Elfbeads & Elfpetite Haul September 2022

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Elfbeads and Elfpetite.

Recently, I received my Elfbeads and Elfpetite order and I must say I love every single bead. The Mother Dragon is surely the show stopper! The Elfpetite are my picks from the latest Galaxy release, there are others in this release that are on my must have list to order soon.

I of course, wanted to share an up-close video of this haul.

Elfbeads Mother Dragon is truly a work of art and may be the best silver bead made by Elfbeads. The design is so well thought out. It sits perfectly on a bangle or bracelet and is in perfect balance. I love how her wings circle her body and the details of the back and bottom are very well done. The Mother Dragon retails for $56.

The Elfbeads Clouds make the perfect spacer. This is a must have as a pair, as it’s perfect for framing focal beads on a bangle, or balancing. I love the abstract textures these add to any design. The Clouds retail for $36 each.

Elfbeads Lotus Leaf Cap were top of my list as I love cap style beads as they are great as spacers or simple bangle designs flanking a pretty glass or stone. You can see the details and how these beads look with just a glass bead between in the video above. The Lotus Leaf Cap retails for $31 each.

Below I’ve mixed the three silvers above with some of my favorite Elfbeads glass. All beads and bangle used in all three combinations are Elfbeads.

Of course, a wrist shot is in order!

Now for a look at my picks from the Elfpetite Galaxy Collection. My list for this collection is long, but I started with these I’m sharing today. As many know I am a huge Elfpetite fan, I love the small beads that range around 10 mm and are compatible with the retired Pandora Essence Collections, as well with Thomas Sabo Karma line. I also, like mixing the Pandora Me collection with my Elfpetite, you can see how I’ve mixed these in the past on my Paula_Beadsaholic Instagram. Not only are these smaller beads beautiful, but they are comfortable to wear, which makes them perfect for everyday wear and when working on the computer. The price point is rather easy on the budget, too. Like the Elfbeads line, Elfpetite are made of sterling silver.

The Elfpetite Andromeda Galaxy is a beautifully detailed orb bead with so much texture. I love the matte finish with all the swirls and stars. This bead though it is small, makes the perfect focal with the beads I ordered in this collection. I will for sure work on creating the perfect galaxy full bracelet with these soon, but they are perfect on the new bangle. Andromeda Galaxy retails for $32.

Elpetite Inner Star is a cut out Star design on a wheel shape, perfect spacer and is the same size as the falling stars, so there is no need for pairs, unless you just want them, as they balance each other out perfectly; but, hey the more the merrier! I can never have too many beads. Inner Star retails for $32.

Elfpetite Falling Stars is a solid Star wheel design and you can see here how well it will go with the Inner Star above. I love a celestial themes and I hope that at some point a moon design will be added to this collection. Falling Stars retails for $32.

Elfbeads and Elfpetite have always been renown for their beautiful glass beads and the new Elfpetite Nebula Golddust World Petite are proof of the stunning glass designs this brand offers. These small glass beads are truly magical. The magical cores are scattered with flecks of gold glitter, silver dots, and finished off with beautiful iridescent, opalescence of purple and blue. As you can see I had to have a pair of this beautiful bead. As a matter of fact when shopping for Elfpetite glass, I always buy in pairs and at only $21 for Nebula Golddust World, it is reasonable and affordable.

Elfpetite Nebula Golddust Petite has the same appearance as the world above, but in a more traditional rondelle shape. Pairing these with the World design gives a bracelet more texture, then just having all the same shape beads. Nebula Golddust Petite retails for $21.

Now the new Elfpetite Star Bangle was exciting to see in this release! I literally leaped for joy when I saw this new addition. I have been dreaming of an open cuff bangle for the smaller beads for sometime now and I adore the Star motif Elfpetite went with. I hope this is the first of many bangles to come for these smaller works of art. The bangle is true to size, like their bigger Elfbeads bangle and in size comparable to Troll. I wear a medium in both brands. With the introduction of the bangle, Elfpetite is also offering matching Star stoppers, perfect for finishing off a design and securely holding your beads in place.

The Elfpetite Star Bangle retails for $55 and comes in sizes XXS, XS, S, M and L . See sizing chart here.

The Elfpetite Star Stoppers are designed similar to the stoppers you would find with more traditional cuff bangles, but scaled down in size to fit in with the smaller beads and bangles. The profile of these stoppers I find mix better, than the original Elfpetite stoppers that were introduced into the collection alongside the original elfpetite bracelet. So, this was exciting to see and I hope more are introduced in the future. The Star Stoppers are only $15 each.

I have only created one combination with these and I’m sure you are wondering why? Well, to be honest these beads are just too perfect together on this bangle and I have not wanted to mix them, yet. But, I do plan to collect a few more Elfpetite to create a full celestial bracelet. I may have to mix some of my smaller silvers from other brands to get the desired look I’m wanting. Great thing about Elfpetite, if you collect small or tiny beads from other brands, they will mix nicely with Elfpetite.

Do you love this bracelet stack as much as I do?? I love how beautiful the Elfpetite mix with my stone bracelets in Tanzanite, Labradorite, Selenite, Amethyst and Ametrine. I also, think my X Jewellery fits in perfect, too. Most of my stones are 4-6 mm and you can see how well the Elfpetite mixes with these stone bracelets.

Overall, I am over the moon with my choices from Elfbeads and Elfpetite. I know I will have lots of fun playing with these over the next few weeks, so be sure you are following me on social media for more design inspiration.

If you would like to shop for Elfbeads, you can find them at the following featured shops.

Elfbeads – ships from the USA

Beads Candy Shop – ships from the USA

Beads Fanatic – ships from Italy 

Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic 

Šperky s příběhemships from Czech Republic

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on my picks from the latest Elfbeads and Elfpetite collections, so please feel free to leave me a comment below ❤



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