OHM Beads November 2022 Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of OHM Beads November 2022 Collection.

Today is OHM Beads Preview Day of the new OHM November Collection. In this collection are five new pieces that I think everyone will love.

I was excited to see this new collection as it is right up my alley with themes I love. OHM has always thought outside the box and they have worked their magic once again with the new Harvest Goddess and Do Xmas. They have also created beautiful oak leaves, acorns and squirrel inspired designs. All are perfect for an Autumn bracelet.

Of course, the OHM Harvest Goddess is the star of this release with her beauty, a blank face for your imagination, just as Mother Earth is faceless. Within every culture the harvest goddess is different, but I have always been a bit obsessed with Greek Mythology, so Demeter is who I think of when I think of a Harvest Goddess. Though this charm reminds me of the corn husk dolls made by Native Americans. Corn husk dolls are magical, they are also faceless and in some cultures symbolize protection, Corn Dollies are used to protect the home, livestock and for personal wellness. In tradition it is thought that the crops have a spirit and this spirit overwinters in the doll and return to the garden when spring arises.

The OHM Harvest Goddess, has a female upper body with her arms extended, hands holding onto a ring, her lower body is a ripe corn cob, her dress and and the dangling chains are rendition of husks. From the top ring to the bottom of the hanging chains this charm is 5.3 cm and just the goddess herself from her hands to the bottom of the corn is 3.5 cm. I am personally enjoying wearing her on a leather cord, but she can be worn in so many ways, a short leather cord, on a long chain and even on a bracelet. Like all OHM, this goddess is made of sterling silver. This is the perfect addition to your Autumn themes. Harvest Goddess retails for $/€180.

“As summer ends, the golden fields reaped, the orchards plucked clean, and the barns and silos filled to bursting with food to survive the coming winter. In cultures all around the globe, festivals of feasting, dancing, and offerings celebrate this bountiful time of harvest from the fertile body of Mother Earth. The Ancient Greeks named her Demeter, the goddess of grains, cereals, and bread. She also presided over the sacred cycle of life and death, worshipped as the patron goddess of bakers and millers. The Romans called her Ceres — to “create” — crediting her with conceiving wheat and teaching humans the skills of agriculture. Across the sea in the Americas, people called her Selu, the Corn Mother. Dances honored her as the goddess of sustenance, fertility, healing, and abundance. The elders told how she sacrificed her life so that her blood and body could sprout into the life-giving corn that allowed her children and grandchildren to survive. OHM proudly honors all traditions of our generous Mother Earth with this beautiful Harvest Goddess design. Her body is a ripening ear of corn, complete with silver dangles of corn silk, and Draped in a flowing gown of corn husks, her arms raised in blessing your bracelet, ready for a bountiful and joyous harvest. The HARVEST GODDESS dancing on your bracelet is a beautiful reminder of all mothers’ sacrifice, nurturing, and generosity. She is also an emblem of the delicate balance between Mother Earth and ourselves caring for and protecting each other. She is a symbol of joy and celebration and the blessings of life.” ~ OHM Beads

OHM Beads Do Xmas is adorable! OHM has added a little voodoo or magical twist to this gingerbread cookie and has turned him into a voodoo doll also known as a poppet. His expression is too funny and has little pins sticking out everywhere. You will notice that the bail he is dangling from is also a pin, which is a cute added touch. Not only would this be the perfect little addition for a holiday bracelet, but can be a fun theme that could be worn all year. Do Xmas retails for $/€40.

“The Gingerbread Man nursery rhyme is a youthful classic. An elderly childless couple baked a little gingerbread boy, but as soon as he popped out of the oven, he ran away, shouting gleefully, “Run, run, as fast as you can! You can’t catch me; I’m the Gingerbread Man!” The running cookie encounters multiple animals along his route and each one, catching a whiff of his spicy, sugary yumminess, begs him to stop to be eaten. But the tasty treat escapes each time, shouting the catchy refrain. He may be fast, he may be feisty, and he may have a spicy tongue, but OHM has finally caught that runaway Gingerbread Man and put him to good practical use. We’ve made him into a tasty poppet. A poppet in the shape of a person has been a magic tool for centuries. A skilled practitioner of conjuring can cast a spell from afar by manipulating the poppet, often by pricking it with pins. Got a co-worker who is a pain-in-the neck? With a poppet, you can actually give that neck pain back again! Perhaps you have an obnoxious relative or rude landlord who gives you a major headache? Give it right back. You know where to poke. You know all the body parts to aim for and return the favors! You will love our OHM gingerbread poppet and find many amusing uses for your wizardry. Run, run, run, there is nowhere to hide as we DO XMAS right!” ~ OHM Beads

OHM Beads Oak Wrap is just that a sterling silver bead of bunched oak leaves with a cute dangling acorn. This bead would be perfect in any earthy bracelet, no matter the season. Oak Wrap retails for $/€40.

“Acorns symbolize growth, perseverance, and possibilities. As a symbol of good luck, acorns protect one’s health. Carry one to help alleviate pains or illness. Oak symbolizes strength, longevity, endurance, fertility, and power. Sitting at the base of an oak tree carries the energies from one to the other and back again. Weathering storms prove over and over that sturdiness and faith shall persevere. The slow-growing wood tends to be grainy with swirling patterns almost like water, and if well-tended, an oak tree can create wood practically impervious to water. Bring an abundance of that energy to your life today.” ~ OHM Beads

OHM Beads Touch of Oak is another great charm with this sterling silver bead only having two leaves and a dangling acorn. Touch of Oak retails for $/€40.

Oak is a symbol of stability, durability, endurance and longevity. Oak trees being of hard wood, a treasured tree here in the US, and of course provides food for more than 100 species of vertebrates here in the US alone. This tree is a very important part of our ecosystem. Not only is it important for our animals, but us humans greatly benefit from Oak trees. One 100-foot Oak tree can produce roughly 6,000 pounds of oxygen. How crazy is that?

Every collector who feels connected to earth and nature around us, needs to add the oak leaf beads to their collection. Both will work in every single nature bracelet you create, whether it be Spring, Summer or Autumn. You cannot go wrong with these two designs. I have seen different acorn beads previously, but this is the first I can think of that includes oak leaves, other than OHM Oak Wood-ent.

OHM Beads also released a cute Squirrel bead “OHM This is my Nut” , I didn’t add this bead to my collection as I have several Squirrel beads; however, I’m kicking myself and may add him sooner or later. If I do, I will for sure share him with you. The dangling acorn is really what makes me want him and in hindsight he would go really well with the two Oak beads. I’m including a photo provided by OHM, so that you can see the entire release. This is my Nut retails for $/€65.

“Acorns symbolize growth, perseverance, and possibilities. As a symbol of good luck, acorns protect one’s health. Carry one to help alleviate pains or illness. The squirrel tells us to take everything with a grain of salt. Life doesn’t have to be so severe. Sure, plan. Prepare for the winter, but don’t forget to frolic, play games, and have fun. And don’t forget to SHARE your nuts!” ~ OHM Beads

Now to share some of the fun I’ve had with this release with designs I’ve created during playtime with Autumn in mind. Also, as I said previously, I have truly enjoyed wearing the Harvest Goddess as a pendant. Until now I couldn’t share socially online, but I have been wearing this charm the last few weeks while out running errands and shopping and have received so many compliments. It is always nice to know others like the same as you. It is such a different design that is symbolic as all the pieces are in this release. It is nice to be able to connect to the symbolism of the jewelry you wear.

This first design is the only one that I have mixed with other brands and I think I’ll be wearing this design this week, as the golden color reminds of ripe corn. I have the Harvest Goddess as the focal on an OHM Beads Chain with both Oak beads flanked alongside PHYA Jewelry’s Christmatite Stones (find Christmatite stones here).

In this composition I was inspired by nature and the wonderful shades of Autumn. All beads, chain and clasp-y are made by OHM Beads.

In this cozy design I went with the OHM Leather Wrap, which I love to wear especially during the cooler months. I was excited for the new Oak leaf designs to go with my favorite Oak Wood-ent, he has matching oak leaf wings on the back, so this was a must pairing.

The theme here is pumpkin spice and everything nice! Or at least it will be with one more pin. A little Do Xmas humor.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought a holiday inspired bracelet was needed. All beads and chain are by OHM Beads, some retired and some are still available. So, come one, come all for a little Thanksgiving feast.

Overall, I love this release! These beads instill warmth and nature into any design, given its wearer a feeling of a connection to nature and being grounded with a touch of magic.

This OHM Collection is available for preorder at some of the following European shops and will be available world-wide on November 3, 2022. Shop OHM Beads at the following featured shops.

Featured Ohm Beads Retailers

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OHM BEADS – SHIPS FROM THE USA, THAILAND, TAIWAN AND AUSTRALIA (Use code: PAULA to save 10% off your order when you shop on the OHM official website.)

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this new release? Leave me a comment below ❤



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  1. Can see that you really love this release Paula. Such imaginative photos and beautiful combinations. I agree it’s a great release for Autumn 🥰

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