Redbalifrog Joyful Traditions Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Redbalifrog Joyful Traditions Collection.

Today I’m excited to announce and share the latest release from Redbalifrog, their Christmas collection “Joyful Traditions”. Christmas time releases from Redbalifrog are always among my favorites! This year this release is even more special to me, because I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to help in the design of three of the beads releasing today and I must say they are even more beautiful than I imagined they would be. This release fits perfectly in with prior Redbalifrog Christmas beads to create the perfect Holiday or Winter bracelets.

Though this release is geared towards Christmas, I think you will find that the Lantern and Yule Logs are perfect for a winter bracelet that you can wear all winter -long.

Redbalifrog Christmas Tree Pickup is an adorable VW Beetle with a Christmas tree strapped to the top. Reminds me of sweet tradition of going out to get a real tree and nothing smells better at Christmas than the sweet smell of pine. This is such a nice size bead measuring approximately 13.36 mm high x 21.76 mm wide and retails for €41 / $40.

“The smell of pine needles permeates through the car when driving home with your prize Christmas Tree.” ~ Redbalifrog

Redbalifrog Lantern Bright is a stunning Lantern design with stars, snowflakes and the handle is articulating. I love the way this bead turned out and it is perfect for our winter and Christmas bracelets. This bead measures approximately 20.09 mm high x 10.37 mm wide and retails for € 37 / $36.

“A beautiful Christmas Lantern brings ambience into the festive season and lights the way” ~ Redbalifrog

Redbalifrog Yule Log is a stack of logs tied together with a flower on one side. The Yule Log brings forth luck and protection during the Christmas season and throughout winter in celebration of Winter Solstice. This bead measures approximately 11.02 mm high x 15.26 mm wide and retails for € 41 / $40.

“Historically, the burning of the Yule Logs was a Nordic tradition where a whole tree (not just a log!) was brought into the home to burn for the entire 12 days of Christmas.” ~ Redbalifrog

Redbalifrog Santa Claus is round, chubby and I can almost hear his ho ho ho! He is such a cute and traditional Ol’ Saint Nick! He will sit perfectly on your bracelet measuring approximately 14.72 mm high x 9.49 mm wide and retails for € 37 / $36.

“He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice, he’s going to find out who’s naughty or nice, Santa Claus is coming to town.” ~ Redbalifrog

Redbalifrog Gingerbread Man is an adorable gingerbread all dressed up, including a cute little hat! This is the perfect memory bead of family time spent making gingerbread cookies at Christmas and the fun of decorating with yummy icings. This bead measures approximately 16.50 mm high x 9.16 mm wide and retails for € 37 / $36.

“Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man.” ~ Redbalifrog

I truly had so much fun playing with this new collection and it has me in the Christmas spirit, which I had been lacking so far this season. I created a couple of full bracelets and two bangles. I used Trollbeads Glass and stones, just to show you how well Redbalifrog mixes with other brands.

In this composition I went with the new release and gemstones from Trollbeads. I finished the bracelet off with a TPOA exclusive lock from Swiss Flower and Gift.

Do you like my Elf helper?

In this bangle composition I went with Santa Claus, Gingerbread man and Christmas Tree Pick up and mixed them with some red and green glass beads from Trollbeads.

With this composition I am dreaming of soft fluffy snow! All silver beads are Redbalifrog mixed with my favorite White glass from Trollbeads. Finished this bracelet off with the TPOA Alpine Forest lock, an exclusive at Swiss Flower & Gift.

This is one of my favorite bangles. I love these Redbalifrog silvers together alongside the Trollbeads Glass.

Overall, this is such a fun collection and I hope everyone finds something they love, too. All Redbalifrog is made of sterling silver and fits all major brand carriers.

This collection is available today and you can shop this collection or browse the brand at the featured links below.


Retailers in the USA

Swiss Flower and Gift Cottage

Beads Candy Shop

Redbalifrog USA

Retailers in Europe 

Pianeta Beads

Sperky s Pribehem

Star Bijou

Story in the Bead

Redbalifrog Europe

Retailers in Australia 

Redbalifrog Australia

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on this release? Leave me a comment below ❤ 



4 responses to “Redbalifrog Joyful Traditions Review

  1. Great job Paula. Love your pics and especially the last two bracelets. Redbalifrog always does an amazing job with the silvers and they are so reasonably priced compared to other brands. May have to add a few to my collection that’s been paused for years now. Really like the Yule log, VW and gingerbread man!

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  2. Hi, a very cute collection! Is that a cardinal in one of your pictures? I tried to look it up on their sites but I do not see it. Do you know it’s proper name and is it retired maybe? I am new to this brand so I am not up to date with their beads. Thanks, Tracey 🙂

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