Aurora Charms Love & Protection Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the latest collection “Love & Protection” from Aurora Charms.

Aurora has debuted their latest collection Love & Protection, which consist of five new designs Wings of Protection- with Shungite, Angel of Love, Fly with the Angels LE, and the very cute Penguins Couple. This collection is available for Pre-order and will release on November 11, 2022, just in time for Christmas.

Aurora Wings of Protection with Shungite is my absolute favorite from this release. You will find a pair of wings wrapping around and holding a Shungite sphere. This is such a beautiful design and it retails for only €54.95 / $55.44.

Shungite is naturally a composition of amorphous graphite (carbon), crystalline silicate and a host of other minerals scattered throughout. On the MOHS scale Shungite has an hardness of about 3.5 to 4. It is thought that the carbon in Shungite gives it a catalytic abilities, electro- conductivity and is chemical resistant. Shungite gets its name from the village it is found near, Shunga, Russia. It is said that Shungite works to cleanse and align all the particles of the body. Which makes it perfect for inlining one chakras as it works with all. This stone aids in grounding it’s wearer and giving a better connection with Earth. This stone is worn for protection, but it works in so many different ways and is the perfect stone for everyone. Shungite is also known as the stone of Truth, it dispels negativity and false thoughts. It balances once emotions giving them light and positivity.

“This unique hand finished charm, crafted in Sterling Silver is manifesting the protection in two ways. One is through the design of angel wings, as a symbol of your guardian angel – carrying for and watching over you, just like they care for and protect the black gemstone in-between them. The second one is through the actual protection features of the semi-precious stone that we incorporated into this design. For the first time in the charm’s bracelet history, we are proud to create a charm with Shungite – recognized for its healing and protective properties. “ ~ Aurora

Aurora Angel of Love is such a cute sterling silver female figure with beautiful large wings. She is swooped to one side, with one leg extended out and the other leg pulled up to her abdomen with her hand and arm resting on her leg. Her other arm is extended up beside her wavy hair. A bracelet or bangle inserts through the side of her abdomen. You will be able to see bracelet placement better in the composition photos. The Angel of Love retails for €52.95 / $52.46.

“We have heard that this one may be the most beautiful charm made by us yet. Our Angel is young, strong and powerful, with her wings spread into the heart shape to show what is her superpower. She is creating and protecting LOVE. She is guarding with and by LOVE. She watches over the innocent, and she is connecting and holding people together by the strongest force in nature. This hand finished charm, crafted in Sterling Silver has a very sophisticated design with a bracelet running between the angel’s body and her majestic wings. It has a nice size and weight to show all the beautiful details of our angel from every angle and it will be the perfect centrepiece of any bracelet. “ ~ Aurora

Back side of the wings.

Aurora Penguins Couple hold each other’s flipper by magnets. On each penguin there is a magnet that allows the two to connect to each other. So, when you purchase you will receive the set. I love how they sit next to each other, both looking at one another. This adorable set retails for €74.95 / $74.26.

Penguins symbolize loyalty, devotion, unity, parental love, and adaptability. The penguins are firm believers in unity and will stick together through thick and thin.

“Penguins have a charming tradition of giving a perfect pebble to the mate they choose for life. When a male penguin falls in love with a female penguin, he will search the entire beach to find the perfect pebble that he will present to his chosen one. If the pebble is accepted, they are mates for life. We have captured this fascinating story in the set of cute penguin beads. It contains a pair of penguins, holding the hands (or fins) together. In one of each penguins’ flippers there is a tiny magnet that symbolizes the pebble, which holds the penguins together in an unbreakable bond forever. This couple of penguins can be worn together on one bracelet, or it can be divided between the two people, each wearing one. When these two people hold or connect their hands while wearing the bracelets, and the 2 penguins get close together, they can be pulled together by the magnets to unite.” ~ Aurora

Aurora Fly with the Angels is a limited-edition glass bead and is the last piece in the winter collection. It has a feathered-like design in shades of purple, green and a golden yellow, it also has white specks throughout which reminds me of snow. The colors in this bead are beautiful and will blend with similar colors nicely for a bracelet that is truly beautiful no matter the season. Fly with the Angels retails for €39.95 / $39.58.

“This bead is a special edition for the Winter 2022 Collection – limited to only 58 pieces worldwide! It will be a perfect addition to our angel themed charms (Wings of Protection and Angel of Love) and complete the angelic theme. Let your imagination run with this bead and see yourself flying with angels. You can see the angel wings flapping around you, the magic that surrounds you and the excitement from rising to the highest heights. These beads come with a numbered certificate.” ~ Aurora

I had fun playing with this collection and mixing them with my beads from Aurora and other brands in my personal collection.

In this first bangle design I have placed Aurora on a Moress Bangle. I really love her with the opal lotus tops and think the new glass goes well with the glass bead from Black Raven Beads.

I wanted to try the Wings of Protection on a necklace and I like it! I paired this focal with spacers and Onyx from Phya Charms.

Now this cute bangle, I will for sure wear this winter. This may be the only snow we see this year. I have combined these cute penguins with Trollbeads and The Palace of Amber on an Aurora Bangle.

Trying out Angel of Love with some Red Agate Lotus from Moress.

I wear a beaded Shungite and tourmalated Quartz just about everyday and I think they will stack nicely together. On the Aurora bangle I have a simple combo of just the Wings of Protection and Trollbeads Onyx beads.

In this composition I mixed some Aurora with PHYA Stones, 2gembeads carved rose stone and Black Raven Beads butterfly.

Of course, I just had to put this cute couple with a cube of ice from OHM and the snowflake beads from the Palace of Amber.

I love how elegant the Wings of Protection looks with the Trollbeads Onyx and Phya Spacers and stoppers.

Of course, Aurora mixes well with other charms from Aurora!

I wanted to a little winter mix with the Aurora Penguins. I’ve mixed them with Trollbeads, Argo Studios, Phya Jewelry, and the Palace of Amber.

Though I think this is my favorite composition from the day. I love Aurora glass in silver beads and love the Celtic look of these. I’ve mixed them with some gemstones from Trollbeads. I think they look nice sitting on my large Labradorite sphere, too!

Overall, this is such an adorable release, that I think will appeal to most collectors. I do feel the Wings of Protection is the star of the release that everyone needs!

All are available for pre-order today and will ship out starting November 11th which is the release date. You can order at any of the featured retailers below.

Featured Aurora Authorized Retailers

(Alphabetical order)

Aurora Charm – ships from Ireland
Beads Candy Shop – Ships from the USA
Pianeta Beadsships from Italy
Sperky S Pribehem– ships from the Czech Republic
Swiss Flower and Gift– ships from the USA

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this release, so leave me a comment below ❤



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