The Palace of Amber Autumn Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of The Palace of Amber Autumn Collection.

October is my favorite Month of the year. I love Autumn colors of changing leaves, pumpkins and the blooms of Sunflowers. Of course, I love that it is the spookiest month of the year!! Here in the south flowers are in their Autumn bloom and though tempatures are starting to drop at night, days are still warm and leaves change colors much slower here. So, we are just starting to see a few signs that Autumn has arrived.

Each year I start getting excited to see new Halloween themed releases and this year I am so happy with The Palace of Amber Autumn Collection.

The Palace of Amber Mage is such a cute sterling silver kitty wearing a witches hat that turns into a clasp on the back which makes it easier to attach to a bracelets, necklaces and will work perfectly with the Trollbeads Changeable Fantasy Necklace. The kitty is sitting on a hand-made glass pumpkin. This charm is available with three different jack-o- lantern faces. The measurements from top to bottom is 25.56 mm long x 13.12 mm wide. This is such a cute design and can be worn so many different ways. Mage retails for $60.

The Palace of Amber Haunted House is perfect for Halloween!! This vintage two story house is beautifully detailed with windows, a door, on the front with scalloped tile roof that has a bat engraved silhouette, a chain is wrapped around the house with an articulated lock on the front by the door and on the back a solid static lock and a cute ghost. This bead is made of sterling silver with a universal core and measures approximately 14 mm high x 12 mm wide. Haunted House retails for $55.

The Palace of Amber Autumn Winds is a beautiful swirl of colors. Imagine laying on the ground in the woods, looking up through the trees at the sky, seeing the blue sky peek through the colors of Autumn trees in shades of red, orange, yellow and the sparkle of the coppery glitter. The colors in this bead are perfect for Autumn! This hand-made glass bead has a universal solid core and measures approximately 15 mm high x 8 mm wide. Autumn Winds retail for $40.

Now for some inspiration. In this first photo is a close up of how I’ve been wearing the glass and Mage on a leather. I really can’t make my mind up which way I want to wear. Maybe I need two, so I can wear it as a necklace and bracelet at the same time!

Mage is perfect as a focal on a bangle or bracelet. TPOA Mage mixed here with TPOA Autumn Winds, TPOA Chalcedony, TPOA Haunted House, PHYA Dracula, and finished off with TPOA ginkgo stoppers.

Here is another bangle composition with the TPOA Haunted House as the focal, framed by TPOA Chalcedony, PHYA Dracula and Pumpkin, and two beautiful TPOA capped gemstones. All are on a TPOA Alternative bangle and held in place with TPOA Ginkgo stoppers.

The bangle and necklace together.

In this full bracelet I had fun mixing PHYA, TPOA, Redbalifrog and Trollbeads together. I wanted to use gemstones to bring out the colors in the glass beads.

Overall, this is such a cute Autumn Collection! The Palace of Amber is one of my favorite brands. I love their unique designs that I seem to fall in love with instantly!

If you would like to browse The Palace Amber designs you may do so at the following featured links.


As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this release. Leave me a comment below ❤



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