Niwabeads collaboration with Beadsaholic!

Today Beadsaholic brings a close look at a collaboration between Niwabeads and Beadsaholic.

I am so excited to introduce two new beads Moonlight Dreams and Moonlight Bloom a collaboration between Beadsaholic and Niwabeads! I have dreamed of this design for years and I am so happy to see it come to life. I hope you all love it as much as I do!

In the darkness of the night the moon shines it’s magical soft light and dances across the water illuminating the beauty of the night as fragrant Luna lilies open to soak in the magical energies of the moon, they fill the air with their warm seductive fragrance as the Luna Moth flutters above in the light of the moon looking for her star-crossed lover.

The Luna Moth lives for love in the moment and is led by the moonlight to find her one true star-crossed lover just after midnight. Like the Luna Moth we must transform and embrace love as life is only for a moment.

Luna Moths are a symbol of love, rebirth, new beginnings, protection, heightened awareness and spiritual transformation. She connects us to our femininity, our inner spirit, our inner truth and guides us to our ultimate transformation which allows us to fly freely and shine our beauty from within.

The Water lily (Nymphaea) symbolizes love, life and enlightenment. The name Nymphaea comes from the Greek word “nymph” and in Greek mythology it means a feminine spirit that inhabits water bodies.

A crescent moon symbolizes fertility, rebirth and is related to our life cycle. As the moon dies (waning), it generates (waxing) and gives birth (full moon). In Greek Mythology there were three amazing Moon Goddesses Selene Titan Goddess of the Moon, Arthemis Goddess of the hunt, Diana Goddess of the Moon and Hunting and Hecate Goddess of the Crossroads. The moon has strong ties to our femininity and is even thought to control our cycles.

This is where it all started with a simple design and evolved from here into two beads.

Moonlight Dreams is a dream catcher style bead that is a crescent moon with a Luna Lily resting in its curve with three fluttering moths hanging below. It can be worn on a bracelet or necklace and looks fantastic on a choker! This bead measures approximately 38.95 from the top of the bead to the bottom of the longest moth and the moon part is 16.77 mm high x 16.51 mm wide. There are three different moths hanging below to represent our uniqueness. Moonlight Dreams retails for $87 (€69).

Moonlight Bloom is a beautiful crescent moon with a Luna Lilly resting upon its curve and a Luna moth sitting on the lilies petals. This is a great alternative to the Moonlight Dreams if you don’t like dangles or will be a nice complement to wear together. This bead measures approximately 16.77 mm high x 16.51 mm wide. Moonlight Bloom retails for $82 (€65).

Here is a close video look at Moonlight Dreams and Moonlight Bloom.

Here you can see that you can wear these two beads together nicely one on a necklace and on a bracelet.

I’m including a few different compositions to show the beauty of this focal.

I love how this bead looks on a choker!

This bead looks stunning in this simple composition with Elfbeads on a Pandora Open Cuff Bangle.

I’m a rather nocturnal individual and this may be the reason why I find the night so magical.  Not just the moon and stars in the sky or the dreaming of other planets that are out there, but there is beauty in the night. In the moonlight you may find flowers that only bloom at night, the moth closely related and just as beautiful as the butterfly, animals like foxes, owls and bats. There is just so much mystery in the night.

I decided to do a few different designs and in this full bracelet I wanted to embrace a celestial theme with the Moonlight Dream as the focal framed with Elfbeads glass and some of my favorite celestial themed beads from Redbalifrog, all on a Trollbeads foxtail with the Redbalifrog Star Lock.

In this composition I’m loving the Moonlight Bloom being framed by Trollbeads Amethyst and Elfbeads celestial themed dangles on a PHYA Bangle with PHYA Moon stoppers.

Here I wanted to embrace the femininity of Niwabeads with some of my most favorite beads from this brand alongside Elfbeads glass on a Trollbeads foxtail chain with the Trollbeads Balance Lily Lock.

Wrist Shots!

Here are a few photos from the lovely Anny from Niwabeads. I love the new Trollbeads with our new focal beads!

Both look beautiful on her wrist!

Overall, both beads are a dream come true for me and I just love how they turned out. The execution of my vision and the artistry by Niwabeads is perfect. I truly hope you love it as much as I do!

Both beads are limited and available for pre-order.  We are averaging about 8-10 weeks for delivery. Beads will ship from the US and domestic first class shipping is $5 and first class international shipping is $14.25, you may request registered tracking for an additional charge. If you would like to order this bead you may do so through me at the following email or by messaging on social media links below.

Update: Now offering the following shipping rates:

USA Domestic $5.00 tracked

Europe €10 tracked (conversion roughly $12) – ships from Germany

Rest of the world is $14.25 – $17.25 for first class from the US and registered tracked $33.25

Order through email < 

Message on Facebook <

Message on Instagram <

As always, I value your input and would love to know your thoughts on these designs? Do you have a preference? Leave me a comment below ❤






12 responses to “Niwabeads collaboration with Beadsaholic!

  1. Congratulations Paula! How wonderful to see your designs come to life! They are both so beautiful! I think moonlight bloom is perfect for a bracelet and moonlight dreams would look gorgeous as a pendant. Very tempting…. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful! How brilliant to see something that you’ve planned for so long come together. They are really lovely designs 😊


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