Dream Glass Art Cat Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Dream Glass Art Cat Collection.

Today I have a review of a collection that every Cat Lover needs! This is such a creative and fun design and I love that there are six different design to represent our fur babies.

Where I live there are lots of stray cats and though I can’t invite them all into my home, we try our best to look after the neighborhoods cats by having a safe warm place for them to weather storms and putting out food for them. A few years ago during one of the coldest winters a stray we are pretty sure was dropped off started hanging around out side, she was probably about eight months old and had befriended my son. One very cold night I heard a destress meow at our door and I looked out to find Lilith cold and begging to come in, so we let her in and she has never left. She had a liter of kittens, we had her fixed and found wonderful home for her kitties, all but one, who has also remained with us. Both a bit moody at times, but will always have a forever home here. I hope to build a special bracelet for my fur pups and kitties and I think I will use two of these Cats for this bracelet. I hope I can share this bracelet later on when it all comes together.

Dream Glass Art Focal Cats comes in six different designs, five of which you can see in this article. Each handcrafted cat head is made of glass that dangles from a sterling silver cat food can bead. The can is adorned with a tab, fish and on the side “cat” is engraved on the label. Glass designs can vary in size, but the designs I have here measures an average size from the top of the can to the bottom of the cat 27.43 mm long x 19.70 mm wide. Each Cat retails for NT$2,250 / €69.50 / $81.29.

It would be so cute to make a bracelet dedicated to our fur babies and these focal cats would be perfect for such a bracelet. I’ve created a few designs and just having fun playing with these cute beads.

In this first bracelet I thought why not wear them all together. I have paired them with beautiful Dream Glass Orb glass beads on a bracelet with the TPOA Messenger lock.

I adore the black and white cats and thought I’d play off these colors by using the TPOA Native Totem black and white barrel as the focal with the black and white cat on each side, PHYA spacers and Black Onyx on the PHYA Bangle with Redbalifrog stoppers.

Every Halloween bracelet needs a Black Cat! This cat is my absolute favorite and I’ve mixed it in my favorite theme with Pandora Open work Sun, Stars, and Moon, Redbalifrog Book of Spells, TPOA Superimposed Star Dangle, TPOA Haunted House, and I used PHYA labradorite stones, Onyx and TPOA Native Totem on a Trollbeads Bracelet with a Trollbeads Star Lock.

Stack your kitties together on bangles with gemstones!

This tabby reminds me of my Lilith. I wanted to play off the colors so I added Nami Citrine, PHYA Tiger Eye, Nami dangles for the kitty to play with on a Pandora Leather.

Overall, if you love cats, then these are a must have. Perfect way to carry your cats on your bracelet.

If you would like to order one of these Cats you can do so at the link below.

Dream Glass Art – Ships from Taiwan

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on this bead? Do you have fur-babies? Leave me a comment below ❤



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