Chronicles Amber Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of a few new beads from Chronicles Amber.

For me when I look at Chronicles Amber I feel a romantic Victorian vibe, which sets Chronicles Amber apart from other brands. There is no other brand that offer beautiful inner-carved flowers with in Amber, each one a true work of art full of warm pastel colors.

Over the last few months Chronicles Amber has been adding in new works of art in a new and different medium Elforyn Ivory, which is an excellent copy of real Ivory without the worry of real life problems like poaching and animal cruelty. Now you can own beautiful pieces ivory replica. Elforyn Super Tusk is a man-made replica of Ivory, it has the same look and feel.

Chronicles Amber Playing Kitty is my very first Elforyn Ivory bead that is hand made with the cutest kitty playing with a ball of yarn. As the ball unravels around the bead it forms the perfect heart. The yarn is a soft Rose color and the kitty is a lovely grey with so much detail. The details are created with the skrimshaw technique which allows the artist to use a needle filled with stain glass paint under a microscope to create these beautiful works of art. There are more than a hundred punctures in one square millimeter.This bead measures approximately 14.52 mm high x 15 mm wide, please note that size varies. Playing Kitty retails for $119.

Chronicles Amber Tender Dahlia is a beautiful floral spacer made of natural Amber with detailed inner-carved dahlias that are then filled with warm ivory and Rose stained glass paint. This Amber Spacer is rondelle shape and measures approximately 13.75 mm high x 7.99 mm wide. Tender Dahlia retails for $45.

Chronicles Amber Floral Spacer resembles Cherry Blossoms carved in natural Amber with tones of Rose and ivory stained glass paint. This beautiful bead matches in color perfectly to the Tender Dahlia. The average size of this spacer is 14 mm high x 7 mm wide. Floral Spacers retail for $45.

Chronicles Amber Chamomile is a beautiful natural Amber inner-carved with one of my favorite flowers Chamomile! In this bead you will find beautiful white flowers surrounded by greenery in a beautiful yellow Amber. Chronicles also gives you the option of choosing your primary color, so that you are getting the color that best fits you. The average size of these spacers are around 14 mm high x 7 mm wide. Chamomile retails for $49.99.

Chronicles Amber Floral is a beautifully inner-carved natural Amber with pastel pinks and blue roses and green leaves going down one side of the bead. With this bead you can choose your secondary color. The average size is around 13-14 mm high x 8-9 mm wide. This floral bead retails for $54.99.

Chronicles Amber Peonies is a stunning sterling silver floral bead with peonies all the way around. I think you will find that this brand not only creates beautiful works of art in Amber, but also in silver. This bead is beautifully detailed and measures approximately 11 mm high x 7.39 mm mm wide. Peonies retail for $50.

Chronicles Amber Crocus is another stunning sterling silver floral design with three blooms blooming around this beautiful bead. The approximate size is 11.27 mm high x 5 mm wide. Crocus retails for $30.

Chronicles Amber Cherry Blossom is a fabulous framing sterling silver cherry blossom, the branch branches out and a bead fits nicely between the blossom and branch. This bead measures approximately 25.16 mm high x 24.22 mm wide. Cherry Blossom retails for $80.

Now for the fun part, inspiration!

As you can see here the beads all go together perfectly! I have styled Chronicles Amber on the PHYA bangle.

Look how cute this kitty beads look with the floral beads?! Styled here on a PHYA bangle with Tedora Stoppers.

This is the back side of the Kitty bead.

I have used all the beads in this review and mixed them with the Chronicles Cutie Owl, All Seeing Eye Feather and Cats In Love alongside Phya and Niwa.

The Kitty is perfect on a fantasy necklace! Seen here on the Redbalifrog Lotus necklace mixed with PHYA.

I have had fun wearing the Cherry Blossom over the last few weeks and here you can see those designs, you may have already seen them. In this composition I’ve paired Dream Glass Art, Elfbeads, Redbalifrog alongside Chronicles on an Elfbeads bangle.

My fourth of July bangle with Chronicles, Trollbeads and PHYA.

Fourth of July Wrist Shot!

I saved the best for last! I love how this bracelet came out and I hope you do, too. I have mixed Chronicles with PHYA stones and Niwa.

Wrist Shot!

Overall, if you don’t have Chronicles Amber in your collection, I highly recommend you taking a closer look at this brand.

All beads featured here in this article is available at Chronicles Amber and if you would like to browse the many different Amber works of art you can also find them at the shops listed below.

Chronicles Authorized Featured Retailers

Chronicles Amber – Ships from the Ukraine

Perlen – Ships from Denmark

Pianeta Beads – Ships from Italy

Swiss Flower & Gifts – Ships from the USA

As always, I enjoy hearing your thoughts and would love to hear your thoughts on these beads and would love to know if you have any Chronicles Amber? Leave me a comment below ❤



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  1. Love the cat bead, and appreciate the work involved, but the price makes it a considered purchase for me. Maybe one day I will see it at a sale price!

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