Redbalifrog Other Myths & Legends Review

I received my redbalifrog Beads this week from the new collection Other Myths and Legends and I have to say I am very impressed with this release and see a few that will be favorites of not only myself but many others!

Here is my first combination with the new collection!

Redbalifrog’s Green Man has to be one of my most favorite from this release. The expression on his face is serene and I find myself smiling every time I glance his way.  Both sides are the same and he is a nice size and weight. Perfect as a focal on a bracelet or bangle.


Green Man – The Green Man is often related to the natural vegetative deities. He is a symbol of rebirth and the cycle of growth each Spring.” 


The Bee Goddess by Redbalifrog is stunning. It’s a beautifully detailed square bead, both sides are the same with a Bee Goddess among a garden of flowers.


“Bee Goddess – The ancients believed that the Bee’s ability to make honey was a gift from the divine. Honey, used for food, drink and medicine has long been associated with Goddesses all over the world.”


Tops and sides of the Bee Goddess have cute little bees fluttering around.

Every collector needs a Balinese Troll to guard their Beads! I love this guy, he is too cute with a mischievous grin upon his face. He looks to have a nose ring in his nose and is holding a coin shape object with a moon and star on it. On his back he has an Om symbol. The Om symbol is a mantra among many religions and is a slow, calming chant.


“Balinese Troll – A mischievous little guy who loves silver and will guard your treasures.”


Redbalifrog’s Surya the Sun, is beautifully detailed on both sides, the flames are the same, however each face is different. One side sleeps while the other side is awake. The Surya Sun would be the perfect addition to the Moon Man and Star Man, both by Redbalifrog. Would also be great for a garden theme, every garden needs the sun in order to grow.


“Surya the Sun – Surya is revered as the rising sun and its symbolism as the dispeller of darkness, one who empowers knowledge, the good and all life.”

The last bead of the release is the Redbalifrog Outoboros Bali Style, a cute and playful dragon with beautiful green crystal eyes. His body wraps around the chain, his tail in his mouth.


“Ouroboros Bali Style – The Ouroboros with his crystal green eyes is a symbol of eternity but also represents the infinite cycle of natures endless creation & destruction.”

Here is the breakdown of what’s on my bracelet. I have really enjoyed wearing this bracelet today and look forward to many designs with these Beads.

  1. Trollbeads Power of Hope
  2. Redbalifrog Tree of Life
  3. Trollbeads Oasis
  4. Trollbeads Pure Heart
  5. Redbalifrog Ouroboros Bali Style
  6. Trollbeads TBG Event Bead 2016
  7. Trollbeads Unique
  8. Redbalifrog Bee Goddess
  9. Trollbeads Soulmates
  10. Trollbeads Magical Lamp
  11. Redbalifrog Green Man
  12. Trollbeads Magical Lamp
  13. Trollbeads Soulmate
  14. Redbalifrog Balinese Troll
  15. Trollbeads Unique
  16. Trollbeads Perfect Moments
  17. Surya the Sun
  18. Artisan
  19. Elfbeads (Hallowitch)
  20. Redbalifrog Queen Bee
  21. Artisan
  22. Redbalifrog Bull Totem Lock

Over all I think this is one of the best releases from Redbalifrog. All five beads were a must have for me. If you liked any of these beads you can buy them from a local Redbalifrog retailer or one of the online retailers listed below.

Redbalifrog USA
Great Lake Boutique
Swiss Flower and Gift
Brown Dog Antiques

Star Bijou
Les trouvailles d’Anne

Redbalifrog Netherlands

Girlie Go
Joseph Welch

I would love to hear your thoughts on the new collection? Any must haves? Leave me a comment below!

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