Aurora Charms Mermaid House

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Aurora Charms Mermaid House an exclusive at Pianeta Beads.

I’ve been a bit behind on reviews and getting the news out to you all, but I am happy to be back to sharing some really cute new designs from many different brands and today we are taking a look at the oh so whimsical Mermaid House from Aurora Charms and this bead is only available at Pianeta Beads. It is an exclusive limited-edition bead with only 170 pieces made.

With Summer approaching it is time to get out all our summer and ocean themed beads that make us feel like we are on a tropical island soaking in the sun and listening to the waves crash on the beach. Our imagination going wild as we hear the faint song of mermaids in the distance. What else do you hear and see? What would make our getaway perfect? We can create stories on our wrist that sweeps us away into our own world of imagination.

Starting with this cute Aurora Charms Mermaid House! Where else would a mermaid live? This house has so much detail at every single turn of the bead. You will find seashells, a cute octopus, doors, windows and more. This bead works as a focal, but can also be mixed into any design. It has a flat bottom which helps keep it in place on your wrist. The Mermaid House is made of sterling silver and fits all major brands. It is limited, and can only be found at Pianeta Beads and retails for €49.14.

Now let’s take a close look at each side.

I had a lot of fun creating ocean themes with the Mermaid House and I hope these designs brings forth inspiration for everyone.

In this first bangle I have mixed the Mermaid House with The Palace of Amber Larimar, Starfish w/ moonstone, Sacred Lake, and PHYA Aquamarine on a twisted PHYA Bangle.

Of course, I had to compose a couple of full bracelets, too. In this bracelet I mixed the Mermaid House with some Trollbeads glass in shades of blue for the sea, Palace of Amber Larimar, PHYA Aquamarine, Trollbeads Seaweed, Palace of Amber Starfish, Moress Charms Eternal Ballerina (review coming soon), Comet of the Night (review coming soon), Whale, and Whale Shark, all is on a Palace of Amber bracelet, finished off with the 4 Unique Mermaid lock.

In this cute bangle, I went with muted glass uniques from Trollbeads, the Aurora Charms Mermaid House, Trollbeads Seaweed, and Moress Charms Whale and Comet of the night, Black Raven Beads Clam Shell on a PHYA Bangle.

Now for a cute Mermaid bangle. Our little mermaid is from Black Raven Beads, the pearl in a cage design is by the Palace of Amber and was a gift from a sweet friend. It is made by the Palace of Amber. Alongside the Mermaid House I’ve included some Trollbeads Pearls.

Here I went with all blue Gemstones from the Palace of Amber Ocean Aquamarine, round Larimar, PHYA faceted Aquamarine. Silver beads I’ve mixed with Aurora Mermaid House, The Palace of Amber Sacred Lake, Starfish, Starfish Ocean Dangle, Niwa Seahorse with Blue Topaz, Ocean Key with Blue Topaz and finished off with the new Niwa Seahorse Lock (review coming soon).

Our last bangle I’ve went with aqua and green sea tones with Trollbeads glass, Aurora Mermaid House, Moress Charms Nebula’s Embrace (review coming soon) and Comet of the Night, finished off with the Black Raven Clam shell on a PHYA Bangle.

Overall, I think this is a super cute bead that will fit perfectly with your mermaid charms!

Again, it is limited and only available at Pianeta Beads < click to shop. Pianeta ships world-wide and offers vat free shopping for those who reside outside of Europe.

As always, I enjoy hearing everyone’s thoughts and would love to know what you think of this bead? Leave me a comment below ❤



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