Ohm Beads Going Dutch Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Ohm Beads Going Dutch Collection!

Ohm Beads Going Dutch Collection consist of five beads that have been released over the last few years. Each of these beads are exclusive to the Netherlands. I was lucky enough to receive three beads from this collection recently and have enjoyed wearing them. The Collection Consist of Skûtsjesilen, Ride Me, Gouda, Tulip and Je Maintiendrai 2E. If you follow me on social media then you have most likely seen many compositions with the Tulips and Je Maintiendrai, as they are so easy to mix. The gouda is fun to wear in a foodie bracelet or as a focal on a bangle with a couple of accent beads.

Today while playing with Ohm Beads Going Dutch Collection I decided I wanted to do a composition that highlighted the Dutch, So I choose the Dutch royalty color Orange and went with four orange beads from Trollbeads, Two unique glass and the limited-edition Royal Orange, along with the Orange I went with two Ohm Beads Night Sky, Ohm Beads Love Whirls, and from the Ohm Beads Dutch Collection Gouda, Tulip and Je Maintiendrai 2E. Because of the classic core of the orange beads I chose to use the Trollbeads Star Bangle and two Redbalifrog Bubble Stoppers.

I have included photos at different angles to show the beads on the bangle a little better.

Ohm Beads Gouda is a beautifully detailed bead that depicts the Dutch culture. The Dutch are renowned for their Gouda cheese. Throughout history cheese carriers carried up to eight wheels of cheese weighing fifteen kilograms or more on a wooden barrow that hangs between two carriers. The cheese carriers transport the gouda across the market. If you would like to learn more about the Alkmaar Cheese Market <click here>. Gouda is nice size bead measuring approximately 13.02 mm high x 16.33 mm wide, each bead comes in a special yellow box and retails for €52, price includes vat.

This is the perfect bead for any foodie who loves cheese! I personally love all types of cheese and we often have several types on hand for meals and snacks. Gouda and Havarti topping our list of favorites.

If you travel to Holland in the Netherlands during the months of April and May, you will likely see beautiful fields of tulips in every color imaginable. The photo of the stunning orange tulips below were photographed by my Dutch friend, Patty. I just love the striking and varied colors of these tulips. Orange is the color of royalty in the Netherlands. Want to learn more about the Tulip season in Holland <click here>.

Ohm Beads Tulip has a striking resemblance to a bed of tulips. The tulips wrap around your bracelet, as your bead turns and moves around on your bracelet you will see nothing but beautiful tulips! The details of this bead are amazing, and I suggest buying two as they are truly lovely on a bracelet in pairs. It is a very versatile bead that can be worn in any composition. Tulip measures approximately 11.67 mm high x 12.49 mm wide and retails for €43, price includes vat.

Ohm Beads Je Maintiendrai 2E was released in 2015 to celebrate King’s Day. Je Maintiendrai is French for “I shall maintain” the motto of the Netherlands coats of arms. This bead is a beautifully detailed shield with a crowned lion holding a sword in one paw and seven arrows in the other paw on each side of the bead. Je Maintiendrai measures approximately 10.39 mm high x 9.55 mm wide and retails for €47, price includes vat.

This bead would be an awesome addition to any medieval, and/or Games of Thrones composition!

I adore each of these beads. Though they were made in honor of the Dutch culture, I personally think they can be used in many different compositions.

Wrist Shot!

Over all, I think these beads are worth taking a second look at. Each are rather unique in design and the perfect addition to any collection whether you are Dutch or not. They are fun to create with and wear.

If you would like to shop for any of the Dutch Collection you may do so at the following links. Please note that this collection is only available in the Netherlands. Banner link is Ohm Beads Europe. For those who live outside of Europe, you will need to create an account to see the vat free pricing.

Edit: I have edited this article to add new Jewelers in the Netherlands that carry Ohm Beads. Bottom two links have the Je Maintiendrai currently in stock! However, please note that Juwelier Arie de Koning states it is out of stock but you may add it to your cart and check out with cheaper shipping, it will only take an extra two days for them to receive the bead from Ohm Europe to ship to you!

Authorized Ohm Beads Retailers in the Netherlands
(Alphabetical order)

 Bead Sensation 

Juwelier Arie de Koning

 Juwelier Martin de Grijff Zutphen 

Juwelier Meijer

Juwelier Repko

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know if you have any of the Going Dutch Collection? Do you have a favorite bead? What is your favorite way to where these beads? If you don’t have any from this collection and have any of them on your wish list, I’d love to know which you like! Leave me a comment below ❤



3 responses to “Ohm Beads Going Dutch Collection Review

  1. I love the Dutch collection and have them all. The sailboat is a bead a wear quite a lot. The tulips blend with the other flower beads and the cheese bead? I am waiting for the pre wine bead to be released! Nothing better than some wine and cheese. Now if they would just make a stroopwaffel I would have a favorite tea cookie and if could double as a cracker. So Ohm if you are listening it is time for another addition to this collection!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We need Ohm Europe to get on top of it 😉 Stroopwsffel is my favorite Dutch treat, too! The pre-wine will go perfectly with the cheese, I need some olives for the other side haha. I completely agree, the tulips go perfectly with the other flower beads by Ohm, I’m currently only missing the sunflowers. I really need the sailboat as it would be perfect in a day at the beach bracelet. ♥️


    • A stroopwafel bead would be great, but I would prefer it as a bangle, so you can see that it is a cookie when you are wearing it. Would be a good match with the coffee collection I think.


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