Lili Tae x Moress Faunas of the Fall Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Moress x Lili Tae Faunas of the Fall Collection.

Today we are taking a closer look at six designs from the Lili Tae x Moress Collection “Faunas of the Fall”. In this collection there are a total of thirteen designs and those can be seen here.

Lili Tae is a Bangkok, Thailand based illustrator artist. You can see samples of her beautiful modern digital art on Instagram. Lili Tae in collaboration with Moress Charms have worked together to create two beautiful collection based on Lili’s art. Each work of art has its own unique story.

I’m a huge art lover, which is one reason I love jewelry, especially beads. So, when you take 2D Art and create a 3D work of art that is wearable, I am all in. I truly love the styling of every single design Lili Tae x Moress has created. In each design you can actually see the unique artistic styling of Lili Tae. Each piece has its own characteristics that together tell the story of the beautiful world of Faunas of the Fall. In this story it combines nature in a world full of imagination.

In this first bracelet I have combined sterling silver beads from the Faunas of the Fall Collection with beautiful shades of summer and fall glass beads from Elfbeads and I finished the bracelet with a Baby Tara Lotus Citrine lock from Niwabeads. I think this combination is rather beautiful and magical.

Lili Tae x Moress Cosmo Canary is such a beautiful design. I especially love using two of this cute bead to frame a focal on a bracelet or bangle. It is made of sterling silver and has beautiful artistic feathering details. The little bird is in flight with the wings stretched out and the tail curled. Below you will find him on my bird feeder sampling some sweet nectar. This charm has a universal size core that will fit all major brand carriers. Cosmo Canary retails for $44.

“Cosmo petals glide and glisten through the sky. Never once touching the ground as they come together and flutter to life. With new found wings, the little Cosmo Canary darts between the forest trees undisturbed.” ~ Lili Tae x Moress

Lili Tae x Moress Dewie is an adorable floral fairy that has dew drops dangling from her lower leaves. On one side her eyes are open and on the other side they are closed. This design is beautifully detailed and will be perfect for a forest or garden bracelet. It is made of sterling silver and will fit all major carriers. Dewie retails for $44.

“A loving fairy that carries rain drops in her buds. She floats around the forest sharing the droplets with any who passes by.” ~ Lili Tae x Moress

Lili Tae x Moress Hearts of Autumn is a stunning Tree Fairy that is winking at you. On the back of this bead it has a button like loop that allows you to thread this sterling silver charm on any major carrier. With this design you will find that it sits perfectly on a bracelet and could easily be worn on a necklace, as well. Heart of Autumn retails for $32.20.

“This burgundy fairy signs and whispers along with the wind as the leaves fall. The shuffling and cracking of the leaves and branches are her own marching band.” ~ Lili Tae x Moress

Lili Tae x Moress Atlas is such a sweet sterling silver Pinecone Fairy. With this cute pinecone you will find a butterfly that attaches with a small magnet, you can wear it attached or allow it to dangle. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this design. Like all beads in this collection it will fit all major carriers, which allows for endless possibilities. Atlas retails for $44.

“The lonely pine cone fairy rolls around the forest floor emitting an aroma so sweet that no butterfly can resist. Kaleidoscopes of butterflies dance around keeping the Pine Cone Fairy company during the code winter. STERLING SILVER BEAD WITH MAGNETIC BUTTERFLY.” ~ Lili Tae x Moress

Lili Tae x Moress Sunny Bunny is such a unique sterling silver bunny design and looks as though she is playing and hoping around in nature. Since Easter is right around the corner, I think she would be perfect in some Easter inspired bracelets. I love the fur details and her long face in this design, giving her a beautiful and elegant look. Sunny Bunny retails for $44.

“As summer fades into winter, Sunny Bunny hops playfully along the forest floor. Chasing after the final rays of sunlight. A warm embrace before the long winter.” ~ Lili Tae x Moress

Lili Tae x Moress Ms Pumpkin is perfect anytime of the year, but I could see this sterling silver bead being perfect on a garden, summer or fall inspired bracelet. This Pumpkin has such a sweet facial expression, and on the backside you can see her vine wrapping around and dangling below you will find a star and leaf. Ms Pumpkin retails for $44.

“Her vines extend across the forest floor gently wrapping around those who seek her warm embrace and protection through the cold winter nights.” ~ Lili Tae x Moress

Now for some inspiration! Though this collection was released with Autumn in mind, I find that they are perfect for a spring and summer themed bracelets, as well. For me I will wear these beads with some of my favorite garden inspired beads. This first bracelet is the composition I shared with you at the start of this article, but I love it so much I thought I’d share it again with a different background. I really love these silvers paired with Elfbeads.

Ready for Easter? I think this composition would be perfect for Spring and Easter! Again I’ve paired Silvers from this collection with Elfbeads on a bangle.

This was the last bracelet I created with this collection and will be my garden bracelet. I have some upcoming spring garden events and this will adorn my wrist for these occasions. I’ve used Elfbeads Glass beads, Moress Collection, along with Elfbeads Roses and Hummingbird, four Pandora Garden beads that were gifted to me from my Husband. I finished the bracelet off with one of my favorite PHYA locks that has an Iolite gem, but I wanted to show the beautiful dragonfly on the side.

Here I went with a simple bangle design with beautiful shades of pink glass from Elfbeads that I think pair perfectly with this collection.

Imagine fields filled with shades lavender on the side of the forest where these cute fairies and critters live. Again, I felt Elfbeads glass is the perfect combination for this collection. All silvers are Moress and all glass Elfbeads and I finished it off with the PHYA Lock in iolite.

Now for another simple, but beautiful bangle featuring Elfbeads and Lili Tae X Moress Cosmo Canary. Here you can see why I love using two Cosmo Canaries to flank a focal.

Wrist Shot!

Overall, I find this collection magical and artistic. You will not find similar designs as you can truly see the style of Lili Tae in every single bead. I think you will find that this collection mixes well and though it was themed with Autumn in mind, that it will actually fit into any season.

If you love these designs and would like to see more from this collection, please let me know and maybe I can review more charms from this release.

Coming soon… I will be reviewing select beads from the Lili Tae x Moress Midnight Waltz which has a cosmic ocean vibe. With this review I will include a video look at all designs I have from both collections, so stay tuned..

If you would like to shop this collection you can find them at the featured links below.

Moress Charms Authorized Retailers

Retailers in alphabetical order. All ship world-wide.

Beads Candy Shop – Ships from the USA

Moress Charms – ships from Thailand

Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic

As always, I enjoy hearing your thoughts and would love to know what you think of this collection? So, please leave me a comment below ❤ Thank you for visiting and supporting Beadsaholic.



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