PHYA Jewelry Mayurii Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the latest collection from PHYA Mayurii Collection and their beautiful new Bangle and Stoppers.

The Mayurii Collection consist of three spacer sets and one stopper that are inspired and depicts Peacocks and Peonies.

Peacocks are a beautiful majestic bird, the males have huge impressive tail spreads with each feather having jewel tone eye. The male uses this beautiful display to attract female peacocks. There is nothing more beautiful than a Peacock and his beautiful feather display.

The Peony is native to Asia, Europe and North America and there are more than thirty species. This fragrant flower is often seen in shades of purple, pink, red, white and yellow and blooms from spring to early summer. The peony is among the longest-used flowers in eastern culture and is often seen in symbolic art in China and is known as the flower of riches and honor or King of the flowers.

Needless to say both Peacocks and Peonies are symbols of beauty and good luck. I have personally collected both in jewelry form for years. So, I’m happy to see these beautiful fresh ideas.

This composition is my absolute favorite and I have been wearing it the last couple of days. I have styled two sets of PHYA Labradorite stones to complement the Mayu Stopper (the peacock), which I have used as a focal in this design. As you can see the stones really stand out on the bangle.

Labradorite is one of the most beautiful stones with amazing labradorescence which is a flash or play of color. This is a stunning and magical stone and is often collected for its healing and protective energies. Because of its ability of reflecting colors it is the stone of transformation and is linked to two Chakras the third eye and the crown. This gem is a positive stone as it helps collect the negative vibration while emitting positive energies helping its wearer feel happy and maintain a good mood. Allow this stone to strengthen your inner worth, promote your mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Even if you don’t believe gemstones have energies I think you will agree it’s a beautiful stone and one of the many works of art that nature offers us.

Mayurii story

“Peony is a seductive flower with a wonderful aroma that has long been used as a love and romance cure. Peonie are requently use as a metaphor for female beauty. Peacock is thought to be the earthl embodiment of the celestial Phoenix. Its hypnotic hues and the “thousand eyes” look on its tail are thought to bring fame and fortune, as well as increasing one’s awareness and defense. Peacock feathers are frequently recommended as a love remedy for single people to help attract the desired spouse because such a gorgeous bird as a peacock symbolize beauty and sentiments of love and attraction.” ~ PHYA

PHYA Mayu Stopper is a beautiful Peacock wrapped around and is holding a gemstone of your choice, mine is a beautiful Labradorite with a nice blue flash known as labradorescence. The stone is a nice size oval shape cabochon that is also available in Opal, Ruby, Sapphire, Myanmar Green Jade, and Amethyst. You will find beautiful oxidized details and in the core is a silicone stopper to hold your bead in place on your bangle or bracelet. This bead measures approximately 13.84 mm x 9.13 mm wide. With these measurements you see that this is a nice size bead and will stand out nicely with beads such as Trollbeads standard 13- 14 mm glass or stones, but I think once you see what PHYA has to offer in stones you will want some of those as well. Mayu Stoppers are limited-edition and will only be available to order through September 30, 2021 after this date they will no longer be available. Retail Price is ฿2500 / $80.65 / €67.

PHYA has supplied a flyer of their six stones that are available to order.

PHYA Bo Tan Spacer with Gems is a stunning small spacer with peonies all the way around and you will find four gemstones in your choice of Amethyst like mine or Opal, Ruby, or Sapphire. These beautiful spacers are not for sell, but are offered as a promotional gift when you order six of the Mayu Stoppers. These are limited and only available through September 30, 2021. Approximate size is the same as the unlimited version without stones.

PHYA Bo Tan Spacer is a beautiful peonies spacer that comes in pairs. You will find beautiful oxidized details with peonies all the way around. The spacers each measure approximately 9.73 mm high x 6.15 mm wide each. The Bo Tan Spacer Set is part of the regular collection and will be an unlimited release. Retail is ฿1500 / $48.39 / €40 per pair.

PHYA Ram Phaen Spacers are beautiful cap-like spacers that sit nicely up against a gemstone or glass bead slightly cupping and truly looks like it is part of the bead, especially when used to frame one stone, but I think you will find many different ways to wear these stunning beads. The oxidized detailed design is beautiful Peacock feathers. This design comes as a pair and each measures approximately 14.30 mm high x 5.70 mm wide. This is a limited release and will only be available to order through September 30, 2021. Ram Phaen Spacers retail for ฿1600 / $51.61 / €40 per pair.

PHYA GP Smooth Bangle Comfort Fit Black Ruthenium Plated is not part of the collection above, but is a new release and all composition I’ve used this bangle. It has a luxurious comfort fit with a beautiful gunmetal grey finish. You will find that gemstones and colors really standout against the dark finish. This bangle is available in sizes XXS through XL (see size chart below), the XL is similar size to the Trollbeads large. The bangle retails for ฿2650 / $85.48 / €68.

Size Chart.

PHYA Muan Chid Stoppers Black Ruthenium is the latest addition to the Muan Chid collection and matches the bangle perfectly! You can of course, get this set of stoppers in four different finishes. The stoppers are a nice size and fit snug on a bangle. The stoppers have a low profile and will add a little texture to your design. These measure approximately 8.95 mm high x 3.87 mm wide. Muan Chid Stoppers retail for ฿1300 / $41.95 /€34.50 per pair.

Muan Chid Stoppers are available in these four finishes.

Now for some inspiration. I have used all PHYA, except for one bangle.

I really love these flashy labradorite with the red agates. I have used all PHYA in this composition.

I love doubling up on the Bo Tan Spacers.

Again, I’ve doubled up on the Bo Tan, but this time on the Alternative bangle from TPOA. I love using spacers to frame a lock as the focal.

Loving the PHYA Lapis with the labradorite.

Mixing it up and adding in some gold and amethyst.

I really love using the Ram Phaen Spacers around the amethyst as a focal point.

Wrist Shot!

My absolute favorite bangle composition.

Overall, this is a fantastic collection and the bangle is now a favorite. I truly love PHYA and get so excited for new releases.

PHYA stones are among my favorites and I love that they offer three sizes. Soon, I will share my collection of PHYA Gems in a must see review.

You can browse PHYA Jewelry on their website below. You will find all their regular collection items; however, if you would like to order any of the limited items please do so by sending them an email or reaching out on social media. Limited items are only available for a short period of time and are made to order, which takes about 10-15 days.

PHYA Jewelry – ships world-wide from Thailand

As always, I enjoy hearing from you and would love to hear your thoughts on this release? Do you have any PHYA in your collection? Leave me a comment below ❤



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