Chronicles Amber Preview

Today Beadsaholic brings a preview of the latest from Chronicles Amber.

Today I’m sharing a preview of latest releases from Chronicles Amber! Following the introduction to their Ivory line of beads, Chronicles Amber has introduced three new bangles and a bracelet to their current collection. These are the very first carriers from this brand. I hope to be able to share a review of their bangles this fall. Which do you like? All three are fresh new designs that would look great with beads or stacked together naked. You can never go wrong with bangles.

The bangles are numbered on their site in a drop down menu where you will choose Bangle 1, Bangle 2 or Bangle 3 and each retails for $75 each. They are made of sterling silver and available in small, medium and large.

Chronicles Amber has sweetened the pot with a nice promo! Over the next few days if you purchase a bangle, you can choose one Rose Spacer FREE!

Chronicles Amber is also offering a sterling silver Bracelet

Chronicles Amber now offers a range of Elforyn® Ivory hand carved beads. Elforyn® Ivory is a replica of Elephant Ivory and is a high grade man-made mineral plastic developed and manufactured in Germany. This allows you to wear the identical look and feel of beautiful Elephant Ivory without the unethical trade impact. So, you can wear these beautiful pieces without worry.

I would love to review one of these new carved beads at some point, I find the detailing rather intriguing and would love to know how these feel in hand.

The focal of this photo is the stunning Summer Bloom, bead to the right is their beautiful Sun/Moon and on the left is the Wise Owl. Each retail for $59.99.

The focal seen here is the Wise Owl, to the left Summer Bloom, and to the right Moon/Sun.

This gorgeous bead is the Fire Breathing Dragon which also retails for $59.99.

Not only has Chronicles Amber added lots of new beautiful beads to their collection, but they are also offering several promotional sets that you just can’t pass up!

This first set is perfect for Summer with the oh so cute Bunnies in Cabbage, two Rose Spacers and the delicious Branch of Lemons on your choice of Bangle. You can get this full set for $172.50.

In this cute set Chronicles Amber is offering Lover Dragon, Rose Spacer, Lavender Spacer and Rose Bead on your choice of bangle. This set is available at the special price of $165.

You will find several promo sets on the Chronicles Amber Etsy Shop at fantastic promotional prices.

Ready to shop these great deals? You can follow the link below to shop.

Chronicles Amber – ships from Ukraine.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the new releases and promos? Would you like to see any of these items in a review? Do you have any Chronicles Amber in your collection? Leave me a comment below ❤



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