Redbalifrog Bali Bamboo Bangle Preview

Today Beadsaholic brings a preview of Redbalifrog Bali Bamboo Bangle!

Starting today November 15, 2018 Redbalifrog will be offering the new beautiful Bali Bamboo Bangle for preorders. If you preorder before November 25th, 2018, you will receive your bangle before Christmas. Any ordered after November 25th will take up to 6 weeks for delivery. The Bali Bamboo bangle will come in two sizes Large (7 cm x 5.5 cm) and Small (5.5 cm x 5 cm), both have an opening hinged clasp and are made of solid sterling silver.

“Bamboo has for centuries in the eastern countries of the world symbolized longevity and friendship.”

Redbalifrog Bali Bamboo Bangle size small retails for $320

Redbalifrog Bali Bamboo Bangle size large retails for $365

Please note, that this price reflects from a heavy solid bangle.

“A beautiful bangle that will never lose its appeal and can be passed down from generation to generation.”

Photographs are courtesy of Redbalifrog.

Over all, I think this will be a fantastic bangle to add to any bracelet stack or wear alone. Redbalifrog creates high quality products and I’m looking forward to seeing this piece in person as I’m sure it will be simply amazing!

If you would like to preorder the Bali Bamboo Bangle you may do so at the following links.

Redbalifrog Authorized Retailers

Retailers in the USA

Redbalifrog USA

Uptown Shop

Hartwell House

Swiss Flower and Gift Cottage 

Brown Dog Antiques 

Retailers in Europe 

Beads Fanatic 


Pianeta Beads 

Star Bijou


As always, I love hearing from you all, So, tell me what are your thoughts of the new Bali Bamboo Bangle? Is this a bangle for you? Will you be adding it to your collection? Leave me a comment below ❤






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