Niwabeads Ocean Collection Video Preview

Today Beadsaholic brings a video preview of Niwabeads Ocean Collection.

Niwabeads has introduced two new designs and are offering new pearls in the their Kraken Dangle design. All are apart of their latest Ocean Collection.

You will find a new Healthy Whale, a similar design to their prior Happy Whale; however, with the new design you will find two kraken holding on for the ride on each side of the whale and a total of three pearls. The pearl on the top is available in white or pink, both genuine pearls. You can see this whale in full detail in the video below. Healthy Whale retails for €89 / $113. This bead is limited to only one-hundred and eleven.

Niwabeads has created a beautiful Kraken Lock that is wrapped around a beautiful white or pink pearl. The lock is easy to use and latches on without issues. There may be a few other colors available at Live Events, please note prices for rarer colors will be higher. Kraken lock in white or pink retails for €99 / €128. You can see this lock in all its glory in the video preview below. This Lock is also, limited to only one-hundred and eleven pieces.

The new ocean collection is available at the link below, but please note that these are limited and stock is low.

Niwabeads USA – you can reach out on social media or drop an email to

Niwabeads Berlin, Germany – website or stop by social media.

The Bead Journey, Singapore – DM on Facebook

As always, I enjoy hearing your thoughts on new releases and would love to know what you think of this release, so please feel free to leave me a comment below ❤



4 responses to “Niwabeads Ocean Collection Video Preview

  1. Oh my goodness Paula
    This release is absolutely gorgeous, the standout for me is the lock.
    Styled on the bangle, that lock with the spacers, the whole look is perfection
    Love love love

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  2. Thank you for the preview! I love the look of Niwabeads and I would love one of those kraken pendants. However, I never seem to be able to buy from Niwabeads. I can’t figure out how they work. Are these beads for sale now? And where? Are you supposed to send them a message on Facebook or something? I’m just really lost when it comes to this brand.

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  3. Am still enchanted by Niwabead’s whale charms even after all these years. Would really love to have them but was very late on starting a charm collection. Thank you for sharing and please definitely let me know when your whales need a new home.


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