Ogerbeads New Deal! Order 6 Beads and Pay for 4 Beads!

Today Beadsaholic brings the news of a fantastic deal from Ogerbeads! When you buy six beads you only pay for four! That’s right buy four and get two free! This promo starts today and is valid through September 1st, 2017.

Collage below are a few of the Ogerbeads that have been featured here on Beadsaholic.

Ogerbeads size is compatible with most brands however the beads do not fit on larger threaded bracelet systems. The core is slightly larger than Troll, but smaller than universal cores and will fit Trollbeads bracelets, bangles and leathers, Redbalifrog Bracelet and bangle, Ohm twisted bangle, Pandora non-threaded bracelet and the new cuff bangle.

Ogerbeads ships free of charge world-wide! Ready to shop click banner below. Be sure to use coupon code 6=4 at checkout.


Always, love hearing from you, so leave me a comment and let me know what beads you like from Ogerbeads?





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