Preview of a New Release from Persona!

Beadsaholic brings a quick preview of the new beads by Persona launching today!

As you can see below, Persona has a random selection of bead launching on their website today for the upcoming season.

List of products in the photo above. Top, left to right.

  • Sweet Lemonade retails for $60
  • Island Vibe retails for $40
  • Wings retails for $35
  • I am Woman retails for $35
  • Love Nana retails for $40
  • Promise Hands retails for $30
  • Alzheimer’s Marquise Burst retails for $55
  • Enchanted Tree retails $45
  • Sisters Forever retails for $65

List of products in photo above. Top Left to right.

  • Wish me Luck retails for $40
  • Fortune Cookie retails for $50
  • Always my Friend retails for $45
  • You are Beautiful retails for $45
  • Frog retails for $35
  • Snip Snip retails for $35
  • Doggy Bone retails for $35
  • Teach, Inspire, Grow retails for $35

Celebrate your milestones with Persona’s Celebrate years! Each bead retails $45

Birthstone Crystal Hearts come in an array of birth stones and retails for $30 each.

Birthstone Flowers are beautifully done, each bead has a flower filigree design with a colored CZ in the center. Each bead retails for $55

Over all, I think most of these beads can be for any time of the year and would make a great Christmas or Birthday gift. There are a few that I like myself like the wings and Frog. The fortune cookie is really cute, too.

If you saw anything from this release that you absolutely love and need, you may click the link below to be redirected to Persona to shop!

Affiliate Link

As always, I love hearing from you all. So, tell me did anything catch your eye?





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