Ohm Beads LE Sacred Heart Edone Exclusive

Today on Beadsaholic we have exciting news of a new Ohm Beads Exclusive!

Ohm Beads Sacred Heart will be the exclusive event bead at Edone Gioielli, only three-hundred and thirty-three (333) were made of this beautiful bead and it will retail for €60.

An ancient symbol of Love and Peace, the Sacred Heart is a powerful talisman and a symbol of excellence in life, feeling, and intelligence. The flames and the dagger are an invitation to keep the fire of the soul always lit despite adversity. Within every living heart that beats is the Heart of the World.

I am rather in love with this design. It looks to be a heart with flames around the heart and a flame at the top with a dagger piercing the heart.

Front side.

Back side.

Photos are courtesy of Ohm Beads.

The devotion of the Sacred Heart is a well-known Roman Catholic devotion, taking the sacred heart of Jesus Christ, as it represents his divine love for humanity. Click here for more info on the meaning of the sacred heart. Also, Sacred Heart of Mary is a similar heart with a sword in the heart and sometimes seven swords, flames and roses. The sword is a symbolism of sorrow.  For more information on the Sacred heart of Mary click here.

Over all, I am excited for this bead. I truly love the design and think many of the heart lovers will as well. This bead is an exclusive to Edone in Naples Italy, Preorders will start at 9 am Naples time on their website. Please note that this bead will not ship until after October the 7th. For those outside of Europe it is vat free and Edone ship worldwide. To buy this bead or browse their selection of beads please visit their site  Edone Gioielli < Click.

For those wanting to attend the event it is set for Saturday October 7th in Naples, Italy at Endone Giolielli. For more information visit their event page on Facebook <click and their facebook page <click.

As always, I love hearing from you all. Will you be attending the event at Edone? What are your thoughts of the Exclusive Event bead?






11 responses to “Ohm Beads LE Sacred Heart Edone Exclusive

  1. Thank you so much for posting about this bead! I don’t use any form of social media and rely on blogs to find out information about upcoming OHM beads so if it wasn’t for you I would never have managed to get one 🙂

    Thanks again x

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  2. is there anyway to order this bead in advance to have it shipped to the USA… I love sacred hearts and so want this for me!!! Thank you!


    • Hi Teresa, last I heard there was a waiting list, I would message Edone on Facebook and see if they still have the wait list. Facebook link is above the Naples photo. Beads won’t be mailed until after their event. Good luck!


  3. O am an ancient and I don’t bye the Sacred Heart… It was impossible! A lot of young peoples, everybody running and I Could not competir with this young ladies… I’m very unhappy for this..😢


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