Niwabeads Ta-Kurt and 5 Line Yantra Preorder

Beadsaholic brings details of a new Preorder from Niwabeads.

Happy New Year! Niwabeads has alerted me of a new release featuring two New Year good luck charms.

In the photo above you see both sides of the pendant and the sides of the barrel Charm. Both are priced at €49 / $58 each and are only available for preorder until January 5, 2023.

The Niwabeads 5 Line Yantra on one side is just like the tattoo many get including Angelina Jolie, which features 5 lines that represent Feng Shui, which bring harmony and balance to one’s life, the second is for protection from bad luck, the third is protection from evil intentions, fourth line brings forth good luck and success, and the last line is the law of attraction, manifestation and empowerment. On the other side of this sterling silver pendant is a manifestation prayer for good luck and success. This pendant is a nice size approximately 25 mm in length.

Niwabeads Ta-Kurt also known as a Yan Roll is a beautiful 20 mm sterling silver charm bead to bring you good luck, good health and protection.

Both charms will bring positivity into your life and are a must have for me! I’ll be ordering a set for myself, will you?

If you would like to order either or both of these charms you can reach out to me here on Beadsaholic, through social media or one of the Niwabeads Sellers through Facebook or by email. It is a preorder and orders close on the 5 of January, so there is not a lot of time. Each seller has a limited quota of ten pendants and ten charms.

Niwabeads USA – you can reach out on social media, Niwabeads Facebook group or drop an email to

Niwabeads Berlin, Germany – website or stop by social media.

The Bead Journey, Singapore – DM on Facebook

As always, I enjoy hearing your thoughts on new releases and would love to know what you think of this preorder, so please feel free to leave me a comment below ❤



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