Bella Fascini Halloween Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the latest Halloween Collection from Bella Fascini.

It’s my favorite time of the year and I get so excited to see new Halloween releases, which happens to be my favorite theme to collect. Bella Fascini is the master artist when it comes to Holiday beads and creates such fun designs. This year Bella is adding two new beads to their Halloween collection Pumpkin Apple Jack and Witch Hat with Enamel Cat. Both are adorable!

Bella Fascini Halloween Witch Hat with Enamel Cat is such a beautiful Witches hat in sterling silver that curls at the tip, with a belted design at the rim and has the cutest sparkly enamel cat face on the bottom of the hat. This bead measures approximately 13.39 mm high x 17.89 mm wide. Witch Hat with Enamel Cat retails for $60.

Quick video look at the Witch Hat with Enamel Cat.

Bella Fascini Halloween Pumpkin Apple Jack is the latest addition to the Halloween Pumpkin collection. This pumpkin has the same design as the previously releases pumpkins, except this one has a beautiful lime green enamel with sparkles. This bead measures approximately 12.57 mm high x 12.22 mm wide. Pumpkin Apple Jack retails for $45.

Quick video look at Pumpkin Apple Jack.

As you can see Pumpkin Apple Jack fits into the Pumpkin collection perfectly. Bella Fascini enameling is luxurious and of high quality.

Just having a little fun.

With this bracelet I was inspired by the color of Pumpkin Apple Jack and mixed Bella Fascini Silvers with Lime green and black Glass beads from Trollbeads. Bella Fascini: Bella Rosa, Pumpkin Black Magic, Wicked Witch Potion Cauldron, Witch Hat with Enamel Cat, Flying Witch on Broomstick, Pumpkin Apple Jack, and Witch Hat Haunted House.

I love lime green and it’s the perfect color for Halloween! In this composition are Trollbeads Glass with Bella Pumpkin Apple Jack and Skull Flower Bouquet.

Witchy theme are my favorite! Here I went with Trollbeads Glass, Bella Flying Witch on Broomstick, Witch Hat with enamel Cat and Witch Hat Haunted House.

Overall, both beads are the perfect additions to any Halloween bracelet! They are super cute and have universal cores which will fit all major brand carriers.

If you would like to browse the Bella Fascini Halloween collection you may do so at the following links.

Pianeta Beads – ships from Italy

Bella Fascini – ships from the USA

As Always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on the Bella Fascini Halloween Release! Do you have any Bella in your collection? Leave me comment below ❤



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