Niwabeads USA Lucky Clover Exclusive Collection

Today Beadsaholic brings a review and details on the exclusive Lucky Clover Collection at Niwabeads USA.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!! Today on Beadsaholic we are celebrating with a review of Niwabeads Lucky Clover Collection! A preorder exclusive at Niwabeads USA.

A video look at the Niwabeads Lucky Clover Collection, my St Patrick’s Day Bracelet and some cute spacers Niwabeads USA will be offering in their live sale.

Niwabeads Lucky Clover Charm is available in all sterling silver or two tone with 14k gold. Each charm has a green agate gemstone that has been cut into a four leaf clover. This charm is a padlock design that is shaped like a clover, there is a ladybug at the top and on the back you will find either an all silver four leaf clover or a 14k clover. I love the size and how perfectly it fits into a bracelet. Niwabeads USA is taking preorders for this release and the all silver retails for $119 and the two tone with solid 14k gold retails for $250.

Here is the back of the all silver. I will try my best to add a photo of the 14k gold charm as well. But, the raised four leaves are solid gold on the two tone charm.

Both the lock and charm together,

I am lucky enough to have an all silver and a two tone here with me and can show variations in the stones.

Niwabeads Lucky Clover Two-tone Lock here you can see the 14k gold clover on the back of the lock and there is a green agate carved clover on the front. You will find a ladybug and a grain like design on the side. The Lucky Clover Two-tone Lock retails for $250.

Niwabeads Lucky Clover Lock in all silver. The design is exactly the same as the two tone, except with a silver clover. The all silver version retails for $119.

Love the Ladybug on the side!

Niwabeads Lucky Clover Dangle is so adorable! It has the same clover carved green agate with a ladybug on the side, on the back the design is open to allow for light to enter the stone, the clover hangs from an ornate bail. The Lucky Clover is all sterling silver and retails for $90.

The cute Ladybug on the side! So adorable.

Sometimes you need silver and gold with some gems mixed in! I will be reviewing the four good luck barrels here on the blog soon. The first barrel is currently available for preorder. I have also mixed in Niwabeads and Palace of Amber .

A cute bangle is ready for St Patrick’s Day! Featuring Trollbeads, Niwabeads, OHM, Palace of Amber and Phya Bangle.

And this is what I’m wearing today! A mix of Niwabeads, Trollbeads, Palace of Amber, Aurora Charm, and OHM.

A simple wrist Shot!

Today’s stack next to my beautiful roses in my garden.

Overall, I’m in love with this release and love how well they mix into my collection of good luck charms. If you would like to preorder yours please reach out to Niwabeads USA, contact info below.

Email your preorder to

Visit Niwabeads USA on Facebook < click

Visit Niwabeads USA on Instagram < click

Or join the Niwabeads USA Facebook group < click

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on this release and how your St Patrick’s Day is going? Leave me a comment below ❤



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