OHM Beads August 2021 Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of OHM Beads August Release 2021.

In honor of OHM 13th Birthday, I am celebrating with my favorites picks from the OHM August 2021 release! My picks are the three cute balloons, two fantastic new glass beads and two new additions to the Hipster Collection.

Fist off, I must say that I knew for a fact prior to seeing the Fun Zone Collection designed Mai Yuna that it was going to be a must have for me! She is such a talented artist and is the designer of the OHMistry Project Clowning Around that is also being released as part of the Fun Zone Collection (see my review of the project here) . When I saw the sample photos I knew I wanted them all and double on the Candy Cloud. This is such a warm and fun collection that should appeal to every child at heart.

OHM Candy Cloud is my absolute favorite glass from OHM, in the past my favorites were Purple Haze, Dreamscape and Fairy Wern, and though I still love all of these, OHM and Mai blew it out of the ball park with the release of Candy Cloud with its rich tones of purple, pinks and blues like fresh cotton Candy all swirled together in an OHM iconic barrel glass design, what is not to like? This glass is the standard size of around 14-15 mm x 8 -9 mm and retails for $45 / €47.

OHM Beads Sweet Spectrum has such beautiful bright delicious colors of blue, yellow, red, orange and a hint of green all swirled and braided into a beautiful barrel glass bead. From the initial photos, I wasn’t sure how I would like this bead, but once I saw it in person I regretted not getting two, as it is such a beautiful and fun bead. Like Candy Cloud this bead runs a standard size and retails for $45 / €47.

OHM Beads Puff a Heart, Puff a Puff and Puff a Star are the cutest balloon designs done in sterling silver. As a kid any trip to a carnival, circus, birthday parties or even the zoo, always resulted in a fun balloon full of helium. Even now I know a few kids who would rather play with a balloon rather than toys. These cute balloons retail $55 / €57.

Each balloon measures approximately:

Puff a Heart measures without dangling chain 14.35 mm high x 10.67 mm wide.

Puff a Puff measures without dangling chain 14.30 mm high x 8.96 mm wide.

puff a Star measures without dangling chain 13.67 mm high x 10.99 mm wide.

OHM Beads has added four new designs to their Hipster Collection. I chose the Move About and Personal Bubble. Though I love the Boxed Emotions, I have OHM’s original Boom Box and decided to pass for now.

OHM Beads Personal Bubble was a must have for me to mix in my 80’s bracelet and when I create my music bracelet. I have always had to have headphones as it’s my cure all, I like to get lost in the music and drown out the noise around me. Even now some days I just need to put on my Beats and let the music take me and mold my mood. My own personal bubble. These cute headphones measure approximately 10.66 mm high x 5.67 mm wide and retails for $30 / €31.

OHM Beads Move About is a cute Walkman that dangles from its headphones. As a teenager you never saw me without my Walkman, it got me through my teen years, blasting 80’s big hair bands, really makes you want to bang your head! This bead is super cute with fantastic detailing of the tape deck, buttons and headphones. Move About measures approximately 15.37 mm high x6.93 mm wide and retails for $35 / €36.

If you didn’t see my video preview on OHM Preview day you can check it out right here on YouTube, I’ve included photos of the items I didn’t choose from this release, though in hindsight I wish I had grabbed them all!

Of course with any review you need some inspiration and I am really happy with the way these bracelets and bangle turned out. So much FUN!

This is my take on growing up in the 80’s. There may not be any fluorescent colors, but these are my favorite funky colors now and then. With MTV, Movies and music was my thang! My step-father was a musician and I had a few instruments in my room and I taught myself a few songs on the guitar and on the keyboards and I even thumped around on a bass. I was always about Peace and Music and being born to a Hippie Mother, I of course had to be a flower child, too.

A few of these beads are retired and rather hard to find, but if you can get your hands on them, they are worth having in your collection. There are newer versions of the Boom Box and Movie Camera. On this bracelet are glass beads from OHM – Purple Haze, Dreamscape, Gallymoggers, Orchid Rain, and The Next Bloom. In silver old version Movie Camera, Old version Boombox, Peace Guitar, Personal Bubble, Woodstock, Walk About, OHMstalgia, Retired TV, and Freedom Machine. I finished the bracelet off with a Love Me Heart lock from Niwa.

How fun are these? OHM Upchuck Confetti, Puff a Star, Sweet Spectrum, Puff a Puff, Unicorn Poop, Puff a Heart, and another Upchuck Confetti.

I am so loving these beads together!!! I mixed OHM Puff a Heart, Luna Love, Puff a Star, Ri-Cri, JD, Clowning Around and Puff a Puff. Glassed used are Elfbeads Blueberry Crush and Candy Crush, Trollbeads Cosmos, and OHM Candy Cloud. Finished off with Niwa Love Me Amethyst.

Wrist Shot!

Overall, this is such a fun release that I think will fit into any collection.

All are available now on the OHM website and at all retailers. Featured links below.

Featured Ohm Beads Retailers

(Alphabetical order – click on retailers name)


As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this new release? Leave me a comment below ❤



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