Redbalifrog Halloween 2021 Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Redbalifrog latest Halloween release.

Today is the debut of the latest collection from Redbalifrog. It has been a while since Redbalifrog has added Halloween inspired jewelry to their line, so I am excited to see a new lock and charm being released today.

The Skull lock is not only perfect for Halloween, but with this design looking like a padlock, well you can use it in many different designs. An edgy skull bracelet would be fantastic or maybe a pirate sea theme! With a little imagination there is no limit.

Salem the Pumpkin is perfect for Autumn and I could see wearing this bead through Thanksgiving. Below is the perfect bangle to celebrate the season with Redbalifrog Salem the Pumpkin as the focal, framed by PHYA Sunstones, LM Jewellery Pumpkin Leaves and Trollbeads Carnelian.

Redbalifrog Salem the Pumpkin is such a cute Jack-o-Lantern that has a fun traditional carved face on the front of the bead. You will find a nice pumpkin texture around this bead and a curvy stem from the top with a few accenting leaves. On the back you will find a big spider hanging out. This bead is sterling silver and will fit all major brand carriers. The measurements are approximately 15.02 mm high x 12.20 mm wide. Salem the Pumpkin retails for $36.

“Pumpkins with ghoulish faces and illuminated by candles are a sure sign of the wondrous Halloween season. People have been making Jack-O’-Lanterns in many countries around the world at Halloween for centuries.” ~Redbalifrog

I love the spider on the back and I like wearing this side where it can be seen, it’s perfect for a witchy theme.

Redbalifrog Skull Lock is a fantastic padlock with a skeleton key type hole and a skull adorning both sides. This is a nice size lock measuring 30.08 mm long (about 1.18 inches) and the width is 12.84 mm. Both ends of the clasp opens easily and there is enough room to work with any similar bracelet system. Skull Lock retails for $64.

“Just like a pirate’s chest, this Skull Lock has been made to secure and protect your bracelets and their Treasures.” ~ Redbalifrog

I’m using the Skull Lock in all three compositions; however, the Sunflower lock may have been a better fit for this first bracelet, to give it more of an Autumn feeling and less Halloween. But, I’m going for Halloween and it still works with these beads. I went with gemstones in all four compositions including the one at the beginning of this article. Because, I feel gems allow the silver charms to stand out and sets the overall mood.

Gemstones used here are in pairs: Trollbeads Carnelian, PHYA Sunstone, PHYA Red Quartz, PHYA Red Rutilated Quartz and in silvers I’ve used Redbalifrog Maple Lovers Leaf, LM Jewellery Pumpkin Leaves, Redbalifrog Pine Cone, Redbalifrog Jack-o-Lantern, Redbalifrog Steampunk Scarecrow, Redbalifrog Salem the Pumpkin, retired Redbalifrog Pumpkin Pig, and finished off with the Redbalifrog Skull Lock.

With this bracelet I wanted to go with more of a witchy vibe. I choose darker and moody gemstones like PHYA Onyx, Smokey Quartz, Grey Moonstone and Golden Rutilated Quartz, each gemstone has gold cores which add a little more color to this bracelet. In silver I went with the Redbalifrog Zen Snake, Corner 35 Crystals, Redbalifrog Salem the Pumpkin, Redbalifrog Sugar Skull, Redbalifrog Book of Spells, OHM Beads Dirty Magic, Redbalifrog Gypsy Crystal Ball and finished off with the Redbalifrog Skull Lock.

In this last composition I went with a mix of Autumn and Halloween. My favorite season of the year! Of course, I’m sure you see that I am using a lot of the same beads as they just mix so well together. In Gemstones I went with the Trollbeads Carnelian, PHYA Phantom Amethyst, PHYA Red Quartz, PHYA Sunstone, and silvers I’ve went with LM Jewellery Pumpkin Leaves, Corner 35 Crystals, Redbalifrog Jack-o- Lantern, Redbalifrog Igor the Bat, Redbalifrog Salem the Pumpkin, Redbalifrog Book of Spells, Redbalifrog Gypsy Crystal Ball, and finished off with the Skull Lock.

Overall, I think you will find both pieces nice additions to the Redbalifrog Halloween Collection. Salem the Pumpkin is the perfect addition to an Autumn and Halloween bracelet. While the Skull lock is perfect year-round in an edgy design.

Both are available today and you can find both alongside Redbalifrog complete Halloween collection. Ready to shop? You can find Redbalifrog at the featured links below.


Retailers in the USA

Swiss Flower and Gift Cottage

Redbalifrog USA

Retailers in Europe 

Pianeta Beads

Sperky s Pribehem

Star Bijou

Story in the Bead 

Redbalifrog Europe

Retailers in Australia 

Redbalifrog Australia

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on this release? Leave me a comment below ❤



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