Dream Glass Art August 2019 Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Dream Glass Art August 2019 collection.

August release is huge for Dream Glass Art and all the details are here on Beadsaholic. This is the perfect summer collection with two new limited Ma Lei Bears, six new spacers and two new glass beads. Also, if you visit Dream Glass Art website you will find they have added lots of beautiful new glass beads.

Dream Glass Art Twilight glass is a beautiful shade of orange that reminds me of the gleaming sky at twilight as the night meets the day with a slight fog and some sparkle. This glass varies in shades of color. Twilight average size is around 15 mm high x 9 mm wide and retails for NT$1,650 ( $52.50 / €47.11 ).

Dream Glass Art Shadow of the Sea glass is stunning with shades of blue and purple with a slight shimmer. Being that this is a handmade bead each is unique, and colors can vary from bead to bead. Shadow of the Sea average size is around 15 mm high x 9 mm wide and retails for NT$1,650 ( $52.50 / €47.11 ).

Dream Glass Art Hibiscus Spacer is a stunning bead with a silicone stopper inside that works on all major brand bangles. This beautiful spacer has three flowers, leaves and one dichroic glass. This spacer measures approximately 15.22 mm high x 9.58 mm wide and weighs 4.9 grams. Hibiscus retails for NT$2,580 ( $82.02 / €73.66 ).

How beautiful are these spacers with these summer glass beads?

Dream Glass Art Guarded Elephant Spacer Is such a beautifully detailed elephant with a diamond shaped jewel adorning his forehead. Trunk is in an upward sweep which is good luck. There is a silicone stopper inside this bead which fits perfectly on most major brand bangles. This bead measures approximately 11.65 mm high x 15.88 mm wide and weighs 3.2 grams. Guarded Elephant retails for NT$2,080 (  $66.18 / €59.38 ).

Dream Glass Art Overbearing Crocodile Spacer is an adorable critter with his mouth gaping open showing his tongue and teeth, his little hands are on his belly as if he just finished a lovely meal. This bead has a silicone stopper inside to allow him to be used as a bead or stopper on your bangle or bracelet. This bead measures approximately 17.81 mm high x 7.12 mm wide and weighs 5.2 grams. Overbearing Crocodile retails for NT$2,080 ( $66.18 / €59.38 ).

Dream Glass Moe Rabbit Spacer is a cute bunny in the Ma Lei style with stitching and on the inside is a silicone stopper perfect on any bangle or bracelet. This spacer measures approximately 18.55 mm high x 7.18 mm wide and weighs 3.9 grams. Moe Rabbit Spacer retails for NT$1,880 ( $59.81 / €53.67 ).

Dream Glass Art Ma Lei Bear and Devil Bear Spacers are perfect individually or together. They are made like their bigger bear brothers and sisters being that they are the same style with the same stitch design. Each spacer has a silicone stopper inside to fit most major brands. Ma Lei Bear has a sweet teddy bear face and Devil Bear has a mischievous look. This bead measures approximately 14.73 mm high x 9.19 mm wide and weighs 3.7 grams. Ma Lei Bear and Devil Bear Spacers retail individually NT$1,880 ( $59.81 / €53.67 ).

Dream Glass Art has also released three new sets of earrings that match all the Ma Lei bears in their collection. You will see Ma Lei Head, Sitting and Standing bear earrings below.

  • Ma Lei Bear Earrings Head retail for NT$1,780 ( $56.63 / €50.82 ).
  • Ma Lei Earrings Bear Standing retails for NT$2,180 ( $69.36 / €62.24 ).
  • Ma Lei Earrings Bear Sitting retails for NT$2,180 ( $69.36 / €62.24 ).

Dream Glass Art Ma Lei Bear Summer Diving Bear is such a cutie with his snorkeling set including flippers. I adore this little guy and think he would be great on a summer deep ocean themed bracelet. This bead measures approximately 18.70 mm high x 11.85 mm wide and weighs 6.1 grams. Ma Lei Bear Summer Diving Bear is limited to one hundred (100) beads and retails for NT$2,080 ( $66.18 / €59.39 ).

Dream Glass Art Ma Lei Bear Summer Surf Bear is an adorable bear on a surfboard and has a mischievous look on his face as he catches the next gnarly wave with sunglasses on his head. This bead measures approximately 18.02 mm high x 12.02 mm wide and weighs 7.1 grams. Summer Surf Bear is limited to one hundred (100) pieces and retails for NT$2,080 ( $66.18 / €59.39 ).

Wrist Shots!

I personally love Dream Glass Art, they create beautiful works of art both in glass, sterling silver and gold. All beads and jewelry I’ve used in this review are available on their website at the link below. Also, be sure to check my YouTube channel for the video review coming soon.

Dream Glass Art – ships from Taiwan

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on this release? Any favorites? Leave me a comment below ❤





4 responses to “Dream Glass Art August 2019 Collection Review

  1. Hi! I love their stuff. I went to their website — do they ship to the US? Is there a way to turn the site to English? I’d love to purchase some of their items!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi! Yes, they ship to the US. Are you using a computer, tablet or mobile phone to access their website? Send me an email or message on social media and I’ll send you screen shot or screen shot video on how to change the language on their website to English. I’ll also be doing a September review and will include that info, too.


      • Oh, awesome! Yes I was using a mobile phone. Will try to access through browser on my computer next. Great to hear they ship to the US too!! Loving the little bears.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I love the bears, too. Yes, on the mobile site you use the side menu and it is the second button from the bottom of the menu. Again any trouble send me a message or email and I can send you a photo or video.


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