Moress Charms Ocean and Moomin Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Moress Charms Ocean Collection and Moomin Bangle.

Moress Charms recently introduced their latest Ocean Collection and Moomin Limited Collection and today I can share a few of these designs with you all. I am personally a huge ocean theme fan, as I’m an ocean lover. Nothing gives me peach like sitting with my toes in the sand. Ocean theme jewelry reminds me of the serenity I feel when by the ocean. Now let’s dive in and see what Moress has to offer!

Moress Mother of Pearl Turtle is a stunning sterling silver sea turtle with starfish and shells on one side, the beautiful middle peach stone is a dyed mother of pearl doublet with clear faceted Quartz which gives the stone a bit of sparkle and depth. This is such a tropical color that is simply beautiful. The backside is polished with no detail and is rounded to keep your bead from flipping. The approximate measurements are 19.68 mm high x 16.34 mm wide. Mother of Pearl Turtle retails for ฿1,800 / €46.52 / SGD $74.02 / USD $55.01.

The Mother of Pearl Turtle is currently sold out on the Moress Charms website and is estimated to restock next week. Featured Moress Retailers have stock or will be getting select items from new releases over the next couple of weeks, you can find links to these shops at the bottom of this article.

This cute turtle is also available soon in Opalite Rainbow and Opalite Blue, both are lab-created (man-made) and can be preordered now at Moress Charms! Shipping is estimated for September 15, 2021. Retail price is set at THB ฿2,200 / SGD $90.48 / Euro €56.86 / USD $67.24

Photo courtesy of Moress Charms.

I am also sharing a few photos of two exclusives from The Bead Journey in Singapore (ships world-wide). Photos are courtesy of Dien at The Bead Journey. In this first photo you will see the peach tone Mother of Pearl Turtle alongside the two exclusives Amazonite Turtle and Charoite Turtle.

The Bead Journey Exclusives
  • Moress Amazonite Turtle is a doublet made of natural Amazonite and Quartz.
  • Moress Charoite Turtle is also a doublet made of natural Charoite and Quartz.

Both exclusives retail for ฿1,800 / €46.52 / SGD $74.02 / USD $55.01 and you can message to buy through social media at The Bead Journey < click to visit. Not on Facebook? Let me know and I can give you email or Instagram contact details, if you like.

Moress Hammerhead Shark is a cute sterling silver hammerhead decorated with shells, starfish and barnacles. It is a nice addition to a ocean themed bracelet and if you have Moress Whale, you will find they match perfectly with both having similar decorations. This bead has a universal core like all Moress charms and measures approximately 21.07 mm high x 9.82 mm wide. Hammerhead Shark retails for ฿1,100 / €28.42 / USD $33.58.

Moress Hammerhead Shark is currently out of stock on the Moress Charms website, but good news it will restock today!

Moress Pufferfish is a sterling silver open-work bead design that allows a mini gemstone to fit inside. It can be worn with or without a stone. I love the idea as you can change the color of the fish. The stone can be seen through the circle designs. This bead measures approximately 10.42 mm high x 18.22 mm deep x 11.29 mm wide. Pufferfish retails for ฿900 / €23.25 / $27.47.

Low stock on Moress Charms website, so hurry. This charm will restock once sold out and will be available at featured shops soon.

In this release are three new beautiful glass beads. The colors are beautiful and tropical. I may need a second set to have pairs!

Moress Unicorn Glass is a stunning faceted glass with a mix of blue, purple and sparkly bits of glitter. This is a universal core that fits all brands; however, it has a split core instead of a solid core. With glass beads both color and size can vary, with that said this bead measures approximately 14.59 mm high x 6.59 mm wide. Unicorn Glass retails for ฿890 / €22.99 / $27.17.

Moress Tequila Sunrise is a stunning faceted glass bead in beautiful shades of yellow and Amber with glitter throughout. This gorgeous bead would also be perfect for an Autumn bracelet! This bead has a universal silver split core and measures approximately 14.32 mm high x 6.72 mm wide. Tequila Sunrise retails for ฿890 / €22.99 / $27.17.

Moress Lime Mojito Glass is not just the name of delicious drink but, a stunning glass bead with the colors of green and lime with beautiful flecks of gold throughout. This bead also has silver split cores and measures approximately 12.98 mm high x 6.62 mm wide. Like Mojito retails for ฿890 / €22.99 / $27.17.

Moress Moomin Flower Bangle Blue is not part of the Ocean Collection; however, it is part of the new Moomin Collection! I’m including it in this review as the blue flower lock heads remind me of the blue ocean and tropical flowers. There are three bangles in the Moomin Collection in blue, pink and green. Both pink and green can be viewed on the Moress Charms website. The sterling silver bangle is flexible and comes in sizes 15 cm, 17 cm and 19 cm. The lock heads have sterling silver carved flowers with enamel in shades of blue, on each head you will find blue crystals. Both lock heads come off and are interchangeable with other lock heads offered by Moress Charms. The bangles are fun and comfortable. They can be worn in several creative ways with or without beads. Moomin Flower Bangle Blue is limited-edition and retails for ฿2,250 / €58.13 / $68.68.

Now for some inspiration and how I have used these items in my collection.

The bangle is perfect plain or with beads on each side of the lock heads, or worn like a regular bangle.

With the bangle below I have styled Moress Mini gems Chalcedony and used Elfbeads stoppers to hold the gems in place.

In this composition I added some lovely sea creatures.

And if you don’t want the Lock Heads to be the focal on your wrist , you can wear the bangle with beads styled in the center. Here I have styled the Hammerhead, Pufferfish and Turtle with Moress Mini Gems.

Keeping it simple with Moress Seahorse Stopper, Tequila Sunrise, Mother of Pearl Turtle, Lime Mojito and Pearl Mermaid Stopper on a PHYA Bangle.

Mixing it up with Moress Mini Gems, mother of pearl Turtle, The Palace of Amber mint chalcedony, Moress Pearl Mermaid, and Hammerhead Shark on a PHYA Bangle.

Another simple mix of Moress Pearl Mermaid, Unicorn, Pufferfish, The Palace of Amber Dreamy Ocean, Moress Mother of Pearl Turtle, Lime Mojito, and Seahorse Stopper on a PHYA Bangle.

I thought I’d do a full bracelet in more neutral colors. In this composition are PHYA Bostwana Agate, Aurora Beach Signs, The Palace of Amber Sakura Agate, Moress Hammerhead Shark, PHYA Sunstone, Moress Mother of Pearl Turtle, Pearl Mermaid, Pufferfish, Aurora Tiki Mask, and finished off with the Trollbeads Conch lock.

The Mother of Pearl Turtle is perfect as the focal of the simple composition with Moress Mini Guava Quartz on Elfbeads Love bangle.

With the Moress Ocean bracelet I decided to do all Moress beads on this one with Hammerhead Shark, Mini Gems, Whale, Teddy Mermaid Bead, Mother of Pearl Turtle, and Pufferfish.

Wrist Shot!

Overall, this is a wonderful collection that will make any beach lover happy! The charms are compatible with all brands and fit well into any composition.

Want to browse Moress Charms? You can browse at the following featured shops. Please note, some shops have the new collection listed and others are waiting on stock to arrive.

Beads Fanatic – ships from Italy

Moress – ships from Thailand

Šperky s příběhem – ships from Czech Republic

Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this release? Any must have beads? What ocean bead would you like to see made? Leave me a comment below ❤



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