Ogerbeads Gold Twister and Gold Lizzard Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Ogerbeads Gold Twister and Gold Lizzard glass beads!

When I think of Christmas colors gold tones always come to mind and I think the color mixes well with other colors of Christmas. So, today I wanted to take a closer look at two designs from Ogerbeads.

Here I have mixed Ogerbeads on a Trollbeads Gold Plated Twisted Bangle with Redbalifrog Rustic Christmas Tree, Elf Boots and Brass Star Stoppers.

Ogerbeads Gold Twister is a beautiful raised twisted ornament design made of silver-glass with a universal core. This bead measures approximately 15 mm high x 8 mm wide. Raised designs tend to be a tad bit higher than smooth and fragmented designs. The color range is from a beautiful yellow, gold to topaz and as you can see this glass is reactive as it reflects and shows a nice oil shine. This bead retails for €27

Below you will find several photos at different angles.

Ogerbeads Gold Lizzard is a fun design and I personally have this bead in a couple of different colors. It is a nice design as you can see it has what looks like scales and raised buds. This bead is also made of the reactive silver-glass and you can see this mostly in the buds. I feel photos do not do this bead justice. This design allows a lot of light in and is just simply beautiful and has a universal core. This bead measures approximately 14 mm high x 8 mm wide. Color range is a nice pastel yellow, gold with some topaz undertones. Gold Lizzard retails for €27

I have included several close ups at different angles.

These two complement each other rather well and I love them on the gold bangle. I would love a few more for either a gold and red combination or gold and navy combination, which I think would be beautiful together.

Over all, if you are looking for gold-tone beads, then these are perfect.  Ogerbeads are well-made and now work with any bracelet system as these are universal core. So, yes, they will fit Pandora, Ohm Beads, Chamilia as well as Trollbeads.

Want to browse Ogerbeads? Then you may do so by clicking either of the links below.


As always, I love hearing from you all. What do you think of Ogerbeads??






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