Ohm Beads June Launch Recap with Live Photos!

Today is June 1st which marks the release of several collections and Limited Edition beads by Ohm Beads! Here is a recap, plus some lovely live photographs by one of Beadsaholic’s featured retailers Les trouvailles d’Anne!


As some of you know Ohm Beads Heart of Stone was unveiled across social media the last couple of days! Today I have live photographs to share with you all and hope to be able to do a complete review soon! I do know there are more than one finish, and I have heard there are a total of three finishes. What I have seen so far is an all silver which partly looks matte and a partly dirty stone with a shiny silver heart underneath. It also seems that randomly there are some boxes with extra gifts inside! Let me know if you receive one of these boxes! I’d love to know what surprise you receive!


Packaging for Heart of Stone by Ohm Beads. Heart of Stone is limited to only 1,111 and retails for $140.




Here it is!!! You can see the beautiful heart shining through the stone that is breaking away.




The backside of the Heart of Stone by Ohm Beads.  I love this side of the bead.



Here you can see Heart of Stone alongside Love Cage and Love Hurts. All hearts by Ohm Beads.




Gnome Home by Ohm Beads Releases today and I think this is going to be popular among our Gnome fans! Gnome Home retails for $70.




Rainbowed by Ohm Beads Releases today. This is a limited edition bead.  Retails for $40.





Here is a live imagine of the new Gnome Home and Rainbowed by Ohm Beads next to the Mushroom House by Ohm Beads and Mushroom Pod by Redbalifrog.  These all look fantastic together. I could see adding in some woodland animals and Gnomes!





Aunt Gnome by Ohm Beads would look great mixed in with the beads above! I look forward to seeing lots of magical combination with these beads!  Aunt Gnome retails for $45.




Live photo of Aunt Gnome by Ohm Beads.  I think she is lovely! I may need her to go with Moon Me *wink*!





UFO by Ohm Beads releases today as well. This looks to be promising and after seeing the live photos of this bead, I love it. I look forward to seeing this one in combos! I bet it would look amazing with Ohm Beads Luna!  UFO retails for $70.





This is such a great photograph of the Ohm Beads UFO!  The detail in this bead is amazing.





Back side of the UFO by Ohm Beads.





Also launching today is The Feelings Collection! I am looking forward to playing with these guys!





Don’t forget the Limited Edition Set which includes all 4 beads and a limited Edition Orange Worry Stuffy by  Taylored Curiosities, which is limited to only two hundred made (200).  The set retails for $160 or you can buy them individually for $40 each.






Ohm Beads is also releasing Gouda in the Netherlands today.  I don’t have any live photos of this bead yet, but cannot wait to see it in combos! The Vermeil is limited to only 222, however the all silver is not limited.  These will be part of the Going Dutch collection and is only available in the Netherlands. All silver Gouda retails for 52 euros and the vermeil for 60 euros.


Here are some Netherlands Online Retailers






All releases excluding the Gouda are now available at Ohm Beads (click banner below to shop!) and all Ohm Retailers.






Generous Gems

Artisan Bead Boutique

Great Lake Boutique



Star Bijou – Germany

Les Trouvailles d’Anne – France

Pianeta Beads – Italy



Exclusive Bead Store

Joseph Welch


I would love to hear from you all! Leave me a comment below. Have you ordered any of the beads from this release? Have you received them, if so, I’d love to know what you think of your beads?








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