Black Raven Beads Cozy Winter Collection

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Black Raven Beads Cozy Winter Collection.

Recently Black Raven Beads released Cozy Winter, their winter collection that consist of five new silver beads Wooly Sheep, Hot Chocolate Raccoon, Keep Warm Stove, Polar Bear Hug and Winter Robin Nest. The beads are available individually or you can save and purchase as a set. The set comes in a special collectible box.

I have the full unboxing here in a video which includes all prices in both Euros and USD.

Now for some fun! I’ve created a few compositions for some inspiration and to show how I use these beads.

In this first composition I used all silvers from this collection and mixed them with Trollbeads Diamonds and white moonstones, I have also included The Palace of Amber Snow capped Quartz and an exclusive lock (available at Swiss Flower & Gift).

Here I created a quick bangle with Wooly Sheep, Winter Robin Nest, Polar Bear Hug with Trollbeads Moonstone and PHYA Blue Lace on a PHYA bangle with Black Raven Stoppers.

In this composition I was going more for a cool breezy spring! Since here where I live winter was only the month of December and we are going full blown into spring here with cozy warm days and cool breezy nights. I created this bracelet with all Black Raven Beads.

And our last composition perfect for those dreaming of snow! Again I’ve mixed Trollbeads Diamond beads, The Palace of Amber Snow Capped Quartz with Black Raven Beads and finished it off with the Swiss Flower & Gift exclusive lock.

Overall, this is such a cute collection that will fit into any collection. All Black Raven Beads fit all Major brand carriers and runs similar in size.

Black Raven Beads Cozy Winter Collection is available at featured retailers below.

Black Raven Beads Featured Shops 

Black Raven Beads – ships from The Netherlands 

Beads Candy Shopships from the USA

Brown Dog Antiquesships from the USA

Exclusive Bead Store – ships from the UK

Pianeta Beads – ships from Italy

Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic

As always, I enjoy hearing from you and I would love to know your thoughts on this new release, so leave me a comment below ❤



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