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Retailers are in alphabetical order.

Beads Candy Shop – Elfbeads, Elfpetite, Moress, Aurora, Redbalifrog, Ogerbeads, 4Unique, Spiritbeads, True Beadz and The Palace of Amber. Ships world-wide from the USA.

Beads Fanatic – Elfbeads, Ilko Beads, Moress Charms, Mr Bead, and Von Major. Ships world-wide from Italy

Pianeta Beads – OHM Beads, Redbalifrog, Aurora, Chronicles Amber, Tedora, Bella Fascini, Ogerbeads, Lundd Denmark, waxing Poetic and more. Ships from Italy.

Sparky s pribehem – OHM Beads, Redbalifrog, Moress, Dream Glass Art, Chronicles Amber, Aurora, Ogerbeads, Elfbeads, Elf Petite, and more. Ships from Czech Republic.

Star Bijou – OHM Beads, Redbalifrog, Trollbeads, Spirit Beads, X Jewellery, Waxing Poetic and more. Ships from Germany.

Story in the Bead – OHM Beads, Redbalifrog, 4 Unique, Corner 35, Elfbeads, Mama Beads, Moress, Niwabeads, Ogerbeads, True Beadz, X Jewellery, Waxing Poetic and more. Ships from Czech Republic.

Swiss Flower & Gifts – Argo Studios, Elfbeads, Aurora, Trollbeads, ElfPetite, 4 Unique, Redbalifrog, Chronicles Amber, The Palace of Amber, and more. Ships from the USA.

Trollbeads Gallery – Trollbeads! Ships from the USA.

Featured Brands

Brands are in alphabetical order.