Ohm Beads UFO Preview

Today Beadsaholic Blog brings us the new release from Ohm Beads, UFO. This bead will surely be perfect for a space theme bracelet.


Perfect on Ohm Ball Necklace.



UFO – Space, the final frontier. Have you ever seen an Unidentified Flying Object? I want to believe. Have you ever been abducted by aliens? Don’t Panic! Would you visit space? Do, or do not with OHM. #LiveLongAndProsper #FlyAboveItAll #YouCantTakeTheSkyFromMe




Also, perfect on a bracelet. I think for those who were lucky enough to get an Ohm Beads Luna, the UFO would pair perfectly!




Photograph courtesy of Ohm Beads. Please do not reproduce.


I’m picturing the UFO bead alongside the Alien collection and Luna!



  • Ohm Beads UFO retails $70


Ohm Beads UFO is available for pre-order today at select retailers and will be released on June 1st, 2017.



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Generous Gems

Artisan Bead Boutique

Great Lake Boutique



Star Bijou – Germany

Les Trouvailles d’Anne – France

Pianeta Beads – Italy



Exclusive Bead Store

Joseph Welch


As always, I love hearing your feedback. What are your thoughts on the new UFO bead by Ohm Beads? Is this a must have? What do you plan to put the UFO with?



Annual Ohm Gnome Festival Contest

Ends June 11, 2017 23:59 CST






33 responses to “Ohm Beads UFO Preview

  1. Ohhh my dream home would be in the area I live in now!! North east coast of NSW Australia … with a massjce entertainment area with a pool table, darts, a bar and of course… my family and friends sharing in the fun and laughter with me. Oh it would need to have a pool and a heated spa!!!

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  2. La mia casa dei sogni è una piccola casa bianca, arredata con i colori del mare, blu, turchese e bianco che sorge su un’immensa spiaggia bianca a due passi dal mare! Puoi uscire a piedi nudi perché sei proprio sulla sabbia e gli unici rumori che senti sono le onde e i gabbiani.
    Intorno a questa casetta ci sono delle palme e dei banani e subito dietro una piccola e fresca pineta.

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  3. If I could live in my dream home anywhere in the world, then I would like to live Vancouver, Canada because it has everything in one city – mountains, seas, big sky and wide street…It also has art deco, music culture, skiing, beaches, wildlife, passion for food, parks..You can say it is a world within a city…It is just a hop over to best cities in USA….What more can you ask for…

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  4. If I could live in my dream home anywhere in the world, I would live in Italy, may be Tuscany. I like the architecture, the colorful countryside in autumn, the italian shoes, the ‘gelato’ … and the singing accent of the Italians 🙂

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  5. My dream home would be in Italy, on the coast with a beautiful view, near a little marketplace I could stroll in. I could make bracelets inspired by the scenery and learn to paint!


  6. If I could live in my dream home, anywhere in the world it would be somewhere up north, maybe Montana. I would have a beautiful 3 story cabin for my family. We would take the top floor so we could see all the natural beauty around us. I would love our home to be hidden amongst the trees but close to a little clearing so we can plant a huge garden with lots of fruits, veggies and herbs. A creek or little lake near by so the boys can fish and swim and play in the water. I want us to, after a long hard day of work, to be able to lay out on our porch and look at all the stars and talk about our big dreams. And then finally go off to bed, lulled to sleep with the quiet nighttime sounds of crickets and frogs, owls hooting as the water gently laps the side of our rowboat, a wolf howling in the distance as the night air blows through the trees.

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  7. Tag, you’re it, Auntie OG!

    I’d love to build my dream home right here in New Orleans! I prefer an area with mild winters, excellent food scene, easy access to an airport, and a wide array of fun things to see/do. NOLA seems to fit that bill. And this dream home will have a luscious, private garden and reside on a wide, shady, tree-lined street. Home is where the heart is they say and it seems I’m lucky to find my heart is at home right where I am!
    Now I just gotta get working on the dream HOUSE! 😄

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  8. I would like to live in old age in the house on the ocean somewhere in the Caribbean, such as Cuba, to sit in a rocking chair, Smoking cigars, drinking rum and watching the surf.

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  9. Choosing a dream home would be really simple. I don’t need something fancy, I just need a small house in the Jura mountains. Not far from a lake. The forest all around us. And if course there would be a huge dressing room with an enormous jewellery box to store all my beads.

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  10. My dream house is our thatched roofed cottage, near the woods and the moor. In the northern part of the Netherlands. Our family lives here with cats, a labrador, chickens and two horses. A real country life in our Woodlandshouse! Miriam

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  11. I’m a bit torn, so i’d have to be a snowbird of sorts. My dream would be to live in the Lake District in England. Local pubs, family owned businesses, farms, and markets are so pleasant here and the scenary is stunning. I’d live here the summer months, as it’s a bit wet and cold in Winter. Summer i’d live in a penthouse suite in NYC overlooking central park…I guess both places I seem to love the scenery 😀

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  12. I would love to live in a beach house on the coast of Spain. I could enjoy the culture, food, , and sea life there. I would also be able to read and beach comb for shells daily. I could have a small shop with shells, beads, and sea glass to make enough to live- that would be lovely- and enough for me!


  13. I finally found Mrs. Gnome :-).
    Oh that is easy. I would like a little cosy house with a thatched roof in the middle of nowhere without a single neighbour and near to the ocean but not that near that water would come in my little cottage..So best put the cottage on a small hill. I’d have a big property with a nice fence full of roses around and I have two dogs, a few cats, three pigs, a bunch of Alpaca and a big pong or smaller lake with ducks and frogs and toads, a few smaller fish…It has to be somewhere where it doesn’t get hot and I have tons of snow in winter. That would just be perfect!

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  14. I would live somewhere in the UK or Germany, in a house from the IXX century, with that Crimson Peak and Penny Dreadful vibe, I adore victorian houses, the pointy towers are to die for.
    Fingers and toes crossed

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  15. My dream home wouldn’t be in a specific place but it would be the perfect home. Heated pool, indoor/outdoor catio. Beautiful kitchen with skylights and larger rooms with plenty of storage and very large walk-in closet.

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  16. I would live in a small house in Thailand. It might be a small hut at the beach where I can have breakfast with my foots in the sand. Or it might be in the hills of Thailand with lots of greens around us. Not 100% sure yet. But Thailand is sure ❤

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  17. I would love to live somewhere in Europe. Specifically, Spain, Rome, Paris and England. I’ve seen those places on in movies and there’s something that draws me to them. I hope I can visit them someday. I would love to live in Bali also. Somewhere peaceful and quiet and away from violence and terrorism. 🙂

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  18. I would love to live somewhere in Europe. Maybe in Rome, Spain, Paris, London. I’ve only seen those places in movies before and there’s something that draws me into them. I hope I can visit them someday. Or maybe I can live in Bali where it’s peaceful and quiet. Away from violence and terrorism. 🙂


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