Artisan Showcase

Are you an Artisan Bead Artist?

Would you like to see your work here?

If so email for more details!

Many of these artisans can be seen worked into my compositions on social media!

Aqua Hand-Made & Gifts create beautiful beads with flowers, glitter, leaves, Dandelions and rice inside resin. If you would like to browse Aqua Hand-made & Gift you can find their beads on Facebook <click> and Instagram <click>. Here are a few of their beads in my collection.

Becca Grace Studios creates one of a kind hand-painted pieces that are fabulous! I’m including photos of a couple of fun beads she has done for me. If you would like to browse her designs or request your own design you can reach her through Facebook <click>, Instagram <click> and Etsy <click>.

Bacrose Jewelry creates beautiful dandelion and flower resin beads in beautiful pastel shades. I have not had a chance to play with these yet, but they all look beautiful together. If you would like to browse Bacrose Jewelry you can do so through their Website <click>, Instagram <click> or Facebook <click>.

Artworx Glass Studio creates unique designs in dichroic glass. Below are a couple of design I have ordered in the past, I need a few more! If you would like to browse Artworx Glass Studio you may do so on Etsy <click>, Facebook <click>, or Instagram <click>.

Check back! More to come soon..