. You will find a beautiful translucent blue base with stunning jellyfish swimming throughout, all are encased in clear glass. This bead is a standard size with a sterling silver classic core and like the other classic core beads will fit all Trollbeads carriers and will fit the Pandora open Cuff, and Redbalifrog carriers. So, that you can mix and match Trollbeads with the rest of your collection with ease. Jolly Jellyfish retailers for $50.

Trollbeads Steady Starfish is beautifully done. At first I wasn’t sure I would love this bead as these are not my traditional sea colors, but after seeing it in person, this bead is my absolute favorite from this release. I love the full starfish in realistic colors of brown, tan, orange and yellow mixed together, each starfish is textured to add even more depth to this bead. The base color is dark with spots of green encased in clear glass, with the starfish sitting on top. Like the other glass beads in this release you will find that this bead is a standard size with a classic sterling silver core. Steady Starfish retails for $50.

Trollbeads Savvy Salmon is one of the best fish beads I’ve seen from Trollbeads and I have quite a few different fish designs in my collection. I love the contrasting colors of a sea foam green core encased in clear glass with beautiful varied blue and white salmon with a tan stripe down the middle and black dots throughout the blue. This fish is complete with an eye and fins. This bead is a standard size with a classic sterling silver core. Savvy Salmon retails for $50.

Trollbeads Curious Clams is another bead with such beautiful contrasting colors of greens, with cute white clam shells encased in clear glass and turquoise, which gives this bead it’s interesting contrast. This bead is a standard size with a sterling silver classic core. Curious Clams retails for $50.

Trollbeads Coveted Corals is such an intriguing design with round coral wheels, deep blue water base with a sand colored line weaving through and around this bead. All are encased in clear glass. This bead is a standard size with a sterling silver classic core. Covered Corals retails for $50.

Trollbeads Seaweed is a beautifully carved seaweed design that is executed perfectly. I love the width of this bead as it sits perfectly between glass and doesn’t get lost in a design. It is made of sterling silver and will fit most carrier brands. This Seaweed bead retails for $61.

Trollbeads Seaweed Lock matches the bead perfectly and completes the look! You will find seaweed on both sides of the lock. I will note, for those who have hand coordination issues, may find this lock a bit difficult to maneuver as the latch lays within the seaweed. This lock will fit all standard bracelets that take this type of lock and I think you will find it looks nicely as a focal on the TPOA bangle. Seaweed Lock retails for $72.

Trollbeads Sandcastle Pendant is such a wonderful pendant, perfect to wear on the Changeable Fantasy Necklace! You will find a hook at the top to latch onto the changeable necklace, but you will also find it works on regular necklaces, bracelets and bangles for a fun and unique look. The top of this bead is a sterling silver sandcastle that sits upon a beautiful glass orb of swirled yellow-orange, white and glitter; all encased in clear glass. Sandcastle Pendant retails for $105.

I had so much fun mixing and matching the new collection with a few sea-themed beads in my collection. I used the six new glass beads with Trollbeads Unique sea glass, many I collected over the last year. All silvers are Trollbeads, starting on the right clock-wise you will find Cells (looks like bubbles), Waves, Whales Spirit, Ocean Bead, Turtle Flower, Seaweed, Love Conch, Turtles and the Seaweed lock finishes this bracelets off perfectly.

I am loving the Sandcastle Pendant on the Changeable Fantasy Necklace! Seen here paired with Trollbeads Azure Bubbles and Swan Bead.

Now for some bangle designs! I love stacking bangles and the combinations are endless! In this first bangle I’ve used Trollbeads Savvy Salmon, Waves, Jolly Jellyfish, Cells, Coveted Corals and completed with the Dolphin spacer and Evolution.

I was excited to see how well the Oozing Octopus matches my crab and mermaid! I think the Love Conch and Seaweed beads compliment each other rather well, too.

I think you will find that the new sea themed beads work nicely on the Trollbeads Brown leather. I used the Seaweed bead as the focal and the Steady Starfish and Calcite Rock.

I love this bangle with Azure Bubbles, Waves, Savvy Salmon, Seaweed, Feldspar Quartz Rock, Cells, and Curious Clams. I love how the Feldspar resembles sand and matches the tan stripe on the Savvy Salmon.

How perfect are these colors together? The Sandcastle is a beautiful focal flanked with Golden Cats Eye, Steady Starfish, Seaweed, Conch, and Calcite.

Overall, this is such a beautiful and fun collection and the combinations are endless. I will have lots of fun creating this summer.

All are available today and you can find them at the following links.

In the USA

Trollbeads USA – ships only within the USA

Trollbeads Gallery – ships worldwide

Swiss Flower & Gifts – ships worldwide

In Europe

Trollbeads Official – ships within Europe

Star Bijou – ships worldwide from Germany

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this new collection? Do you love the theme? Any favorites? Leave me a comment below ❤



3 responses to “Trollbeads Sunshine Vibes Collection Review

  1. Lovely photos Paula!
    I bought the lock which is gorgeous but a bit tricky to open, and the Starfish and Coral beads. Now thinking about buying the silver Seaweed bead too 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Paula!
    I love your review and the photo’s you made. I have a better understanding of what they look like now.
    I have a question about the Savvy Salmon glassbead: is there only 1 fish on the glassbead (stretched out) or are there 2 fish on there?
    Keep up the beautiful work!
    Kind regards, Wendy

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