Black Raven Beads Classic Release

Today Beadsaholic brings news of a classic release from Black Raven Bead.

Today shows a release of a classic collection that may look familiar to some and will be exciting news for those who didn’t get a chance to snag these pieces before the retirement of Redbalifrog; with permission from Amanda at Redbalifrog, the following Redbalifrog Europe exclusive will be rebranded and released under the Black Raven Beads label. Also, you will be able to find these with world-wide retailers. Be sure to check out the USA and Europe featured retailers at the bottom of this article.

A Message from Black Raven Beads.

“In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic.

Redbalifrog has been part of bead history for around fifteen years, bringing a wealth of beautiful designs.

Frequently we have been asked if any Redbalifrog designs will ever come back.

At your request, we have chosen eleven classics to bring back alive.

This classic collection will be revealed over the next three months as gratitude to Amanda and our love for Redbalifrog.


Black Raven Beads team”

The beads in this release have long been favorites of mine and I am happy that those who don’t have these in their collections will now have an opportunity.

Spirit Fox has a special place in my heart and is a reminder to be free spirited. I adore this bead. Black Raven Beads have stayed within the boundaries that Redbalifrog has set for years in selling reasonably priced works of art. So, with that said the Spirit Fox retails for €33.88

Spirit Fox is seen here with Redbalifrog silvers and Elfbeads on a Trollbeads bangle.

Forever in My Heart is a beautiful silver heart with wings. A great way to remember a loved one who has passed. You could even have this heart engraved, which would be nice. Forever in my Heart retails for €33.88.

This bead is perfect by itself on a leather bracelet or worn with your favorite beads.

In this composition Forever in My Heart is mixed with Redbalifrog, and Ogerbeads.

In this beautiful composition you will find the Spirit Fox and Forever in my Heart mixed with Redbalifrog and Elfbeads.

Teacup Fairy is whimsical and so adorable! This cute little fairy is curled up asleep inside a teacup, with a hanging tag that says “Relax”. It is a must for any magical fairy or garden bracelet, or even a Alice in Wonderland! The Teacup Fairy retails for €33.88.

Of course, the Teapot Elf is the perfect bead to pair with the Teacup Fairy as they complement each other nicely and will bring balance to your composition. And who can resist these cute sleeping characters! The Teapot Elf retails for €33.88.

And now for some Teacup Fairy and Teapot Elf inspiration. In this first composition I’ve missed Trollbeads, Redbalifrog, and Ogerbeads with both of these cute beads.

Here you can see them mixed with Trollbeads Ambers, The Palace of Amber Rose Quartz and Redbalifrog.

And here with a cute mix of Trollbeads, Elfbeads and Redbalifrog .

This bead is a must have any for one who loves fairies. Here I have it mixed with Trollbeads and some very old Redbalifrog.

I hope you all are excited to see some beautiful designs from Redbalifrog live on as a classic collection at Black Raven Beads.

If you would like to shop this classic collection you my do so at the following featured links below.

Black Raven Beads Featured Shops 

Black Raven Beads – ships from The Netherlands

Beads Candy Shopships from the USA

Brown Dog Antiquesships from the USA

Pianeta Beads – ships from Italy 

Šperky s příběhem – ships from Czech Republic

Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic

As always, I enjoy hearing from you and I am curious as to your thoughts of the rebranding of these beautiful pieces, leave me a comment below ❤



One response to “Black Raven Beads Classic Release

  1. I only have a few Redbalifrog beads including the fox and heart above. Looking forward to seeing which other “classic” beads are to be reissued under the Black Raven branding. Not sure how other collectors will feel though if they had rushed out to source beads, before they disappeared from stock held by retailers when Redbalifrog retired?


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