Midgard Foo Dog Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Midgard Foo Dog an exclusive at Pianeta Beads.

Recently Pianeta Beads introduced their latest limited-edition exclusive bead Foo Dog by Midgard. This new bead is limited to only fifty-five (55) pieces and is available while supplies last.

Foo Dogs also known as Komainu, Shishi, Guardian Lions are fierce intimidating mythical lion-like creatures, usually seen in pairs as statutes at the opening of temples and building throughout Asia. It has been taught in Buddhism that the Guardian Lions keep watch and have special protective powers that protect the temple. You can find them protecting palaces, hotels, and all sorts of buildings and even being worn as jewelry as a protective amulet.

Foo Dogs symbolize prosperity, success, and guardianship. Worn in pairs they create a yin yang effect; one bringing peace, calmness, energy and happiness, the other brings forth strength and wisdom. Allowing both fierce strength and gentleness.

I just received a second Foo Dog and I plan to wear them together. Of course, I took the photos in this article prior to the second arriving, but be sure to follow on Social Media as I will be featuring the pair together in some of my upcoming designs!

Midgard Foo Dog is so cute and his expression is playful and loving. I have three different types of Foo Dogs from different brands and find that this is by far the sweetest. This is my first bead made by Midgard and I am truly impressed and hope to add more designs from this artist in the future. You will find the cutest face, with flowers down the left side, and in the back a fluffy tail. This bead is sterling silver with a universal hole that will fit all major brand carriers. It measures approximately 13.10 mm high x 13.83 mm wide and comes with a red leather and card of authenticity. Foo Dog retails for €44.26, this price excludes vat.

I’m including several angles of this bead to show all sides and soon will add a video to YouTube, for those who might want to see an up close look. So, be sure to subscribe to Beadsaholic YouTube Channel.

Each Foo Dog comes with a lucky red leather bracelet. The bracelet has a slit that allows you to thread the other end of the bracelet through and tie a knot to hold it in place on your wrist. Similar to the popular Trollbeads single leathers.

Each bead and leather bracelet will be packed in a cute Midgard satin bag with a black raven on the bag. The authenticity card is a nice card stock that is laminated, perfect to keep your card in good shape with your highly collectible bead. As you can see the card shows the number of the bead alongside how many were made, states that it is sterling silver and even has a stock photo of the bead itself. All makes this a nice keepsake.

I of course, had to create a bracelet with my favorite Japanese inspired Kimono glass beads from Trollbeads. I always pair these with Asian culture beads, not always Japanese, but a mishmash of some of my favorite cultural beads representing different parts of Asia. They always remind me of a beautiful culture, dear friends and even time spent in Thailand. Plus, if you ask my family you would know our favorite foods are a mix of inspired foods from across Asia, especially Thai and Japanese.

I’ve used two sets of Trollbeads Kimono limited beads alongside Spiritbeads Monk Do No Evil, Spiritbeads Chinese Lucky Coin in brass and silver, Spiritbeads Lotus Flower, Spiritbeads Bamboo, Spiritbeads Bonsai, Spiritbeads Teahouse, Midgard Foo Dog, Spiritbeads Bamboo, Spiritbeads Sakura, Spiritbeads Daruma, OHM Beads The Red Lanterns and finished off with a Niwabeads lock.

In this composition I went with a less traditional style and mixed the Midgard Foo Dog with some beautiful teal and pinks from Trollbeads, Niwabeads Amazonite Peonies, TPOA Freedom, Cosmo Stoppers, and on the Redbalifrog Necklace are two PHYA pearls and TPOA Sky Ballerina.

I have worn this bangle the most and really love these beads together. I went with Trollbeads Scarlet Diamonds, OHM Beads The Red Lantern, Chronicles Amber Cherry Blossom, Trollbeads Kimono bead, Midgard Foo Dog, Trollbeads Weaver Girl on a PHYA Bangle with PHYA Twin Butterfly Stopper.

Wrist Shots!

Overall, this is such a cute bead and the perfect addition to any collection! Wear this bead for good luck and protection,

You can find this bead and lots of other beauties on the Pianeta Beads Website. They offer vat free shopping for those who reside outside of Europe. You can visit their site at the following link.

Pianeta Beads

Ships world-wide from Italy.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and I would love to hear your thoughts on this bead? Have you seen this brand before? Have any Midgard beads in your collection? Leave me a comment below ❤



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