OHM Beads Cocky Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of OHM Beads Cocky!

OHM Beads Cocky is a fabulous Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo! The sulphur-crested cockatoo is one of the most prolific birds native to Australia. These birds are smart, comedic and full of personality. They are large white parrots with a yellow crest that lifts up. OHM Cocky is set to release tomorrow July 1, 2021 at 00:01 Seattle time.

I have wanted a cockatoo bead for so long and I am so happy to finally have one in my collection. Years ago before my youngest son was born, parrots were a huge part of my life. I worked with the Central Mississippi Bird Association, I held the position on the board as secretary for a few years and I published a monthly newsletter that was packed full of educational information for members. We were a non-profit and worked to educate the public on these majestic birds. Part of our job was to travel all over Mississippi to schools, nursing home and so forth to educate. Over the years we took in unwanted parrots, rehabilitated and put them in their forever homes with trained new families. Of course, some also came to live with us. In the following two photos, the first is my Sunny (sulphur-crested Cockatoo) and Peaches ( Moluccan Cockatoo) at one of the Nursing Homes in Jackson Mississippi. In the second photo Sunny (sulfur-crested cockatoo) and Sunshine my sweet Sun Conure, both sneaking bites of my spaghetti. Sunny loved attention and could talk up a storm. She had her sweet voice which she would talk so lovingly and then if you ignored her, she had a deep scary voice. She would also use this deep voice when it was time for bed, she would always say “it’s nite nite time” in a super deep voice. Always so funny. I miss her and my role in the bird world. As life moves on I think often of the love of these birds, both giving and receiving.

OHM Beads Cocky is a beautifully detailed Sulphur- Crested Cockatoo. You will find feathering details from the breast down, she is sitting on a perch, from the neck up has a polished finish, she has two eyes, a beak and her crest is up. On the back of the bead is more plumage and her wings nicely tucked. Her tail hangs down, gently wrapping towards the front to balance her on her perch. This beautiful bead measures approximately 18.52 mm high x 8.80 mm wide. Cocky retails for $40 USD / $56 AUD.

Now for some fun! Playing and creating different designs with this beautiful bead. In this first composition OHM Swaggie is out for a walk in the wilderness bird watching and stumbled across some beautiful lizards (OHM Dreamtime), hanging down some OHM Gumnuts, and as he was walking around he spotted OHM Cocky the cockatoo who was smelling some beautiful flowers (OHM Victoriana). All are hanging out on an OHM Dirty Twisted Bangle with a pair of Tedora Stoppers (from Pianta Beads).

This design is serenity. OHM Cocky sits so nicely next to OHM Stay Grounded. I decided to go with the color of Sulphur- Crested Cockatoo with both yellow and white glass from OHM Beads. Of course, this beautiful bird is hanging out in the garden of lotuses and Cherry Blossoms.

In this composition I wanted a more tropical feel and with some lush deep pink glass from OHM with more flowers, Lotus and Cherry blossoms.

Recently I received some fun X-Jewellery I purchased from a friend who I meet many years ago in bead groups and I have had so much fun creating with them. In this composition I used the X Chains on each side with OHM Sunflowers and OHM Roses. At the back I have used the OHM Dragonfly-y as the clasp between two clips and X Mellow Yellow Rubber links. The focal is OHM Cocky and OHM Slim Drop on a special prototype I’ve been trying out from OHM Beads. I have had fun using this both with X and on the OHM chains. This is my favorite and is on my wrist right now!

Wrist Shot!

Stacking OHM Beads, X-Jewellery, Chronicles Amber with some PHYA Stoppers.

Overall, this is an adorable bead that is perfect for any parrot lover! Whether you are building an Australian themed bracelet or maybe just want to add it to a tropical theme. This bead will fit into any composition and is a nice addition to any collection.

OHM Cocky is an Australian Exclusive and won’t be available until July 1, 2021 (tomorrow). You can shop for this bead on release day at the following website.

OHM Beads – world-wide shipping

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on Cocky? Do you love cockatoos? Leave me a comment below ❤



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