Black Raven Beads Ramen Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Black Raven Beads Ramen Collection.

Life without food is death. Food is fuel our body needs to live. Food that is whole and high in nutrition is the best fuel we can offer our bodies. In Asian culture there are all types of noodles that are apart of almost every meal. While I was in Thailand I saw and tried different types of noodles that I don’t see often here in the USA. However, Ramen Noodle is world renown and are available in many countries.

Ramen comes in a variety of dishes, but all start with a simple broth, usually a bone or meat broth. All varieties include noodles, though there are different types of noodles that can be used. Some are flavored with Shoyu (soy sauce), or Miso (a soybean paste that is used in many Asian soups and dressings), or simply Shio (salt). Traditional Ramen is topped with vegetables like bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, leeks, and seaweed. Not only will you find vegetables garnishing your Ramen, but this hearty meal is rounded off with protein often pork, fish, shrimp, chicken or beef alongside halved boiled egg. With so many delicious ingredients you can see why this is a beloved dish by so many.

“Ramen Collection”

Quote: “A life without purpose is like ramen without noodles.”

Ramen is a noodle soup, delicious and healthy. Soups and fermented foods are nutritious and very present in an Asian meal. Freshly prepared food is the standard in Asia. Mealtime is meal time, with no distractions! Be fully present with your food! Food is also a medicine.” ~ Black Raven Beads

Black Raven Beads Ramen Noodle Cup is a traditional ramen cup or bowl with a decorative trim, resting across the bowl is a pair of chop sticks and inside you will find nutritious goodness of noodles, vegetables, protein and a halved boiled egg. This is actually a nice size bead that sits nicely between standard size glass and stones, you will find that this bead measures approximately 9.78 mm from top to bottom of bowl, by 15.22 mm wide. This bead is sterling silver and has a universal core that will fit all major carriers. Ramen Noodle Cup retails for €43.

Black Raven Beads Egg is a hand-made glass that is semi-translucent with a yellow yolk. The glass has nice size caps on each side with a solid core that will fit all major carriers. Though with any hand-made glass bead size and color may vary; this particular bead measures approximately 14 mm high x 9 mm wide. Egg retails for €42.

Below is an outdoor photo taken by Black Raven beads, to show any variations that might be in the current stock.

Black Raven Beads Hot Broth is a beautiful red base glass bead with a gold bubbly design wrapped around in clear glass. This bead is hand-made and can vary; however, the bead I have measures approximately 14 mm high x 9 mm wide. Hot Broth retails for €42.

Again here you can see the variations.

Black Raven Beads Sesame Miso is a hand-made glass bead that looks like the broth and noodles of Ramen with puddles of sesame miso. Like all glass beads from this brand you will find cap cores that are solid and fits all major branded carriers. This bead is an average size of 14 mm x 9 mm. Sesame Miso retails for €42.

With the Sesame Miso you can see the most variation.

Black Raven Beads Noodles is a hand-made cream base color glass encased in clear with wiggly noodles going around this bead. The average size is 14 mm high x 9 mm wide and features the same end caps with a solid universal core. Noodles retail for €42.

Here you can see the variation.

Black Raven Beads Curry is inspired commonly used herbs and spices used in mostly in South Asia dishes. These include turmeric, cumin, coriander, ginger and chili pepper. Many of these herbs mixed together give a yellow base color. There is also an actual curry plant that has a strong smell similar to curry, but doesn’t actually taste like it and well, is not the spice used in Asian dishes. Curry is a group of herbs used together. This opaque matte finished mustard color bead will add fun texture to your bracelet designs. The average size is around 14 mm high x 9 mm wide. Curry retails for €42.

There is very little variation in this design as you can see below.

Black Raven Beads Red Curry is a brick red opaque glass that has a porous look. Reminds me of coral. Red curry typically gets its color from red peppers that is made into a paste and used in dishes to add some heat. This bead measures approximately 14 mm high x 9 mm wide. Red Curry retails for €42.

Here you can see why this bead reminds me of coral. It has a nice texture and I think it would work in many different compositions.

The set really goes well together and I think you can find many uses for each bead in this collection.

Now for some inspirations. In this first composition I have used the complete collection, you really don’t need anything more.

In this composition I went with Asian inspired silvers and all Black Raven glass beads. In Silvers I used Spiritbeads, Persona, PHYA, Niwa OHM and Black Raven.

Maybe you enjoy Asian themes and if you are like me and my family, you truly enjoy Asian food and culture. I would wear this bangle while out eating at our favorite Asian restaurants. Cute for family or date night.

I think this is my favorite! All glass are from this collection. I have mixed the Black Raven Beads Ramen Collection with Persona Dim Sum, Spiritbeads Kokeshi dolls and Teahouse on a Trollbeads bracelet with a Niwa Sakura Lock.

Overall. This is such a cute collection. I personally love themed beads and find them so much fun.

If you would like to add Black Raven Beads to your collection, you can shop at the link below.

Black Raven Beads – ship from the Netherlands

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this collection, so please feel free to leave me a comment below ❤



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