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Featured Retailers

Retailers are in alphabetical order.

Beads Candy Shop – Elfbeads, Elfpetite, Moress, Aurora, REDBALIFROG, Ogerbeads, 4Unique, Spiritbeads, True Beadz, The Palace of Amber, Black Raven Beads and PRAAN. Ships world-wide from the USA.

Beads Fanatic – Elfbeads, Dagaz, Ilko Beads, Moress Charms, MPCrafts Art Jewelry, Mr Bead, and Von Major. Ships from Italy.

Brown Dog Antique – Trollbeads, Black Raven Beads, Charms of Aloha, and Redbalifrog. – Ships from the USA.

Pianeta Beads – OHM Beads, Redbalifrog, Aurora, Chronicles Amber, Tedora, Bella Fascini, Ogerbeads, Lundd Denmark, waxing Poetic and more. Ships from Italy.

Sparky s pribehem – OHM Beads, Redbalifrog, Moress, Dream Glass Art, Chronicles Amber, Aurora, Ogerbeads, Elfbeads, Elf Petite, and more. Ships from Czech Republic.

Star Bijou – OHM Beads, Redbalifrog, Trollbeads, Spirit Beads, X Jewellery, Waxing Poetic and more. Ships from Germany.

Story in the Bead – OHM Beads, Redbalifrog, 4 Unique, Corner 35, Elfbeads, Mama Beads, Moress, Niwabeads, Ogerbeads, True Beadz, X Jewellery, Waxing Poetic and more. Ships from Czech Republic.

Swiss Flower & Gifts – Argo Studios, Elfbeads, Aurora, Trollbeads, ElfPetite, 4 Unique, Redbalifrog, Chronicles Amber, The Palace of Amber, and more. Ships from the USA.

Trollbeads Gallery – Trollbeads! Ships from the USA.

Featured Brands, Discounts & Subscriptions

Brands are in alphabetical order.

OHM Beadsshop with code: PAULA for 10% off your order of $50+, ships world-wide from the USA, Australia, Thailand and Taiwan.

Trollbeads Share a Christmas Card – It is that time of the year to spread love and the Christmas spirit with Trollbeads Christmas card exchange. You can now design and send your card digitally. Find out more at Share a Christmas Card < click here.