Exclusives at Story in the Bead

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of beautiful exclusive designs at Story in the Bead.

Today being Boxing Day I thought I would share with you a few beautiful exclusives at Story in the Bead! All are perfect to add to any collection and what a perfect time to spend our Christmas money, right?

Story in the Bead carry many different limited-edition exclusives with different brands and today I have four to share with you. An X Jewellery Hedgehog link, Pixie Beads Magical Dianthus and two Celtic Creation glass beads.

X-Jewellery Hedgehog is a sterling silver link created by X-Jewellery exclusively for Story in the Bead. This link is so cute! I love wearing two with a heart in the middle. This link is perfect for spring coming up mixed with some x flowers. I also mix my X collection with links and beads from other brands, which you can see in this review. The Hedgehog retails for €33.40.

Hedgehog designs have long been a favorite at Story in the Bead and they have several hedgehog beads in silver and glass that will go perfectly with this cute link.

Don’t they look like they are in love? Perfect for a Valentine’s bracelet!

Wrist Shot!

Kiss kiss!

Pixie Beads is a fairly new Australian brand which create beautiful sterling silver designs with genuine gemstones. Pixie Beads Magical Dianthus is a beautiful barrel design with London blue topaz and peridot in the middle of two flowers. This bead retails for $85.

Dianthus in Greek means Flowers of the Gods. Symbolizing both love and happiness.

London Blue Topaz is a calming stone of the mind and symbolizes everlasting love and friendship.

Peridot symbolizes prosperity and wellbeing. It is the stone of the sun bringing positivity and warmth.

The blue is so beautiful.

Celtic Creation created two perfect glass beads that go perfectly with the Peridot and topaz.

Celtic Creation Relax is an LE Exclusive that has a beautiful soft green core with lots of bubbles in clear glass. These bubbles add so much texture to a design. I love the soft colors. Size varies but my two beads are about 14 mm high x 7-8 mm wide. Each bead retails for €30.90

Celtic Creation Smurf – Stoneblue is such a beautiful shade of blue that reminds me of cornflower blue. This lovely glass bead has lots of bubbles to give plenty of texture, especially when paired with the Celtic Creation Relex. Smurf – Stoneblue retails for €30.90.

I truly enjoy mixing beads with X Jewellery. I used the X chains to place the Pixie and Celtic designs on, using a spring link to add them to the X links. I’ve matched the rubber links to the blue and green on each side of the hedgehogs, and at the back I have the Dragonfly-y clasp from OHM. This is my absolute favorite way to wear these exclusives together.

In these two bangles I had some fun matching colors. In the blue bangle I have mixed PHYA, Celtic Creation, and Trollbeads. The green bangle I’ve mixed Celtic Creations, Niwabeads, PHYA and Black Raven Stoppers.

In this bracelet I wanted to mix the greens and blues using Trollbeads, PHYA, Celtic Creations, Niwabeads, Pixie Beads and silvers from Black Raven and PHYA. Finished off with a Black Raven lock.

Wrist Shot!

Overall, you can’t go wrong with beautiful exclusive designs at Story in the Bead. This shop ships world-wide from the Czech Republic.

Click here to shop at Story in the Bead

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and I would love to hear your thoughts on these exclusive designs only available at Story in the Bead. Leave me a comment below ❤



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