Review: Ohm Beads Magic Frog

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Ohm Beads Magic Frog!

Ohm Beads Magic Frog is October’s bead of the month and I must say this may be my favorite bead of the month, yet. I love Halloween and everything witches, from jewelry to movies. So, the fact this cute little frog is wearing a witch hat while carrying a wand in her mouth makes it the perfect bead for me!

I also received Ohm Beads Dream Time which is such a fantastic bead and I love the meaning behind it. I look forward to seeing what Ohm Beads Australia has in store for us next. With this composition I was going for a Bayou Swamp Witch theme. If you have ever been in the swamp areas of Louisiana you would see lots of muted greens, browns and moss color grey, which made Dream Time the perfect focal for this theme with its lizard design. Maybe eye of newt?

Ohm Beads Magic Frog is an adorable sterling silver bead with a universal core, this bead fits all standard European style bracelets. This is the 41st bead of the month, comes in special packaging and is limited to six-hundred and sixty-six beads. Magic Frog measures approximately 14.40 mm high x 11.60 mm wide and retails for $70 / €65 / AU$91, Euro price includes vat.

In my yard there is an old dead tree, that my husband calls his Halloween tree. This tree is covered with tons of moss and has a beautiful live tree that flowers in the spring growing beside it. Though the cypress tree is dead my husband keeps it around because his mother planted it before she died. I use this tree a lot in my photos and below you will see the perfect home for Magic Frog among the moss. It reminds me of the bayou. I have included photos of Magic Frog at different angles.

I am so in love with the witch hat!

Love how the Dream Time looks in the sun.

I made use of this beautiful white pumpkin before my son decorates it with permanent markers. I love how the beads standout against the pumpkin.

Bangle composed in the front with True Beads Desert, Ohm Beads Dirty Magic, Ohm Beads Dream Time, Ohm Beads Magic Frog and Redbalifrog Bubble Stoppers. The bangle composed in the back is Ogerbeads Earth Diamond Fragments, Ogerbeads Marble Glass Stone Fragments, Redbalifrog Spell Book, Trollbeads Witch Shoes, Ohm Beads Love Yourself and Ohm Beads Puss.

Wrist Shot!

Ohm Beads Magic Frog un-boxing video.

This has been my stack for most of this week, I really love these beads together. I will personally wear the Magic Frog throughout the year, I don’t feel that it is just a Halloween bead, everyone needs a little magic on their bracelet.

If you are looking to order this bead, the following link still have stock!

Beads Fanatic ships from Spain

Ohm Beads Europe

Ohm Beads USA

Ohm Beads Australia 


Did you order the Magic Frog? Will you wear it year-round? If you haven’t ordered do you plan to order? I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment below ❤








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