Trollbeads Evergreen Divine Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Trollbeads Evergreen Divine Collection.

It is that time of the year when Trollbeads releases one of their most elegant and exciting new releases and this year they do not disappoint. In this release you will find three new Sweet Cherubs, a Baroque bead and spacer, four faceted glass beads, a LE New Year Glass, Green Goldstone, Red Halo gemstone bead and two new locks!

Trollbeads Sweet Cherub Collection are such adorable chubby child-like angels that remind me the renown two cherubs from Raffaello Sanzio Raphael Sistine Madonna painting. I love these designs and the sentiment behind them. The size is perfect and they all sit nicely on a bracelet or bangle.

Trollbeads Cherub of All Living is my favorite of the three Sweet Cherub designs, I think mostly because it reminds me of my Mother’s love for angels and my beloved Chihuahua I lost last year. When I look at this bead I imagine her being in my Mother’s arms waiting to one day be reunited as a family. The thought of seeing my mother and April again one day brings a few tears to my eye. I’m pretty sure this cherub is holding a cat, but the sentimental thought is still the same as it represents all. I love the cherub design and how beautiful the wings are. This bead measures approximately 13.49 mm high x 8.62 mm wide. Cherub of All Living retails for $83.

Trollbeads Cherub of Reflection reminds me the most of the “two Cherubs” from the renown painting. This adorable chubby cherub is in a cute sitting position with his head resting in his hand. He looks to be in deep thought reflecting on life. This cherub measures approximately 14.06 mm high x 8.29 mm wide. Cherub of Reflection retails for $83.

Trollbeads Cherub of Love is a cute cherub resting upon a puffy heart. This sleepy Cherub is surely dreaming of all those he loves. All three cherubs are beautiful and are perfect worn together or separately in any composition. The Cherub of Love measures approximately 12.65 mm high x 10.11 mm wide and retails for $83.

Here you can see the amazing details of the wings.

The three Sweet Cherubs are just so cute.

Trollbeads Baroque Bead is a sterling silver orb design with ornate flowering detail. It is an open-work design with so much detail. This bead measures approximately 11.90 mm high x 10.70 mm wide. The Baroque bead retails for $61.

Trollbeads Baroque Spacer matches the bead with its open-work design with ornate swirls and leaves. This spacer has a rubber o-ring inside to hold it and your beads in place on a bangle or bracelet. This spacer measures approximately 11.95 mm high x 5.45 mm wide. Baroque Spacer retails for €50.

Trollbeads Red Halo Bead is such a unique sterling silver design that is holding two beautiful Red Eye Tiger Eye Stones. This stone is known as the “survivor stone”, it helps to release fear and anxiety while aiding in harmony and balance. This charm measures approximately 12 mm high x 9.53 mm wide. Red Halo retails for $83.

Trollbeads Red Tiger Eye Lock matches the Red Halo perfectly and this stone is perfect for fall compositions! There is a faceted Tiger Eye stone on both sides of the lock and you will find a flower design at the base of the lock. This lock measures approximately 22.94 mm long x 9.10 mm wide. Red Tiger Eye Lock retails for $83.

Trollbeads Santa’s Elf Lock is a beautiful lock that reminds me of all the traditional face designs that Trollbeads has mastered and released over the years. On one side you will find a face and the other side is adorned with a beautiful green onyx stone that is thought to help relieve worries, tension and stress; I think we could all use this stone in our lives. This lock measures approximately 23.14 mm long x 9.17 mm wide. Santa’s Elf Lock retails for $83.

Trollbeads Snow Blossoms Bead is a white base beads with both glittery green and copper flowers alternating around this bead. It is encased with clear faceted glass. This design is inspired by flowers pushing up and out from the snow, the first flowers noting that spring will come soon. This bead is handmade and can vary, the approximate size is about 14 mm high x 8 mm wide. Snow Blossoms retail for $61.

Trollbeads Ornate of Green Bead has a golden translucent core with green thin lines circulating around the bead and this bead is encased in clear faceted glass and has beautiful bits of gold glitter. I think you will find this bead matches a lot of the beads in this release. This bead is handmade and can vary, the approximate size is about 14 mm high x 8 mm wide. Ornate of Green retail for $61.

Trollbeads Blast of Blue Bead also has the beautiful golden translucent core, but this bead has dark blue thin lines instead of green. It is also, encased in clear faceted glass and has beautiful bits of gold glitter. I absolutely love the color combination of gold and blue together. This bead is handmade and can vary, the approximate size is about 14 mm high x 8 mm wide. Blast of Blue retail for $61.

Trollbeads Filigree of Shimmer Bead has the same beautiful golden translucent hues with loads of golden glitter and is encased in the clear faceted glass for lots of beautiful shimmer. This bead is handmade and can vary, the approximate size is about 14 mm high x 8 mm wide. Filigree of Shimmer retail for $61.

Trollbeads New Year Fireworks Bead is limited-edition in celebration of the new year 2022. Trollbeads limited releases are done in small batches. This bead has a black base with gold glitter scattered throughout, and encased in smooth clear glass you will find blue and red fireworks. Perfect for a New Years bracelet! This bead is handmade and can vary, the approximate size is about 14 mm high x 8 mm wide. New Year Fireworks retail for $50.

Trollbeads Faceted Green Goldstone Bead is a deep black glass with green glitter throughout to reflect light and make this bead truly magical. This bead gives the look of stone with a faceted design. This bead is handmade and can vary, the approximate size is about 14 mm high x 8 mm wide. Faceted Green Goldstone retail for $61.

Now my favorite part of this article, the compositions! I had so much fun playing with these beads creating different designs to share with you all. Beads used in all designs are Trollbeads and currently available.

In this first design I played off the blue in the Blast of Blue bead.

I love how well this release mixes together.

I think you will find these beads go rather well together. I will be mixing more of my stones with these and am thinking of a few other beads to order for some new designs.

The Cherubs!!!

Though, I feel this release is perfect year-round, I think you will find they go nicely with Trollbeads Christmas beads, too. Below I’ve mixed the new collection with a few of my Trollbeads Christmas designs.

A cute bangle playing off the blue and gold colors together.

I am totally in love with the elegant designs of this collection that gives these beads a sense and style from long ago.

The Cherubs are the stars of this bracelet! Truly heavenly.

Overall, I think many Trollbeads lovers will find that these beads will fit into their collections nicely. All are classic styles of Trollbeads.

This collection is now available and ready to ship! If you would like to shop this release or just browse Trollbeads you can find them at the links below.

In the USA 

Trollbeads USA – ships only within the USA

Trollbeads Gallery – ships worldwide

Swiss Flower & Gifts – ships worldwide

In Europe 

Trollbeads Official – ships within Europe 

Star Bijou – ships worldwide from Germany

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this release? Any favorites? Leave me a comment below ❤



2 responses to “Trollbeads Evergreen Divine Collection Review

  1. Lovely review! I indulged in a few things from the new collection, but do want to get a little more. I purchased the Santa’s Elf lock (like you I feel this harkens back to classic Troll designs) along with the Halo bead (such a beautiful rich color). I love all the cherubs but went for the Cherub of All Living first (as I love my fur babies). For the glass I purchased Snow Blossoms, Ornate of Green and the faceted Green Goldstone. I feel it is a nice start.

    I know I want the other lock, the Baroque bead and spacers and one of the other sweet little spacers. Who am I kidding…I really just want it all!


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  2. Enjoyed reading your review and seeing the lovely photos Paula! I am going to buy the Snow Blossoms bead as I have loved that one since the sneak peeks. Spotted that reindeer glass bead in your photos, wish I had been able to buy that (and the owl one) when they were released for Christmas a few years ago 🎄🎅

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