Black Raven Beads Sounds of Spring Review

Beadsaholic brings a review of Black Raven Beads Sounds of Spring Collection.

Today is the debut of the latest collection from Black Raven Beads, Sounds of Spring. In this release there is a new glass bead, ten new silver beads, two stoppers and one lock, all that sings spring is coming!

‘Sounds of Spring – Where flowers bloom, so does hope. Have you “slept in”, and are you awakening after that long winter sleep? The crocuses curiously stick their heads out of the ground. Birds start looking to make a nest. Spring is approaching! Spring stands for awakening, lightness, bloom and growth. When spring arrives, it’s time for our new ideas to germinate, come out and be put into motion, starting with a clean slate. The energy is young and fresh and outwardly focused. In short, spring is the time to start something new and carry out the plans formed in your head. The birds and frogs say loud and clear that the season is changing. Enjoy the sounds of spring!’ ~ Black Raven Beads

If you are like me, then you love a bracelet full of flowers! Botanical designs are always a favorite and perfect for spring and summer. I think you will find that each bead is beautifully made and are perfect!

Last but not least Black Raven Beads also announced this week that Yande from Bali has joined the Black Raven Beads Team. He is renown for his work over the years with Redbalifrog. So, this is such exciting news!

Black Raven Beads Spring Tulip is a beautiful glass bead and I can’t wait until mine arrives. I can’t offer a review of this bead at this time; however, once it arrives I will share more photos of this bead in action. Photos, below are courtesy of Black Raven Beads. Spring Tulip retails for €43.

“In springtime, the heart regrows hope.’ ~ Black Raven Beads

Black Raven Beads Meditation Frog is my absolute favorite frog design. He is so cute in his meditation yoga stance, with a lotus design on his chest and is wearing a flower blossom as a hat. I can see him now meditating in the garden. This bead measures approximately 16.06 mm high x 11.88 mm wide. Meditation Frog retails for €45.

“Quiet your mind, and the soul will speak.” ~ Black Raven Beads

All stock photos are courtesy of Black Raven Beads.

Black Raven Beads Dragonfly on Lotus is a stunning lotus bloom on top of a lily pad and has a cute dragonfly resting upon the petals. This is such a unique and beautiful design and there are so many compositions this bead could be used in. This bead measures approximately 11.01 mm high x 11.84 mm wide. Dragonfly on Lotus retails for €45.

“May I live like the lotus, at ease in the muddy water.” ~ Black Raven Beads

Black Raven Beads Birdhouse is a cute romantic birdhouse, perfect for a pair of lovebirds. Every garden needs a birdhouse! This bead measures approximately 11.84 mm high x 9.16 mm wide. Birdhouse retails for €39.

“Never lose hope; instead, make a little birdhouse in your soul.” ~ Black Raven Beads

Black Raven Beads Magnolia is a must have for me, as it’s a symbol of the state of Mississippi and the south. It is a beautiful evergreen tree with the most beautiful fragrant blooms that can be seen everywhere here. My grandmother had a huge Magnolia tree in her yard and I have fond memories climbing up this tree and smelling these amazing blooms. This bead is beautifully detailed and measures approximately 10.29 mm high x 10.75 mm wide. Magnolia retails for €45.

“All the flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of today.” ~ Black Raven Beads

Black Raven Beads Cherry Blossom is such a beautiful bead with both blossoms and leaves details throughout the bead. Perfect for spring! This stunning bead measures approximately 12.02 mm high x 8.62 mm wide. Cherry Blossom retails for €45.

“Let blossoms fall like blessings all around you!” ~ Black Raven Beads

Black Raven Beads Rebirth Crocus is a cute floral bead with both bloom and leaf detailing. A sign that spring is coming! This bead measures approximately 8.88 mm high x 14.44 mm wide. Rebirth Crocus retails for €39.

“Always look on the bright side of life.” ~ Black Raven Beads

Black Raven Beads Frangipani Flowers is a stunning floral design, this flower is also known as Plumeria, a fragrant thick flower often used in garland and leis worn in Hawaii. I have two plumeria plants potted on my patio and can not wait for them to bloom. I love having this bead for my garden bracelet, it’s a beautiful design that is a must have for anyone who loves floral designs. This bead measures approximately 11.27 mm high x 9.62 mm wide. Frangipani Flowers retails for €45.

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” ~ Black Raven Beads

Black Raven Beads Sunflower Joy is a beautiful sunflower design with leaves around the sides. Perfect for Summer and Fall design and works great year-round. This bead measures approximately 10.72 mm high x 10.65 mm wide. Sunflower ahoy retails for €45.

“Be like a sunflower and turn your face to the sun.” ~ Black Raven Beads

Black Raven Beads Lotus Stopper is a nicely made stopper that had a rubber insert that stays in place and keeps your beads tightly in place on your bangle. These stoppers can be used on bangles and chains. This stopper measures approximately 10.62 mm high x 5.74 mm wide. Lotus Stopper retails for €25.

“Trust in the light, grow through the dirt, believe in new
beginnings.” ~ Black Raven Beads

Black Raven Beads Peony Stopper is another fantastic tight stopper perfect to keep our beads in place. I have wore both stoppers on bracelets and bangles over the last week and they work perfectly. This stopper measures approximately 9.81 mm high x 5.58 mm wide. Peony Stopper retails for €25.

“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.” ~ Black Raven Beads

The tulips in this release are beautiful design and they go perfectly together as you see here.

Black Raven Beads Tulip Lock is a lovely lock that is perfect to finish off a floral bracelet design! Works with all major branded bracelets and even on the TPOA bangle. This lock measures approximately 21.78 mm long x 9.62 mm high. Tulip Lock retails for €55.

“For happiness, one needs security.” ~ Black Raven Beads

Black Raven Beads Tulips is a design that features three tulips together that looks like tulips bunched together. This beauty measures approximately 10.89 mm high x 18.60 mm wide. Tulips retails for €45.

“Live life in full bloom.” ~ Black Raven Beads

Black Raven Beads Tulip is a fantastic bead and I must have a second to use to frame focal beads and balance each other on bracelets. This design is perfect! Measuring approximately 10.33 mm high x 18.72 mm wide. Tulip retails for €45.

“Bloom from within.” ~ Black Raven Beads

Now for some inspiration! This first bracelet from Black Raven Beads feature the full spring collection and I think it’s perfect as is!

Mixing the new collection with both Black Raven Beads and Dream Glass Art.

A romantic bird house in this composition on a Trollbeads bangle with Elfbeads Glass.

Another fun design with Black Raven Silvers and Elfbeads Glass on a Trollbeads bangle.

My favorite mix of Black Raven Beads with Elfbeads glass.


Sometimes, I like wearing all silver.

Overall, this is an amazing release! I love every single design and hope over time more floral designs will be added. This collection will go perfect;y with any composition.

All are available today at the following retailers.

Black Raven Beads Featured Shops

Black Raven Beads – ships from The Netherlands

Pianeta Beads – ships from Italy

Šperky s příběhemships from Czech Republic

Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic

I would love to know your thoughts on this collection from Black Raven Beads, so, please feel free to leave me a comment below ❤



12 responses to “Black Raven Beads Sounds of Spring Review

  1. There are some really beautiful silver bead designs in this release, they are a good size too. Thanks for the review Paula ☺️🙏🏾

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Marisa, I agree. I really love the size of these beads. They are not too big or two small and fit perfectly. I have been wearing them all together on a bracelet without glass just to see how they wear and I love them. All sit really well and they are comfortable.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Some lovely detailed silvers in this release Paula. They do bring a Redbalifrog vibe too! Will the stoppers fit Trollbeads bangles? Love the Peony one.


    • Sorry Paula, just reread your article and you show the stoppers on a Trollbeads bangle, so that answers my question! These beads are in stock in Exclusive Bead Store in UK and I am pleased to see the affordable prices. Have a lovely weekend 🌞

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Janis! Yes, these have a good price point and fit nicely like the Redbalifrog on a Troll bangle. Happy to see they are available in the UK. 🥰


  3. The whole collection is amazing, but I have my favorites and I can’t wait to order them!!! The only one problem is…like you said…I will need a second one from the longer Tulip bead, because I like symmetry ☺🤗 Thank you for the review dear Paula!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Paula, so pleased you’re back, I’ve missed your beautiful photos & reviews.
    There’s just so much to love about this release, I’m especially smitten with the tulip glass and silvers, and oh that cute frog. Gorgeous

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you for this amazing review Paula! I really appreciate all the pictures you provide, especially of your own compositions. That way I can better gauge the look and sizing of each bead in comparison to each other. Thanks to your review, I was convinced to purchase the Magnolia bead and I have a few others in this collection in my wish list. I really appreciate your website and all of your past bead reviews. I really enjoyed (and was sold on) many of your TPOA, Spiritbeads and Ogerbeads reviews. I hope you are well and want to wish you the very best!

    Liked by 1 person

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